6 Fantastic Travel Books About New Zealand 2019

Located east of big ol’ Australia lies what is theorized to be one of the last major landmasses to be settled by mankind. New Zealand, with its magical scenery is truly a fantastic land that has benefitted from centuries of isolation before the first humans ever set foot on it that allowed to develop a distinctively unique flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world.

Its modern civilization is equally impressive since it was developed with much respect for the natural majesty of the land, it really needs to be experienced to be fully acknowledged, but the next best thing to that it’s reading about it. Get your reading glasses on and prepare to learn about New Zealand with the best traveling books about the islands.

#1 Roaming with the Rylons Australia and New Zealand by Jayne Rylon

The Roaming with the Rylons Australia and New Zealand by Jayne Rylon travel product recommended by Jayne on Lifney.

This book is ideal for those planning a vacation of their own or for those who want to experience an exotic and remote destination from the comfort of their own armchair.

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#2 Long Cloud Ride – Josie Dew

The Long Cloud Ride - Josie Dew travel product recommended by Jordan Bishop on Lifney.

Josie Dew is a fantastic cyclist, author and cook. Throughout her life she has made her living by utilizing her catering skills, and has used this to fund her bicycle adventures.

Acquiring a taste for travel at a young age, she set off on her first trip when she was just a teenager and today has cycled through over 48 countries. Her writings are funny, sharp and engrossing. Long Cloud Ride tells the story of her adventures on two wheels over nine months across the islands of New Zealand.

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#3 A Land of Two Halves – Joe Bennett

The A Land of Two Halves - Joe Bennett travel product recommended by Jordan Bishop on Lifney.

Through his skillful writings, Bennett fills A Land of Two Halves with all of the inevitable, entertaining stories that come hand in hand with hitchhiking. The ‘two halves’ he writes about are clear definitions of the North and South Islands and their differences.

His content can at times be dreary, much like the autumnal weather within which he travels, but Bennett creates a truthful tale across the country and he writes vivid descriptions of what hitching can really be like. The cold long hours spent waiting by the roadside, sat alone on the gravel before getting dropped off at a damp pub in the middle of nowhere are just some of the low points of this generally high spirited book.

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#4 Straying from the Flock: Travels in New Zealand – Alexander Elder

The Straying from the Flock: Travels in New Zealand - Alexander Elder travel product recommended by Jordan Bishop on Lifney.

Documenting his travels to the country, Elder allows the reader into his intimate stories and experiences from his journey within New Zealand. A successful combination of memoir and travel guide, Elder’s status as an international bestselling author is cemented in this beautifully written piece.

His views are insightful and expertly articulated and express not only wonder at the landscape of the country, but also at the cultures and sights that he witnesses on his travels. Straying from the Flock contains an impressive amount of factual information, all while giving the reader a real sense of place.

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#5 Lingo Kiwi Slang Playing Cards

The Lingo Kiwi Slang Playing Cards travel product recommended by Barry M. Schwartz on Lifney.

LINGO is a fun, educational and innovation way to learn key phrases in many foreign languages while playing cards. Invented by Australian Keaton White, LINGO card decks are available in Maori as well as Kiwi Slang, making them ideal for anyone interested in New Zealand.

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#6 Moon New Zealand (Travel Guide) by Jamie Christian Desplaces

The Moon New Zealand (Travel Guide) by Jamie Christian Desplaces travel product recommended by Kimi Owens on Lifney.

Experience an adventure like no other with Moon New Zealand. In the most up-to-date travel guide on the market to this incredible country, Auckland local Jamie Desplaces offers his expert advice for adrenaline junkies, bucket-list travelers, history and culture buffs, and more.

Packed with strategic itineraries for exploring both the North and South Islands, full-color photos and maps, and tips on respectfully engaging with the culture and environment, Moon New Zealand is the ultimate guide to this thrilling destination.

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Jordan Bishop from How I Travel

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