Going to Spain This Summer? Here’s How To Prepare!

Spain has it all: vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. Who wouldn’t want to spend a summer vacation there? If you’re going to Spain this summer, learn how to prepare with our top tips.

Learn Some Spanish Language and Culture Beforehand

Unlike in Scandinavian European destinations, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone in Spain who speaks fluent English. Though you will probably be able to get by with simple English, you’ll also likely encounter plenty of people who won’t understand you a bit, leading to frustrating miscommunications and stress. Learning some Spanish before your trip can make your experience so much easier, both on you and the Spaniards you meet!

Additionally, you should look up some facts about Spanish culture beforehand. For instance, did you know Spaniards greet each other with two besitos (kisses) on both cheeks? That would be quite a surprising experience if you weren’t prepared for it ahead of time.

So do your research. Not only will it make your vacation more enjoyable, but it’s also an important part of being a respectful tourist in a country that is not your own.

Get Ready for the Discotecas

Spain is famous for its electrifying nightlife, giving all the more reason to make it a summer destination! The discotecas (nightclubs) offer a peek into the Spanish way of revelry, with music, dancing, and socializing that stretch into the early hours. Preparing yourself means being ready to adapt to the local party schedule. Spanish youth often arrive at the clubs at one or two a.m., staying until after dawn.

Preparing also means dressing the part. Though you can wear what you’d wear to an American club, keep in mind that the Spanish definition of casual is a lot more formal than Americans think of it. Consider incorporating more formal elements into your nightclub outfits, such as these beautiful white blazer outfits do. You’ll fit right in!

Unless You’re Heading North, Prepare for Heat

Summer in Spain can be intensely hot, particularly in the south. If you’re not headed to the cooler northern regions (we’re looking at you, Barcelona), prepare for the heat. Pack light, breathable clothing, sunscreen, and a hat, and always have water on hand to stay hydrated. Plus, take advantage of siestas! These midafternoon naps were literally designed for rest during the peak heat of the day, so follow Spanish suit and snag some Z’s—you’ll need them for your late nights at the discotecas.

Know You’ll Need Snacks—Dinner Is Late

One of the most surprising aspects for many travelers is the late dinner time in Spain. It’s not unusual for dinner to start at 10 p.m.—or later. This means you’ll need to adjust your eating schedule or have snacks ready to keep you going until dinner. This late dining is a part of Spanish culture, entwined with their social and family life, so roll with it. You might end up loving the shifted schedule!

Knowing how to prepare for going to Spain this summer can be the difference between an enjoyable visit and a truly memorable one. Do your research, plan to adjust your routine, and be respectful. If you do these things, you’ll be in for the best summer vacation yet. ¡Buen viaje!

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