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5 Water Shoes To Keep Your Feet Unscratched On Rocky Beaches

Finally arrived at the beach! You feel elated looking at the shining sands and the mighty waves gently reaching the shore. You grab your things, go to your spot, lay down your towels and things and get ready to let yourself into the gentle sea.

A couple of steps inside and hold on, this doesn’t have much of gentle feeling to it anymore. What’s more, it feels abrasive, pointy, and rough. What the hell? This is not what you signed up for! It kind of is, actually, since you ended up on a rocky beach.

The rocks from a rocky kind of beach can be anywhere: under the sand, hidden beneath the water, so big that are obviously visible emerging from both. They sometimes make for good scenery but mostly poorly as feet support. Protect your precious soles when on a beach like this by getting these water shoes for rocky beaches.

#1 OTBT Women’s High Tide Flat Sandals

The OTBT Women's High Tide Flat Sandals travel product recommended by Ashley Culpepper on Lifney.

Be prepared for all conditions. High tide in black is OTBT’s super sporty, outdoor women’s sandal made for the adventurer. Loaded with tons of technical features like an ultra lightweight EVA sport sole and raised pads for all-day support, High tide is more than what meets the eye. The combo of sport neoprene and rubber makes this a great sandal for fast-dry sportswear, plus it’s designed for a 100% customized fit with 3 adjustable velcro straps.

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#2 Hari Mari Dunes

The Hari Mari Dunes travel product recommended by Hannah Sumers on Lifney.

The Dunes II were the product named by Outdoor Magazine, as they’re made with recycled rubber and a sipped footbed allowing water to pass through and giving the shoe the ability to float!

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#3 Hari Mari Brazos LX

The Hari Mari Brazos LX travel product recommended by Hannah Sumers on Lifney.

Brazos LX are both the more luxurious versions of our Dunes II. Their outsoles provide greater traction across varying surfaces, making them perfect for rocky beaches. These are the luxurious, water-friendly flops aquatic adventurers have been asking for.

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#4 Hari Mari Beachside

The Hari Mari Beachside travel product recommended by Hannah Sumers on Lifney.

These flops are made with the same water-friendly adventures in mind, and they have leather straps, giving them a higher-end appearance.

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#5 KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

The KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal travel product recommended by Dr. Brent Jarrett on Lifney.

I would recommend the Keen Newport H2 sandals. They offer functional benefits like comfort and a stable structure, but most importantly, the protected toe and cupped sole in the heel will help minimize the amount of debris that enters the shoe and protect against sharp objects. Additionally, they offer durable construction and a structure that allows the wearer to continue wearing any orthotic inserts they typically wear in casual shoes.

Although water socks with a flexible portion around the top of the foot often seem like the best option, if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking — particularly in a rocky area — a more supportive and durable shoe like the Keen is ideal.

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The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Ashley Culpepper from OTBT SHOES

Hannah Sumers from Hari Mari

Dr. Brent Jarrett from Theta Orthotics


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