17 Convenient Travel Gifts You Can Get On Amazon 2019

It is all about convenience now: convenient services, convenient pick-up, convenient shopping experience, convenient delivery, etc.

Of all things ‘convenient’ nobody does it better than Amazon, so it stands to reason that they could also help you find the most ‘convenient’ gift for traveling with the ease of a click.

#1 Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

The Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale travel product recommended by Anna Ransom on Lifney.

This is an extremely light small item that saves you big money in over weight luggage fees. Has a long lasting battery. It is so small that it is worth having when traveling.

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#2 Baubax Women’s Bomber Travel Jacket

The Baubax Women's Bomber Travel Jacket travel product recommended by Anna Ransom on Lifney.

These jackets have so many pockets and are designed so well you can go without carry-on luggage. It has a pocket for ear buds, tablet, phone, wallet/passports. It comes with a neck pillow, eye mask, drink pocket, zipper pockets and more. It comes in a sweatshirt style or bomber jacket style.

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#3 AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens

The AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens travel product recommended by Anna Ransom on Lifney.

These travel lenses turn your phone into a high quality camera. They are small, light weight and truly take good photos. There is a learning curve so I suggest practicing before leaving home.

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#4 DryFoxCo Quick Dry Reversible Microfiber Beach & Travel Towel

The DryFoxCo Quick Dry Reversible Microfiber Beach & Travel Towel travel product recommended by Samantha Peck on Lifney.

DryFoxCo has reinvented the towel with compact travelers in mind making them lightweight, absorbent and quick drying. Plus they’re the only towel on the market with a zip water resistant pocket for securely concealing your valuables.

Our towels are made of the softest microfiber with the perfect XL size for covering your entire body after a shower or laying out at the beach and feature trendy reversible travel-inspired designs. Weighing only 8 oz, they easily fit in a backpack, purse or carry on bag.

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#5 Polaroid Mint Instant Print Digital Camera

The Polaroid Mint Instant Print Digital Camera travel product recommended by Amanda Emmer on Lifney.

The Polaroid Mint instant digital printer is the perfect gift for someone who is always printing and sharing photos. From the touch of a button on the Polaroid Mint app, pictures are instantly printed in less than a minute from your mobile device.

The app allows you to customize photos with options to add filters, frames, stickers and more. With Zero Ink(r) printing technology, the Mint printer produces high-quality, long-lasting and smudge-proof images, with or without the Polaroid Classic Border.

The 2 x 3 images feature a stick back, making them easy to display for everyone to see. Additionally, this light-weighted printer has a strong battery life – allowing you to print 50 photos per charge.

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#6 Getaway Expandable Carry-On Backpack Suitcase

The Getaway Expandable Carry-On Backpack Suitcase travel product recommended by Paula Volos on Lifney.

Getaway Expandable Carry-On Backpack Suitcase’ by Duchamp London, which is an absolute favorite among consumers! Because of its design and construction, the backpack converts into an expandable suitcase, and it includes a variety of unique features, such as a USB port and cable, and battery pockets.

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#7 ThinOptics Reading Glasses + Black Universal Pod Case

The ThinOptics Reading Glasses + Black Universal Pod Case travel product recommended by Molly Antos on Lifney.

ThinOptics, which engineered the world’s thinnest reading glasses just launched their second generation; the stylish and elegant Frontpage Collection.

Weighing in at 9g, they are the lightest full-frame reading glasses, and paired with a 4mm aircraft aluminum case that can slip into a pocket, or attach to the back of a phone, tablet, laptop or e-reader.

The Frontpage Collection comes in two styles – the ovular Manhattan and the rectangular Brooklyn, and in a multitude of colors and strengths.

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#8 OLIKA Minnie Trio

The OLIKA Minnie Trio travel product recommended by Jessica Postiglione on Lifney.

Meet Minnie by OLIKA, a stylish hand sanitizer spray. It is the perfect travel pal combining personality with functionality. Minnie’s formulation is natural and proven to improve skin hydration for up to 24 hours.

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#9 Dr Motion Graduated Compression Knee High Socks

The Dr Motion Graduated Compression Knee High Socks travel product recommended by Dr. Motion on Lifney.

Dr. Motion compression socks provide mild to moderate compression, graduated support and a comfortable fit with non-binding bands and smoothed toe seams.

Compression is said to help with circulation and swelling, reduces muscle fatigue, and provides general lower leg support. All of these benefits are perfect for travelers stuck on long haul flights, exploring a new city, or hiking in nature.

These socks have been featured as a must-pack item by Travel + Leisure, who tested them out on the longest flight in the world, as well as by The Washington Post and The Boston Globe as being great socks for travelers.

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#10 Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow travel product recommended by Jennie Katz on Lifney.

While down pillows are comfortable and conforming, they constantly need to be fluffed and do not hold their shape throughout… Good quality shredded memory foam solves this problem through its ability to conform and support.

The Snuggle-Pedic pillow uses a proprietary mix of our very special hypo-allergenic and extremely low V.O.C. Biogreen memory foam and CertiPUR-US certified foam. This proprietary mix of foams come directly from our very high-end, all U.S.A. produced mattresses made in the USA.

These very small pieces are extremely soft and fluffy and make our pillows lighter and more resilient than the usual shredded memory foam pillows found on the market. They can easily be tucked away in your carry-on bag and or suitcase and once you’re at your destination, the pillows shape takes it original form for a good night’s rest.

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#11 Wash. It. Later. Soak and Save Bags

The Wash. It. Later. Soak and Save Bags travel product recommended by Hannah England on Lifney.

When you’re traveling, especially with babies/kids, packing minimally and maintaining a mess/stain free wardrobe can be almost nearly impossible. We provide parents and travelers with a convenient way to soak and pretreat clothes to prevent those garments from being ruined (even wash and re-wear), tackle the mess without the stress, and save their time and their money.

Wash. it. Later. Introduces: Liquid tight Soak & Save Bags designed with an aggressive seal, engineered to hold water without leaking! Each bag comes already equipped with a pod of chemical free, all natural/hypoallergenic soaking solution- dissolvable in hot OR cold water! When a mess/baby blowout/travel disaster/spill happens, you simply toss in the clothes, add water, seal it up and start soaking and pretreating no matter where you are!

Our bags are single use, fully recyclable and have stylish minimalistic designs on them so you don’t have to see through to the disaster inside! Isolate and contain the mess & smell, keep your luggage/diaper bag/purse/tote clean, and never again sacrifice your outfits to stains!

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#12 Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle travel product recommended by Bryan Sarlitt on Lifney.

The uniquely portable Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated while traveling, eliminating the need for expensive, single-use plastic water bottles. Designed with a flexible BPA-free silicone body, the Nomader® can be rolled-up or collapsed flat to save on space, yet it’s as comfortable to drink from as a hard-sided bottle.

This innovative, TSA-approved travel water bottle features a patented leakproof cap, an ergonomic carry strap, and a wide mouth for easy cleaning. As an added bonus, Nomader® bottles are backed by a lifetime warranty. As one of the top-selling travel water bottles on Amazon, Nomader bottles are the perfect gift item for travel enthusiasts.

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#13 Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes

The Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes travel product recommended by Anna Ransom on Lifney.

Not a very fancy gift but it makes life so easy while traveling is this set of packing cubes. You never lose anything while traveling. You are able to fit way more into a suitcase and always find just what you are looking for.

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#14 Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

The Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch travel product recommended by Anna Ransom on Lifney.

This waterproof, computer travel backpack is all you need for travel. It is TSA approved. It has a USB charging port not a battery but allows easy access to your charger with an opening so your cords can be easily accessed. Padded shoulder straps. Sleek design and holds up to a 17 inch laptop. Easy open for TSA to check laptop.

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#15 BubbleBum Ultra Portable and Inflatable Car Booster Seat

The BubbleBum Ultra Portable and Inflatable Car Booster Seat travel product recommended by Anza Goodbar on Lifney.

The BubbleBum foldable and ultra portable inflatable car booster seat keeps kids ages 4-11 safe and comfy throughout all drives. Lightweight and easy to inflate/deflate, it can be carried in a backpack and three BubbleBums can fit across the back of a car! BubbleBum was also announced the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety’s “Best Bet” in their booster seat evaluation report, where they’ve branded BubbleBum as one of the best for safety!

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#16 bblüv Döse Multi-purpose Stackable Containers

The bblüv Döse Multi-purpose Stackable Containers travel product recommended by Anza Goodbar on Lifney.

The compact and interchangeable Döse multi-purpose stackable and interchangeable containers are great for carrying snacks or formula milk on the go! Easy to clean in the dishwasher, they feature three compartments with a large storage capacity of 4oz, a protective cap with a flexible silicone handle, and a funnel cap for easy pouring. It is compact enough to fit anywhere and also can be sterilized.

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#17 Hoodie to Neck Pillow | Flight Fillow

The Hoodie to Neck Pillow | Flight Fillow travel product recommended by Georgia McKinney on Lifney.

Flight Fillow turns any sweater or hoodie into a travel pillow giving you all of the benefits without any of the hassle. It fits in your pocket, is easy to wash, and is the fraction of the price of the standard bulky neck pillow.

This is great for both short and long flights, as well as backpacking since Flight Fillow is light weight and easy to pack. You simply roll up your hoodie or jacket and put it into the Flight Fillow to use as a neck pillow. Alternatively, you can tuck in the arms of the sweater/hoodie to use Flight Fillow as a traditional pillow!

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The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Anna Ransom from Destination Yours Travel

Anna Ransom from Destination Yours Travel

Anna Ransom from Destination Yours Travel

Samantha Peck from DryFoxCo

Amanda Emmer from R&J Strategic Communications

Paula Volos from Roffe Accessories

Molly Antos from ThinOptics

Jessica Postiglione from OLIKA

Dr. Motion from London Misher

Jennie Katz from Snuggle-Pedic

Hannah England from Wash It Later

Bryan Sarlitt from Nomader

Anna Ransom from Destination Yours Travel

Anna Ransom from Destination Yours Travel

Anza Goodbar from BubbleBum

Anza Goodbar from bblüv

Georgia McKinney from Flight Fillow


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