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Why Private Jet Charters are the Best Way to Travel

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If you are looking for a safe, flawless, and elite journey to your destination, nothing can compare to the private jet experience. Flying on a private jet charter is easily one of the best ways to travel because you get to call all the shots. You decide where you want to fly, when you want to fly, and even what kind of aircraft you want to board. When you travel via private jet, you can expect nothing but the safest, cleanest aircraft with the most professional flight crew to take care of your every request.

Want to see why everyone prefers traveling on a private charter? Check out just eight of the many reasons why flying on a private jet charter is the best way to travel, hands down.

1. Safety first

One of the top reasons for flying with a private jet company is that they do not cut corners when it comes to ensuring your aircraft is fit for flight. They require a thorough safety inspection on every aircraft before takeoff. If your jet does not meet their expectations, they will not let it leave the ground.

Every aircraft must meet the most stringent safety standards in the industry, too. Every aircraft must comply with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 of Title 14.

2. Highly trained fight crew

Private charter companies take pride in flying with only the most professional and certified crews. In many cases, they will hand-select your flight crew, so you know you are getting the best service.

The best private charter companies require their pilots to have WYVERN approval, while every pilot needs an FAA-issued commercial pilot license. The pilots also undergo background searches and medical checks. And because the jet companies require ARG/US audits, they review the flight crews’ certifications and safety ratings and have access to any and all accidents, incidents, and violations. They also monitor the pilot and copilot’s training and certifications to ensure they meet the safest standards.

To top it all off, charter pilots regularly fly the same private jets, so they are familiar with their aircraft. This allows them to make quick, precise, and confident decisions when flying you to your destination.

3. Attention to cleanliness

Catching a cold while flying is a common concern of many travelers, but when you fly on a private aircraft, you can rest assured that the jet charter company is doing its very best to provide a clean and safe environment.

For example, many jet companies require enhanced aircraft cleaning procedures between each flight, as the interior of every jet is treated with anti-microbial spray to disinfect all surfaces. And while onboard your aircraft, you and the flight crew will have access to plenty of sanitary moist towelettes and hand sanitizers.

4. Flexible scheduling

Another top reason why flying private is the best way to travel is that you get to call the shots. There is no need to rearrange your agenda to align with a flight itinerary.

Whenever you need a private jet to whisk you away, there will always be one ready for you. Private charter companies get you where you need to go on your terms. No ask is too much or too little for them. Whether you need a last-minute flight out tonight or one first thing tomorrow morning, they will make it happen.

5. Hassle-free boarding

You already know that flying private takes the hassle out of flying, but did you know you get to skip the security lines, too? Instead of showing up at the airport hours in advance of your flight so you can wait in long lines and go through security screenings, you can head straight to your private jet. At some airports, you may even be able to drive on the tarmac right up to your aircraft. When you fly private, your jet and flight crew are ready to go wheels up when you are.

6. Your choice aircraft

One major perk of booking a private jet is that you get to choose your aircraft. Maybe you want to board an aircraft that only carries a certain number of passengers, or you prefer a specific cabin interior.

Some jet companies provide a convenient aircraft comparison list, which lets you browse through each category of jet, including turbo, light, very light, mid, super mid, and heavy. Review the history, specifications, and highlights of each aircraft until you find the perfect one for your next flight.

7. Onboard comfort

Because you get to choose the exact style and model aircraft you board, you know you are in for a comfortable flight. Private jets are often celebrated for their spacious and inviting interiors. Many jets feature lush, reclining seats to ensure you are well-rested and relaxed during your in-flight journey. When it comes to flying private, you can forget about cramped quarters and uncomfortable seating.

8. More airport options

Often, when you fly commercial, you are limited to the large airports, which may be far away from your final destination. The beauty of flying private is that you have access to a much wider range of airports. Because charter jets can land and take off at smaller, private airports, this provides you with more flexibility. Less time traveling means more time spent enjoying the destination.

9. Private jet perks

Of course, the pedigree flight experience is another major reason for choosing to fly private. After all, private jet companies pay attention to all the details and cater to your every travel need. Whatever you need, they are already one step ahead of you.

While you can expect elevated service on every flight, when you join a jet loyalty program, you will earn even more benefits. Some memberships offer elite rewards, such as free jet class upgrades and complimentary catering allowances to take your experience to the next level.

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