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Why Digital Nomads Need Good Chairs to Work Better

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Being a digital nomad can be a great way to disconnect from the frustrations of your daily commute and it can also be a great means to travel and explore the world while you are also earning a living. As computer technology as improved exponentially in recent years, the U.S. is on target to see a huge increase in the number of employees in the workforce who are working remotely 100% of the time. Can you use a gaming chair for office work, click to find out.

Many major companies hire digital nomads due to the convenience of working with them and the amount of money that they save on office space and other considerations by not having them come in to a physical building to work each day.

Working from home or working in ever changing shared spaces can cause ergonomic problems that digital nomads need to take into consideration. Your health related to your job is largely dependent upon the space that you work in. If you are constantly working in different locations or in shared spaces, it can be tough to take care of your body.

Why Digital Nomads Need Good Chairs to Work Better

Most digital nomads are programmers or coders and they spend countless hours each week in front of a computer screen tapping away on a key board. Offices spend thousands of dollars each year on ergonomic furniture and ergonomics experts to advise them about how to take care of their employees.

Digital nomads, on the other hand, work from home and are solely responsible for their workspace. They buy their own chairs, desks and any other piece of office equipment that they are going to need. They also do not have access to an expert to help them to set up their home work space in the most ideal fashion.

Why Does a Good Chair Matter?

Your office chair is probably the biggest factor related to your daily comfort when you are working. If you have purchased a cheap chair, you will likely experience back pain, neck pain or even more serious discomfort like sciatica. A poor-quality chair can also lead to you being overheated because the materials it is made with do not breathe well. Lastly, if your chair is not a good fit for your needs, you might feel like you are sliding around all day or you may have trouble wheeling the chair around.

Staples conducted a survey recently which found that 86% of workers were not comfortable in their desk chair. The study further supported information that has already been gathered by other surveys and connected a lack of morale, a feeling of lost productivity and a general sense of dissatisfaction with an uncomfortable office chair.

If you are concerned about aches and pains that you are feeling while you are working in your home office, or if you think that you are not as productive as you used to be, your office chair might be to blame. If the cost of a good quality chair feels like a deterrent to you, remember that you can always buy a new chair, but you cannot replace your health.

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