Why Costa Rica Is the Best Wedding Destination for You

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Costa Rica is a gorgeous destination that welcomes around 1.7 million tourists per year.

It’s a truly beautiful place – and the scenic majesty of this South American gem could be the perfect backdrop for your upcoming nuptials. Sporting impressive beaches, and unsurpassed natural beauty, there’s no shortage of stunning wedding venues in Costa Rica.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, this guide explains why a wedding in Costa Rica will be the perfect start to your union.

Read on to find out why Costa Rica is the best wedding destination.

It’s Relatively Nearby

Arranging a destination wedding can be a logistical challenge. Costa Rica is an ideal location because it is closer to home than other popular wedding destinations.

Costa Rica offers two international airports with direct flights to numerous US locations, so getting there is simple. There are also domestic flights to all of the country’s tourist hotspots if you want to do some exploring while you’re there, as well as convenient shuttles and ground transport routes.

A direct flight to Costa Rica from the US will take around 4-6 hours.

The Scenic Beauty is Unsurpassed

Costa Rica is hard to beat if you’re looking for a wedding destination with breathtaking natural beauty and scenery. The country has everything from sandy white beaches to cast rainforests and towering volcanos.

Costa Rica is a small country, which gives you a chance to see all the best tourist spots while you’re there. By making an itinerary for the wedding week, you’ll have plenty of time to explore.

Choosing a wedding in Costa Rica will also make for some truly stunning wedding photos.

They Serve Delicious Cuisine

The cuisine is excellent across this beautiful country. Costa Rican cuisine is straightforward, focusing on natural, locally produced products. Fresh seafood and local ingredients can be found at every restaurant.

A local catering service can provide a taste of the local delicacies for your wedding menu, alongside all your favorites and special requests.

Cost is a Factor

One of the main reasons people are hesitant to have a destination wedding is the associated cost. However, a wedding in Costa Rica could be more economical than you think.

While you’ll have to put up money for transport costs, you’ll save big bucks when it comes to the venue, catering, and entertainment costs. Putting your guests up won’t cost much either, with plenty of affordable accommodation available. 

These wedding villas could be the ideal accommodation for you and your guests. Check them out today.

Costa Rica: The Best Wedding Destination

You want your destination wedding an event to remember. That’s why choosing a great location is so important.

Costa Rica offers everything the best wedding destination should: beautiful scenery, affordable services, and delicious local food. Why not spend the most important day of your life in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations?

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