What To Pack for an Autumn Camping Adventure

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Many people think of summer as prime camping season, but there’s nothing like cozying up to a crackling fire at the end of a brisk autumn hike. Camping in the fall offers sights, opportunities, and experiences you can’t get any other time of year. However, this also means you need some specific gear to stay warm, dry, and comfortable as you trek through the gorgeous fall landscape. Get ready for a trip you’ll cherish forever with this list of what to pack for an autumn camping adventure.

Make Your Outfits Layered and Waterproof

Packing the right clothes is crucial for any camping trip. Autumn weather can be a little unpredictable, especially if you’re traveling through the wilderness. You might experience a wet, chilly morning, a warm and sunny afternoon, and a gorgeously cool night all in one day.

How do you prepare for everything without overpacking? Keep two things in mind with every piece you pack: layers and waterproofing. A moisture-wicking base layer will keep you dry through physical activities like hiking. Meanwhile, a comfortable middle or outer layer will help you stay warm when that autumn chill sets in. Finally, make sure you have a waterproof jacket and shoes for those rainy days.

This is the time that material and fit matters, so don’t be afraid to explore high-quality brands of outdoor gear. The investment is always worth the comfort of being warm and dry when the weather gets bad.

Safety First: Bandages, Sunscreen, and More

No list of what to pack for an autumn camping adventure is complete without all the right safety tools and supplies. A first aid kit might be a no-brainer, but make sure you open it before you pack it away to take stock of what you have. Add bandages, painkillers, antibiotics, and other supplies as necessary. Beyond your first aid kit, you also want to make sure you have items like sunscreen and bug spray. It might not be summer anymore, but that doesn’t mean you want to walk away with bug bites or an uncomfortable burn. Finally, pack a few crucial tools like a pocketknife or multi-tool, a flashlight, and spare batteries.

Perfect Your Sleeping Situation

Many people hesitate to go camping because they think they won’t get a good night’s sleep. While it’s true you’ll be away from your own bed, that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable at night. Make your sleeping situation as cozy and comfy as it is at home by bringing along the right gear.

A thick sleeping pad is perfect for making your sleeping space more comfortable and adding an extra layer of insulation between the ground and your sleeping bag. Speaking of sleeping bags, make sure you have an insulated bag that can hold up against cold temperatures. Down or insulated down are great materials for staying warm on even the chilliest autumn nights.

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