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What To Pack For A Skiing Holiday

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As it gets close to you going away on your skiing trip, you need to begin thinking about what you need to pack with you. Skiing equipment can be large and bulky, so is not ideal if you are going to a destination that is far away and so are flying or using multiple different modes of transport. This means that you only want to pack the essentials and not take anything with you that you probably will not end up using.

Keep reading below to find out what exactly you need to take with you when going on a skiing holiday, whether that be abroad or within the United States of America.

Base layers

These are very important for keeping you warm while out on the slopes or even when just walking around the ski resort you are visiting given that the temperatures can get really low, especially at night.

It is advisable to pack a minimum of two pairs of base layers because they do get sweaty and smelly if you are wearing them all day while skiing. Make sure that you have a long sleeved top and long johns so that your entire body is kept warm.


In order to hit the slopes, there is lots of gear that skiers need. This includes things like waterproof ski pants, ski gloves, ski helmet, ski boots, ski jacket, and ski goggles, such as the ones available online here –

Additionally, you may want to take with you protective gear, such as a knee brace or wrist supports, hiking boots, and gear for surviving an avalanche, such as a beacon, a probe, a shovel, and a transceiver.


While toiletries are an absolute necessity, it is something that a lot of skiers, and holiday goers in general forget to pack with them. Things like your toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorants, and antiperspirants should be the first things that go into your luggage. This means that you can stay fresh, clean, and fine smelling while on the slopes.

Along with your toiletries, you may want to pack a small travel first aid kit with you. This should include things like painkillers, band aids, bandages, and any other creams or ointments that you think may come in handy should you have an accident while skiing or become unwell during your holiday.

None skiing clothes

Do not expect to be skiing 24 / 7 when on a skiing holiday. You will also have some down time to relax, see the sites, or sample the local food and when doing this you do not want to be wearing your ski gear. This is why it is important to pack some normal, everyday clothes with you as well. Given the climate you are in, make sure that they are warm and include accessories like hats, scarfs, mittens etc.

If you plan on hitting the bars for a little apres ski, then you might want to take something a little bit smarter to wear.

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