What To Look For in a Dog Boarding Service

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When you’re trying to find a boarding service for your dog while you travel, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want your pup to be comfortable, but how do you know which place is best? Understanding what to look for in a dog boarding service will give you peace of mind.


It’s acceptable to be picky about where your dog is staying while you’re away. Your pup will be in close contact with other dogs, and the place you choose should require that all dogs be up to date on their vaccinations. You should also ensure the facility frequently checks the vaccination status of every dog.

Clean Facility

Make sure you visit each dog boarding facility you’re considering to ensure cleanliness. Check that the kennel size is adequate for all dogs. Look around the kennels for any sharp edges that could hurt your pup and verify that the kennel is safe and secure. You should also check for proper ventilation—you shouldn’t smell any potent or foul odors.

Certifications, Insurance, and Bonding

Circumstances can arise that are out of our control, but that shouldn’t stop the facility from being prepared. A quality dog boarding service will have insurance and bonds. If your pup receives an injury or your dog injures another dog or human, the facility will cover the costs if they’re bonded and insured.

Each state has specific licenses and certifications that dog boarding places need to operate. You can research which certifications are required.

Properly Trained Staff

Staff training will vary by position, but you want to ensure that all employees know doggy first aid. You’ll also want to confirm that at least one staff member on duty has animal care qualifications.

Regular Exercise

Your dog shouldn’t remain cooped up in the kennel all day. Look for a dog boarding service that allows the dogs to run around and play for a significant part of the day.

Leaving your dog behind when you travel is hard enough; knowing what to look for in a dog boarding service will help ease some of your anxiety and ensure your pup is having a magnificent time.

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