What To Know Before Vacationing in Croatia

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People looking for an exotic, exciting, and beautiful country to visit on their next trip abroad might want to consider traveling to Croatia. When planning a trip, a few things to know before vacationing in Croatia will make your visit enjoyable and help you get the most mileage out of your time there.

Learn Some Vocabulary

English is a common language in Croatia, and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting around by using it. However, when visiting another country, it’s always a good idea to learn a few essential words and phrases to show respect to the locals. A few words we recommend are “Dobar dan” (Good day), “Hvala” (Thank you), and “Oprosti” (Excuse me).

Seek Help Exploring Islands

Croatia is a country with over 1,000 islands throughout the sea. It’s nearly impossible to see them all on a short vacation, so we recommend finding some islands you most want to visit and seeking a reliable transport method between them. You might find it more hassle than it’s worth to try and get between islands on your own, but fortunately, many ferries are available to get you where you want to go.

Tipping Culture

A good thing to know before vacationing in Croatia is the tipping culture. Tipping is customary in America but not in many other countries worldwide. However, Croatia has a tipping culture, and around 10 percent is standard in bars and restaurants. If you rent a car and some workers at the gas station clean your windows, it’s also a good idea to tip them since that’s their only source of income.

Bring Water Shoes

While Croatia and its islands are home to some positively gorgeous beaches, visitors may want to remember that soft sand beaches aren’t very common. Most Croatian waterfronts are pebble beaches that might be rough on your bare feet. While these beaches are still worth a visit and good for a day of relaxation, it’s a good idea to have some footwear that’s best suited for that type of environment.

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