What To Know Before Going On a Hunting Road Trip

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Taking a cross-country trip to hunt for a wide variety of animals is a dream come true for most experienced hunters. However, it can be easy to forget some of the essential things you need to do before going. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on what to know before going on a hunting road trip.

Plan Out the Stops You Want To Make

Like any other road trip, you’ll want to plan out your stops ahead of time. Obviously, the main goal is to hunt for game that you don’t get the opportunity to back at home, but it’s never a bad idea to make some “tourist” stops as well.

On top of that, you’ll need to plan these out in a way that allows you to find a good place to stop for the night. Whether you decide to camp or sleep in a hotel, you’ll need to know how close those locations are to the areas you’ll be hunting in.

Look Into Local Laws and Regulations

Of course, one can’t simply go hunting wherever they want. You need to make sure that you’ll be doing so in accordance with state laws. If you have a hunting license in your state, there’s a chance it’ll still be good in the places you’ll be going, but you must double check to be sure.

Determine How You’ll Split Up Costs

Another thing to know before going on a hunting road trip is that they can be pricey. Gas, food, and other necessary stops add up quickly, and if you don’t plan out a system for handling it before you go, it might lead to some unnecessary arguments. That’s why you and your hunting party need to come up with a system.

The classic way is for everybody to put the same amount of money into a cash pool and take from that when paying for things you all will be sharing. After the trip is over, you can then split up the remaining money evenly. Thanks to modern technology, though, sending money to each other is easier than ever, freeing you from the need for cash. Of course, you can still use the same system as before; only now you’ll do it electronically to keep purchases more straightforward.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Finally, it’s vital to ensure that you’ve packed up all the essentials for your trip. Things like first-aid kits, extra clothing, water and snacks, as well as your gun cleaning tools, will be some of the more important ones to pack, but there are plenty of other things, too, especially if you plan on camping.

While certain items, such as guns and ammo, would be hard to forget, we still wanted to bring them up to ensure that you pack them up correctly before traveling. The last thing you need is trouble with the authorities due to you not taking the time to properly store your firearm in a safe way.

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