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What Kind Of Folding Pocket Knives Are Legal To Use?

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Is it legal to carry folding knives? Every country has its rules and regulations and differs in weaponry categorisation. Pocket knives are compact, small, foldable knives permitted in the UK, depending on their purpose. Custom or handmade spring-assisted folding knives are legally carried.

What kind of knives are legal in the UK? 

The folding pocket knives are a camper’s survival tool, and it has a range of utility and functions ranging from cooking, hunting, self-defence, and chopping. The knives are excellent tools for cutting ropes, fixing tents or cutting smaller bushes. The pocket knives are optimally constructed in a range of 2.5 to 5 inches, making them highly portable.

Although, it is not allowed to carry the knives in the cabin luggage while travelling via flights but permitted during road journeys or camping. The knives offer multiple usages helping with tearing roles, cutting nets, and multiple camping purposes.

Types of blades used in the folding knives 

The legal folding knives in UK are designed in a range of exclusive and high-grade materials. A crucial factor when purchasing pocket knives is their blade type and intended purpose. The Damascus steel knife is made from the finest quality of durable steel alloy, boasting a sharp blade and durable construction. Here is a quick guide to blade types:

  • The clip point blade is one of the most popular blade types with a sharp tip. The back part of the clip-type blade is unsharpened with a concave shape creating a curved appearance. It is suitable for piercing with its sharp tip and excellent for slicing.
  • Needlepoint blade – It has a sharp tapered point, and the blade is asymmetrical in appearance. The blade’s tip is delicate but is a good choice for piercing objects.
  • Drop Point blade – The blade runs straight from the handle and forms a sharp edge as the blade gently forms a slope towards the tip. It is an ideal hunting knife used for piercing with the help of the tip and controlled slicing from the blade body.
  • Spear point blade – In this type of blade, both the edges rise and fall equally, forming a point at the tip that perfectly lines along the centre. It has a sharp and point tip perfect for piercing, while the belly portion of the blade is used for slicing.

These are some common types of blades used to construct a highly functional pocket folding knife. However, other less common blade structures are also used in the construction of some pocket knives.

Recommended construction material for the knives 

The pocket folding knives are available in a range of different materials, and high-quality blade material and ergonomically designed handle tighten the grip and help in smooth use. However, the finest pocket knives are made from Damascus steel. Investing in a handmade and customized Damascus steel pocket folding knife is highly recommended for its durability, strength, and advanced functionality.

Expert craftsmen construct it by combining two or more layers of steel. It is forged together, enhancing the aesthetic by giving a wavy pattern and texture. The multi-layer steel makes it strong and highly durable. It is lightweight, carrion-resistant, and requires low maintenance with long-term usage.

Multi-purpose Pocket Knives Legal to Carry 

Most knives range from 2.5 inches to 6 inches into pocket knives. Carrying a knife with a locking mechanism is suggested to prevent injuries and accidental opening. Spring-assisted folding knives are a popular choice consisting of an in-built device that opens and closes the knife upon applying pressure. It helps ease the knife’s closing and opening. It is indeed one of the best survival tools, especially in the wild.

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