What is Kona Coffee and Where Can I Drink it in New York?

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Best Kona Coffee

If you have never tried Kohn’s coffee, then you’re probably wondering: what’s in it? Real connoisseurs of the invigorating drink claim that Kona is so silky and soft, aromatic and tasty that after trying it once, you will no longer want to buy other grains.

Do not rush to purchase a package of Kon beans: we need to warn you. Kona coffee is considered the most expensive in the world. This fact is used by deceivers, diluting Kon with cheaper grains. Fraudsters may not sell the real product at all.

We have compiled a list of the best Kona coffee manufacturers. Before we move on to the section with a guide for the buyer, consider the product in more detail. This will help to understand why this type of coffee is considered so good and is sold at such a high price.

What is Kona coffee?

best kona coffee

Kona Coffee is an Arabica variety cultivated on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai, in the south and north of Hawaii.

Only sparkling white wine from the Champagne region in France can be called “champagne”. Similarly, only coffee that is grown in the Kona area can be sold under the name Kona.

Kona coffee is grown under ideal conditions: it is sunny in the mornings, and cloudy, rainy in the evening. The climate is mild, there is practically no wind.

Why is Kon’s coffee so expensive?

You have probably noticed that the manufacturers of Kona recommended by us sell their product at a higher price than usual.

Unlike cheaper coffee varieties grown on large plantations, Kona is produced on a small scale. This process is very time consuming and time-consuming.

The vegetative period of Kona coffee is 12 months. In February and March, coffee trees bloom, natural pollination occurs. From April to August, fruits are formed. From September to January, ripe fruits are harvested.

The best coffee houses where you can taste Kona coffee

 Birch flatiron – 21 East 27th Street

It was this coffee house, located near the famous iron-shaped building, that was opened by the very first of the Birch coffee shops – but in any of the eight scattered throughout New York, it will be equally tasty.

The coffee shop with the name and logo reminiscent of the native Belarus forests is famous for its cold coffee cold brew. You can add a little almond or coconut milk and go for a walk along Madison Avenue or in the Madison Square Park of the same name. If the weather does not contribute to long walks, then the best option is to take a classic cappuccino and sit at a massive wooden table, choosing a book from the many available here. Just so, enjoying your coffee and the dim light from the crystal chandelier, you can feel absolutely happy in this crazy city!

 Bluestone Lane Upper East Side – 2 E 90th St

The coffee shop of the Australian Bluestone Lane network is located next to the 1865 church, the Guggenheim Museum and one of the entrances to Central Park. In addition to its excellent location, the establishment boasts excellent avocado toasts, waffles, and homemade yogurt. The mugs, napkins, and tables themselves are so beautiful that you want to ask to take with you not only coffee but also the whole atmosphere. Bear in mind that there are many who want to enjoy all this splendor, so you have to stand in line and wait for the waiter with an Australian accent to find a free table.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Greenwich Village – 30 W 8th Street

After a walk in Washington Square Park and exploring New York University, you should definitely stop by for coffee. The interior of this coffee shop has wooden panels, brick walls and huge windows, so stand in line for coffee and a croissant and occupy any table. Stumptown Coffee Roasters are very popular in the coffee industry and supply grains and cold cold coffee to many coffee houses in the country – feel free to try any coffee drink here. You can also grab a pack of coffee, a specialty mug and a bottle with the same cold brew, which has a bright citrus flavor and sweet notes of ganache and praline. The grains in this drink are sourced from Central and South America, East Africa and Indonesia.

Another location of this coffee shop is at the Ace Hotel on 18 W 29th Street. It is best to take coffee with you and try to find a place in the hotel lobby. This is a corner of calm, tranquility and bohemianism in the middle of a big city.

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