Ways To Give Your Car More Power When Accelerating

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One thing that doesn’t get old with driving is fast acceleration. No matter what kind of car you drive, you’re probably hoping for a bit better acceleration. Maybe you’d like to feel more confident merging lanes or passing. Luckily, there are a few ways to give your car more power when accelerating.

Create More Power

Creating more power might seem like an unsolvable problem, but you can change the power by increasing the amount of air your car takes in—after all, with more air comes more power. You can increase the size of your intake or switch to a cold air intake system. Upgrading your exhaust system is also helpful; it pumps out the extra air your car is taking in, making it more efficient. And you can adjust your car’s computer to increase performance aspects like the fuel to air ratio to give you more boost.

Remove Turbo Lag

If your vehicle has a turbocharger and it takes it a moment or two to respond after you press the gas, you’re experiencing turbo lag. That’s the time between when you press the accelerator and when turbocharger responds to give you more power. You can get rid of turbo lag by adding a wastegate, increasing the compression rate, or sequential turbocharging.

Reduce Vehicle Weight

Lighter cars move faster than heavier vehicles. If you want your car to move faster, reducing the weight might help. You’ll need to identify the heavier parts and replace them with lighter options. Remove the original brakes and replace them with two-piece rotors that perform better. Try lightening your stock flywheel or replacing your battery or switching factory rims with lighter alloy ones.

Enhance Tire Traction

Acceleration relies on the amount of traction you have with the road, and old, treadless tires aren’t going to have the same grip as newer tires. You can even replace the tires with upgraded high-traction tires to give your car an extra oomph. While you’re at it, install a new clutch to limit any slippage there as well.

Consider how your vehicle performs before committing to one or two of the ways to give your car more power when accelerating.

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