Virtual Reality Race Car Simulator In Bournemouth Review

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Virtual Reality Race Car Simulator In Bournemouth Overview:

Experience a race car simulation like no other with this one-of-a-kind virtual reality gaming session in Bournemouth!

Experience Days Attractions: Experience the future of gaming with this one-hour virtual reality racing session in Bournemouth. Choose from over 180 cars and 140+ true-to-life track layouts, and prepare to lose yourself in an immersive 3D world of motorsport! 

On arrival, you’ll be welcomed by their team and shown to one of thirty VR stations. These come equipped with top-of-the-range VR headsets and a huge selection of cars, ‘living’ tracks, disciplines and racing series to choose from. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be transported—via your headset—into an interactive 3D environment, where you can look around, move through space and control your vehicle using the controllers provided. It may take some getting used to at first, but soon, you’ll be ready to start racing! From iconic eras of classic motorsport, to the latest generation of elite hypercars—there’s something for every driver, whatever your tastes. With industry approved in-game architecture and handling to boot—you’ll be amazed by what this technology makes possible!    

The Virtual Reality Race Car Simulator in Bournemouth is great fun for avid gamers and petrolheads alike. Experience Days vouchers make unique gifts for all ages, so go on, surprise someone special today! 

Virtual Reality Race Car Simulator In Bournemouth Review:

I was recently lucky enough to get an experienced on a Racing Simulators in Bournemouth, Myself and a group of friends had used VR before so we were all excited to try out a racing one. I set a up a Facebook group for my friends to say and look at date and time slots and the offers and deals on offer,

I made sure to book well in advance, but there is a load of different time slots, and the prices vary day by day. The one I went to was on an off day, it’s best to check, but there is a load of different deal packages, I booked the one they had on offer that day. I knew a few people in my group so I was excited to take part in my friends round track racing. The day of the experience came and my friend and I got there on time, he knew other friends attending so I thought we would be racing as a group of around ten people. The first thing you notice is the high tech and high spec equipment. 

I had used VR before so I was well aware that it was real and not a live person controlling the event. The racing simulator in Bournemouth was realistic and allowed you to control the vehicle and see the track and what was going on around you , and I had fun choosing the different tracks and cars and testing them out. there is a lot of different cars to choose from. I loved the whole experience and the chance to race instead of just watch as I could not use my legs, so enjoy the experience. I also got the chance to choose the course or the track I wanted to race on, but it was also great to watch my friends race. 

The staff were friendly and helpful and got the experience started quickly and efficiently. 

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