Unique Things To Do in Atlanta This Winter Season

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Are you considering a small getaway for the winter season? There are many things to do domestically that help you escape from inches of snowfall. Heading south to Atlanta is a great option that many don’t think about. Here, we help you explore the various things you can do in that area to encourage you to escape while on a budget.

Visit the Iconic Zoo

Because of the excellent weather conditions, you can visit the Atlanta Zoo even during the winter season. This is a perfect option if you’re traveling with children and experiencing a brutal winter at home.

The animals are generally more cold-weather friendly, like pandas or the tanuki. And you can participate in discounted admission days, deal with smaller crowds, and explore indoor habitats.

Attend a Lights Festival

The winter season is an excellent time to visit Atlanta because of the various lights festivals and attractions available. These festivals typically run through specific time periods, so it’s beneficial to plan accordingly to see what you wish.

You can enjoy Lights of Life University via a drive-through, or you can get out and stroll through the botanical garden for Garden Lights. Whichever suits your family and travel plans best but consider this a must-do activity in the winter season.

Spend Time Outdoors

Atlanta and much of the surrounding North Georgian area experience relatively mild winters. So, if you live in a climate with harsh, blustery winter conditions, consider heading south for a break.

This area gives outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy hiking on some of the country’s most fascinating nature trails and climbs. There are several waterfalls in the surrounding area that make these hikes much more interesting.

Hit the Ice Rink

The amount of open-air ice rinks in the Atlanta area comes as a shock to many visitors. But there are a lot of locations that provide guests with unique experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re looking for that Rockefeller experience on ice, consider visiting the rink in Alpharetta, a well-known Atlanta community. What’s great about the ice rinks is that they are all budget friendly.

With so many options to consider for a winter activity, it can be challenging to decipher ideal locations and events. Hopefully, you will consider Atlanta and all the unique things the area offers. With the mountains, festivals, and mild conditions, this is an excellent winter-season adventure.

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