Traverse China In 2019 By Using These Travel Books

Where and what to see when exploring China.

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The oldest continuously existing civilization on earth and a country responsible for bringing much of it’s earliest civilization-building techniques It is only reasonable that the immensely vast country of China has much to offer to the traveling enthusiast.

Known popularly mainly by Beijing, Shanghai and, of course, The Great Wall that stretches from Beijing itself and across 15 other provinces, China nonetheless has developed many (many!) tourist-friendly sites.

The historical city of Xi’an, the panda-filled city Chengdu, the exquisitely oriental architecture of Hangzhou, and the enchanting mountains of Huangshan just to name some meager few of what China has got to offer to your traveling experience. To know exactly just how much you got to explore at in China is what these travel books were written for, check them out.

#1 Peony: A Novel of China by Pearl S. Buck

The Peony: A Novel of China by Pearl S. Buck travel product recommended by Alex Schnee on Lifney.

It’s a new way of looking at a culture that is so often portrayed as monolithic. Personally, I find it better than some of Buck’s other writings on China because it takes on a new perspective on the mixing of cultures. Not all of the characters are likable, but all of them feel very real.

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#2 1-Minute Chinese, Book 1 by Rowan Kohll

The 1-Minute Chinese, Book 1 by Rowan Kohll travel product recommended by Rowan Kohll on Lifney.

The revolutionary new method to make learning Chinese fast, easy and fun! With this book, full of cartoons and stories, you can say goodbye to hours of dull studying and learn how to effortlessly remember Chinese characters, as fast as you can read them!

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#3 Lonely Planet China (Travel Guide)

The Lonely Planet China (Travel Guide) travel product recommended by Becca Siegel on Lifney.

Becca Siegel of HalfHalfTravel says:

This book got me around China for two years while I lived there. The map in the first few pages created a sort of ‘bucket list’ for me, that I used to plan each trip and each subsequent trip. By the end of two years of living in Shanghai as an expat, I had used Lonely Planet’s ‘top experiences’ features to feel assured that I really experienced China, and I used the destinations as a way to see the country and determine what was left for next time.

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