Traveling To Best Places With 1 Year Old Is Not A Problem

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Now that your baby has arrived and you’re ready to resume parts of your old life, like traveling, you might be wondering where are the best places to travel with a baby. We talked to real parents who have been there and came up with this list of best places to travel with a baby around the world.

Traveling with an infant or baby can seem intimidating at first, especially for your first holiday with baby. But it doesn’t have to be…We have no doubts that you’ll find that traveling with a baby will be rewarding wherever you decide to go, as it will be more about the time you have together.

How To Travel To Places Travel With 1 Year Old?

Traveling with a One-year-old is an exciting time for you and your baby. However, it can be stressful choosing where is the perfect long holiday to take your new family. We would like to help with inspiration of good places to travel with1 year old.

Before you venture off on any long trips, it’s essential to book your flights well in advance. One advantage to booking your flights in advance is that you may be able to find some very cheap flights. Make sure to watch out for any extra charges for extra leg space or carry on bags. If you’re going to check a bag, consider getting a backpack for extra carrying space.

Once you’ve booked your flights, you’ll want to start thinking about what to pack for the flights as well as for your baby. While you’ll want to pack lightly, space is essential. We suggest that you only bring a few outfits, a set of PJ’s and essentials. The last thing you want is to be unpacking clothes from your luggage.

Because you’ll be flying, you’ll need to get a flight crib. This is a must-have for traveling with a baby. It comes in handy when you’re not able to get a seat for your child. Most airlines will charge an arm and a leg for a seat and it’s just impractical to expect your child to sit in your lap for such long flights.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll want to invest in a portable crib. Check ahead to make sure your hotel of choice allows cribs. If not, you may have to sleep with your child in your bed or get a separate hotel.

You may find other parents are very receptive at the hotel and would be willing to watch your baby so you’re able to sneak out for a romantic dinner. Make sure to check the dos and don’ts of the hotels when traveling with a baby. Your little one should be fine without you for short periods of time.

Planning a holiday for the first time with a baby can be fun and exciting, but it can be hard (and scary) navigating your way around the world with your new little one in tow. When it comes to planning your travel with baby, it is an exciting and challenging time.

Baby proofing your home, getting your baby to sleep better, and looking after your little one when traveling can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. If you spend a little time planning ahead with your little fellow, you too will be able to have an enjoyable holiday as a family.

Where To Travel With 1 Year Old?

Parasailing with a one year old sounds like a crazy thing at first, but we actually only had a great time, despite the few bumps and bruises we encountered. The idea for a trip to the Caribbean happened when we both got a large bonus at the office and the idea was conceived.

Getting your baby to go parasailing is the first step to having a fun time and getting some great photos. We didn’t want to drag our little one to the beach or the pool, as we were more interested in getting her outside of the resort and exploring. Having her sleep in the carrier was a great idea for the flight, as well as for travel to and from the local airport. We explained to her that she would be traveling a long way to a beautiful beach and that she might get a little bumpy.

Before the trip, we invested in a pair of special swimsuits for her and a pair for us, so we could all swim the day we arrived. We planned this just before the trip, as we wanted her first trip to be a fun one. We knew our hotel had a wonderful pool, but we wanted to have a safe place for her to go swimming.

Long before the trip, we had planned her first trip to the beach. We had purchased a special swimsuit for her that included a little inflatable life vest, and we knew the hotel had an awesome beach with a shallow side. This is one of the major advantages of traveling with a one year old. The hotel package we purchased covered a huge amount of our expenses, so we were able to plan accordingly.

The man who rented our cabana took our photo album and scrap book along with several disposable cameras. He framed them as a memento and brought them to us as we made our descent on the parachute. On the beach, we took photos of her with the fish. The sand was a little tricky to navigate with her in her swimsuit, but we made it.

The Best Places To Travel With 1 Year Old

Now that your baby has arrived and you’re ready to resume parts of your old life, like traveling, you might be wondering where are the best places to travel with a baby. We talked to real parents who have been there and came up with this list of best places to travel with a baby around the world.

Traveling with an infant or baby can seem intimidating at first, especially for your first holiday with baby. But it doesn’t have to be…We have no doubts that you’ll find that traveling with a baby will be rewarding wherever you decide to go, as it will be more about the time you have together.

Traveling With A One-Year-Old: What To Expect

You are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime with a new little spitfire. What exciting adventures are in store? What challenges will you face?

Being an experienced parent of an overseas baby, I can tell you that you will face challenges, both practical and emotional. But along the way, you will be rewarded with many unforgettable experiences.

I’m sure that you have already researched your destination, choosing your mode of travel, itinerary and accommodation. But what about the intimate details, like feeding and sleeping habits, bathing and toilet training?


This product was recommended by Talia Klein Perez from Traveling Overseas with Kids

Japan is one of the most family-friendly locations in the world – and we’ve traveled to many. Other than being very accessible to strollers, where most train stations have elevators or, at a minimum, escalators, the Japanese also have other baby-friendly amenities. For example, in most public places you can find toilet stalls with a special seat for the baby so you can go in with the baby. We traveled in Japan for 3 weeks with a 13-month old who just started walking on the trip, and everywhere we went people were giving her gifts: crackers, dolls, figurines. Additionally, they absolutely adore little children and often walk up to strike up a conversation with them. Japan is also known as one of the cleanest and most hygienic countries in the world, so there’s no need to worry about the baby getting sick, and they have a plethora of stores with baby gear for whatever needs you have. Many attractions, malls, and airports also offer free strollers and others have special parking spots for strollers.


This product was recommended by George Hammerton from Hammerton Barbados

Barbados is unique among Caribbean islands because it is incredibly safe, and as such attracts families from around the world and caters to them incredibly well. Top end restaurants will happily bring out a high chair without complaint, the villas and apartments will install a full size crib in advance of your arrival, and groceries can even be put away in the fridge before you arrive so there’s no need to make a desperate dash to the supermarket for milk or breakfast items the day you arrive. At the airport the smiling porters will collect your bags from the plane, putting them into the car, and with swimming pools, beaches, and baby friendly turtle catamaran cruises, the West Coast of Barbados is a gift for parents travelling with a 1 year old.


This product was recommended by Adil Advani from PureVPN

Bali is one of the best places to travel with one year old. With rice paddies, waterfalls, beaches, and great people, Bali certainly has it all. Hotels and resorts are well equipped with baby products; you can also pre-book transfers that have baby car seats in as well.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This product was recommended by Willie Greer from Product Analyst

I am a reasonably experienced traveler but still dreaded bringing along a kid. I did anyway, and it was surprisingly a breeze for parents traveling with their children. The number of places to go to are numerous, and my then toddler certainly enjoyed being in The Blue Planet and the Bakken deer park, even though they might not completely comprehend what is happening at the moment. It is a lovely experience bonding with the little one, regardless. Other things you consider during travels are also great such as transportation and public places. It was not difficult to slow down and let go of strict planning because the destination allows for seamless traveling.


This product was recommended by Balint Horvath from Projectfather

Many Europeans travel to the Teneriffa which is one of the Canary Islands, Spain to enjoy some well-deserved sunshine and some local dishes. The hotel where we stayed is the Bahia Principe Fantasia Tenerife which is a five star resort. Why it’s on the top of my list is that it’s a new hotel built in 2018 and it caters mostly to families. They have many packages available, but their all-inclusive offer is the best as you can dine and drink unlimited. It is an excellent option if you have a family and you just want to get out of the daily routine of going shopping to a supermarket, cooking, washing the dishes. They offer tons of programs for kids and parents both inside and outside the water. They have an amazing waterpark for the kids and pool for adults nearby. Last but not least they’re a short distance away from the beach if you’re ready for the waves.

York Beach, Maine

This product was recommended by Diana Jean from Diana Jean Blog

When the tide goes out for what seems like a mile, our children love to just run around in the small puddles, look for wildlife near the rocks, and just enjoy the fresh salty air. One of the safest places we’ve traveled with our small children, they love to go to the local taffy shop, The Goldenrod, to watch the taffy being made and grab an ice cream. We also love to get shaved ice at Liquid Dreams Surfshop. I loved going to York Beach in the summers and my children get to enjoy it now!

Denver Colorado

This product was recommended by Diana Jean from Diana Jean Blog

One of the best places I still talk about is taking my 1 yr old daughter to the Denver Botanic Gardens. They have a children’s section, where my daughter spent hours just walking around, playing in waterfalls, and laughing so much. With interactive exhibits and learning centers, the Denver Botanic Gardens are a family favorite!

The Rock Ranch

This product was recommended by Adam Pugh from The Rock Ranch

The Rock Ranch is a place of wide-open spaces, moving at a slower pace, and fresh air. Young families are able to move at their own pace and takes breaks for small feet to explore. The Rock Ranch, located at 5020 Barnesville Hwy., The Rock, Ga., is a 1,500-acre ranch created by Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy as a foster home for children. Now, in addition to foster homes, the ranch has evolved into a public destination that serves all families and groups. It hosts festivals, school groups, corporate groups, everyone. Its tag line is “Growing Healthy Families.”


This product was recommended by Loc Nguyen from Xinchao Private Vietnam Tours

Vietnam is a wonderful tropical country. It’s full of spectacular scenes from highlands to delta areas. Your family can have various choices to explore like mountainous destinations, beaches, and deltas with kid-friendly places. Let’s get off the beaten track and feel the rural vibe in Vietnam with fresh air, nice weather, and full of green trees. A country with multicultural characteristics is awaiting you. Despite the fast development, Vietnamese locals are keeping their traditional values pretty well. Wonderful tropical cuisine will never let your family down. Apparently, you will find your tummy is full of tasty food from savory to sweet. It’s pretty easy to travel the length of Vietnam with kids. You can go between all the major cities of the country by plane, bus, train, or passenger car. Vietnamese locals are super friendly and hospitable. Especially, they love chatting with kids as well as show affection to them. If you are in trouble, feel free to ask for help. You will see that people are willing to support without thinking. In Vietnam, breastfeeding in public places is acceptable. Plus, you can easily find kid’s supplies in major cities. You can do a trip on a budget in Vietnam. In Vietnam, all food, accommodation, transportation, activities, and other services are at a lower price point.

The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium

This product was recommended by Margaux Krause from A Momma and her Flock

It’s no surprise that one year olds love animals; our daughter goes “woof” every time she sees a dog. So when we want to treat and entertain our daughter, we think of the zoo with dozens of animals in one place and the option to keep our bumbling tot in a stroller. Our family’s top pick of the Toledo Zoo is also consistently among the Top 10 Zoos in the U.S. on sites like Trip Advisor. Even better for parents, the Toledo Zoo touts family-friendly accommodations like wagon and stroller rentals, and kids under 2 years old get free admission.


This product was recommended by Mia Clarke from Invert Pro

I highly recommended London, England as a great place to travel with a 1 year old. There is simply so much to see and do for every member of the family. There are free museums (British Museum, Science Museum), toddlers groups at Kensington Palace, the Princess Diana Memorial Playground (complete with pirate ship and teepees to play in!), the London Zoo, and so much more. While most people would wait and take an older child, London offers even young toddlers incredible adventures in an amazing environment!

Brainerd Lakes Area, Minnesota

This product was recommended by Rachel Kamath from Small World Spanish

Located just over two hours north of the Twin Cities Metro, the Brainerd Lakes Area offers endless entertainment options for the entire family. The area is teeming with pristine lakes and family-friendly resorts that make traveling with babies much more comfortable than a hotel. Visit Downtown Nisswa for some books and toys at Turtle Town Books & Gifts and some classic candy and ice cream at The Chocolate Ox. Then cross the street and step back in time at Pioneer Village. Enjoy nature and see wild animals of all kinds at Safari North Wildlife Park, then end your day with an evening cruise on beautiful Gull Lake. Older kids will also love go-karting and mini golfing at Pirate’s Cove or experiencing the rides at Paul Bunyan Land. You can’t beat the Brainerd Lakes Area for a fun and memorable trip for even the youngest members of your family.

Jellystone Park

This product was recommended by Kristin Eftoski from krissyballs

Excellent place to take family, including younger children. Speaking from personal experience as the mother of a 2 year old and a 7 year old there are only so many places that parents will enjoy as much as children. Camping can be daunting. It is a typical campground, but they also have the options for cabins (if you aren’t into the whole “pitching of a tent thing, and even RVs. Completely pet friendly, there are PLENTY of amenities depending on the location including multiple playgrounds, a beach, arts and crafts, waterslides, mini golf and so much more.

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