Travel To These Awesome Places With Your Parents

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If you’re planning a trip in the near future, don’t knock the idea of recruiting a new set of traveling companions: the people who raised you. Traveling with your mother and father as an adult provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with them or — if you’re the one footing the costs — a memorable way of saying “thank you” for all those years that they supported you.

Plus, traveling with parents allows you to experience the world at a more leisurely pace. And if you take your kids, you’ll be able to secure free babysitting, while enjoying the incredible experience of multi-generational travel.

What It Means To Travel With Parents?

Traveling with your parents opens new doors for communication and bonding. Whether you’re in a new place for the first time, or acquainting yourself with a favorite spot, you have the perfect opportunity to ask questions or plan different activities based on what you and your parents would like to do. If you all understand one another’s interests, countries become more of a jumping off point.

You’ll also have plenty of time to catch up with your parents while traveling. Since you’re busy, you might only manage a quick call every few weeks, but you can elucidate on your day-to-day while you explore the great outdoors. And you don’t have to circumvent that talk about the elephant in the room. If your parents are coming to visit, you can talk with them about their health while you’re both in a safe environment. They’ll probably appreciate being able to get their medications and health worries out of the way, and you’ll have a better idea of what to watch out for as you travel together.

Are You Gonna Travel With Parents?

Before you begin your trip, it’s helpful to look at what all is in store, and to have an idea of what you want to do. Also, decide ahead of time what you’ll be expected to pay — for room and board, meals, and travel — and what kind of activities you may want to participate in. Here are some considerations that you may have to make before taking off:

• Will you or your parents have different needs? If one of you requires a higher level of care, for example, you may have to organize a set schedule of activities to match your parent’s physical limitations.

• Will your parents understand the environment in the country you’re visiting? If you’re going on a rafting trip, will they feel comfortable in that environment?

• Will your mom and dad be worried about you if you’re not in the same place when you’re doing different things?

• Will you need a baby sitter for your children?

• How will your kids get along with your parents? Or vice versa?

• You’ll want to negotiate the cost of all your outings in advance. Be sure that everyone understands what’s expected, and that you all agree.

Next, ask yourself what you want to get out of your traveling time. If you’d like a relaxing vacation, you can look for a soothing destination, like a beach resort. If you’d like to get a bit of exercise or step outside your comfort zone, a little research into the types of activities available in the area can point the way to your perfect trip.

What Happens On Travel With Parents?

If you’re the one organizing the trip, you can take advantage of the opportunity to show your parents a different side of the world. Just be sure to make the trip enjoyable for everyone. And don’t feel a need to keep up the parental-kid dynamic. It’s fine to take in the world from an adult perspective, while on budget and schedules.

If you’re the one getting the free vacation, ask the trip organizers (if there are any) for some ideas. Or you can devise your own agenda, organizing activities in advance. Keep those activities that appeal to everyone, and drop those that don’t. If you’re traveling with your in-laws, be sure to have a special time with them alone.

What To Avoid?

If you’re traveling with your parents, you can run into a few snags. Familiarize yourself with some of the potential pitfalls, so you’ll be prepared to avoid anything that might put a damper on your trip.

• Parents can be hard to say no to. Before you go away, you may have to say no to pressure from your parents. If your parent’s health is failing, for instance, you may need to decline some suggestions or visits to far-flung destinations.

• The parent-child dynamic can change when one is abroad. Traveling with your parents when they are paying for the trip can lead to a feeling of obligation on the part of the “parent”. Parental visits to college can also lead to relationship stress.

• If you’re used to being the one in charge, traveling with your parents can be a true trial. If you don’t share your parent’s interests or the same activities, mom or dad may be able to dominate the itinerary.

• Sometimes you just want to let loose and be a kid again, maybe forgetting about all the responsibilities of adulthood. However, parents who have been responsible for all of your decisions for much of your life, may find it hard to turn over control. Often they will worry about your safety, even when you’re an adult in late 20s and 30s.


Oahu, Hawaii

This product was recommended by Mary Ware from The Mom Friend

Oahu is the perfect island for exploring with parents and family of all ages. The endless activities are geared towards all generations and interests, from hiking and scuba diving to sunset cruises and cultural performances, it is easy to find something everyone would enjoy. If the grandkids are coming along, a stay at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Ko’Olina is the perfect place to make family memories. The villa accommodations and on-site activities are ideal for spending time together in a relaxing environment. Grandparents can watch the kids enjoy meeting characters, take a float down the lazy river, or play in the sand, all just steps away from their room.

Los Cabos, Mexico

This product was recommended by R Mintz

Blue Desert Cabo is quickly becoming an elite bucket list destination in Mexico, boasting a collection of opulent villas and rental properties. The boutique rental and real estate firm has developed a refreshingly different approach to luxury travel, distinguishing itself by curating bespoke itineraries for their guests with a bevy of once-in-a-lifetime services and amenities. Traveling with parents can be a hassle, but with the help of the Blue Desert Cabo Concierge team, there is no need for anyone to fuss. Whether you’re looking for a quiet weekend getaway or a jam-packed week of adventure, our Blue Desert Concierge team can curate customized itineraries allowing you to experience everything that makes our Blue Desert villas the ultimate Los Cabos destination. Feed your fanta-sea with a bespoke foodie tour featuring private mezcal tastings and cooking classes. Or rest, relax and recharge with a wellness retreat inclusive of beachside yoga and guided meditations. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. We will take the stress out of planning so you can simply enjoy. Enjoy your home away from home with private villas perched on the Baja California peninsula, each looking out over the Sea of Cortez. Many of the villas feature infinity pools, outdoor bars, patios, firepits, oceanfront views and private, beachside entrances. With the exclusivity of these stunning villas, there is no need to worry about noise, germs or privacy because when it comes to traveling with parents, convenience is key.

Playa Herradura, Costa Rica

This product was recommended by Andrew Nelson from Pump Advisor

Playa Herradura — a coastal town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica — is best known for its well-preserved black sand beaches, turquoise water and lush rainforests. There are plenty of opportunities here to treat your parents to luxuries, such as the all-you-can-eat seafood buffets or fruity cocktails served poolside.


This product was recommended by Christian Petzold from AvidVoyagers

This is one of the great travel destinations with parents. The mountainous terrain with the roaring Pacific ocean in the distance and centuries-old redwoods up close make simple activities like a walk on the beach and wine tasting are one of the parents will surely enjoy and makes them relax.


This product was recommended by Christian Petzold from AvidVoyagers

The largest city in Massachusetts because of its boasting bustling city life and rich history. It is beautiful, walkable, and is thriving with arts, culture, and theater that most of the parents appreciate.


This product was recommended by Christian Petzold from AvidVoyagers

The city that buzzes with energy. It’s home to beautiful beaches, exciting entertainment, and is known for its architecture and its art, which has been enriched and made lively over the years by the creations of master craftsmen like Antoni Gaudi, Museu Picasso, Joan Miro, etc.

Garden Route, South Africa

This product was recommended by Mareike Long from Giltedge Africa

The Garden Route in South Africa is perfect for a holiday destination for you and your parents. It’s malaria-free, so you don’t have to worry about taking antimalarial medication. The Garden Route is perfect for slow self-drives. It’s filled with sandy beaches, hardwood forests, made-for-paddling lagoons, and a wild coastline where dolphins surf warm, foamy waves. In short, imagine your ultimate holiday checklist and this sunny stretch of southern Cape coastline ticks all the right boxes.

Napa Valley, California

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Napa Valley is home to nearly 1,000 wineries, which you can explore by tour bus, train, or even a private chartered limousine if you’re looking to drink in style.


This product was recommended by Oddur from Melrakki Adventures

It’s a place that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. A perfect place to strengthen the bonds in families. It’s located at the foot of Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull. A lot of stunning hiking trails available in the area in all difficulty levels. Guided glacier tours suitable for people of most ages. Flightseeing tours around the area and boat tours on the nearby Jökulsárlón all available in the area.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This product was recommended by Michael Fisher from TripShock

A great destination for parents is New Orleans, LA. No matter what interests your parents may have, New Orleans has it. History, food, drinks, entertainment, and the supernatural. Head to Frenchman Street for world-class music, Plantation Country for history and ancient swamplands, or even hop on a genuine steamboat for a creole meal on the Mississippi River. One of the great things about New Orleans is the variety of things-to-do without having to travel far. Many tours, attractions, and landmarks are located walking distance from the French Quarter. This includes the riverboats, Harrah’s Casino, Bourbon Street, and the St. Louis Cathedral. The French Quarter is centrally located and offers a round-the-clock agenda including gambling at Harrah’s, drinks at legendary pubs like Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, and coffee and chicory with fresh beignets at Cafe Du Monde. A selection of hop on hop off bus tours transport travelers to the top destinations in town for an affordable price, and even include add-ons like self-guided tours and shopping discounts.

Sedona, Arizona

This product was recommended by Rachel Van Hofwegen from LuCorp Marketing, LLC

For those seeking profound natural beauty, a vibrant cultural scene and a balance of adventure and serenity, the small city of Sedona, Arizona may offer the ideal destination. Located two hours north of Phoenix at an elevation of 4,500 feet, Sedona enjoys warm, sunny days and refreshing nights during the summer, as well as fewer crowds than may be found at other times of the year. From thrilling jeep tours that explore the rugged landscape to uniquely Southwestern boutique inns, several small, local businesses have joined forces to welcome families (including pets!) to Sedona this summer and highlight the area’s multitude of activities for visitors of all ages.

Tawang: Arunachal Pradesh, India

This product was recommended by Sneha Mishra from SkateboardSeek

Located in Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang Monastery is the Home to the largest monastery in India. The serene magnificence of the waterfalls, rivers, widespread greenery all formulate a nature lover’s paradise and the winter snow makes it absolutely picture-perfect. The spiritual impact that this place has on people is an experience you and your parents will love cherishing for time immemorial.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

This product was recommended by Shalyn Vukich from Sightseeing Señorita

Right in the heart of the beautiful Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg is a traveler’s dream. It has something for everyone from horseback riding, zip lining, white water rafting, and hiking to Right in the heart of the beautiful Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg is a traveler’s dream. It has something for everyone from horseback riding, zip-lining, white water rafting, and hiking to more relaxed activities like aquariums, moonshine distilleries, wine, and beer tasting, and lots of museums. It’s also just 20 minutes from Dollywood! To discover more fun itineraries, here are the things to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon forge.

The Vatican City

This product was recommended by Jeremy Harrison from Hustle Life

Travelling with my parents should be a very memorable experience. This is one of the times that I get to repay my parents for all the wonderful things they have done for me. International travel should be the target after this pandemic has ended and nothing too rugged as my parents are getting old. So if your parents are like mine, then I suggest the Vatican City. The history of this place is remarkable primarily for us Catholics. It’s the smallest country in the world and is the only one in another country. St. Basilica sits atop a city of the dead. It’s also quite interesting to see and know more about the many secret passageways in the city.


This product was recommended by Andrew Selepak from Aselepak

I may be biased because my mom was born in Northern Ireland and I have Irish citizenship through her, but I have been to Ireland four times; three of those times were with my parents, and once was part of a study abroad group at the University of Florida. The Irish are known for being friendly and welcoming. If you are in a new city anywhere in the world, the best place to go is to find the local Irish pub, only when you go to Ireland – they are all Irish pubs. While the roads may take some time getting used to, as well as driving on the opposite side of the road, the Irish are some of the most friendly people in the world, the country is full of history, beautiful scenery, and there isn’t a language barrier – most of the time. A


This product was recommended by Aleksandra Arsic from CapitalCounselor

I would highly recommend visiting Prague with parents, as this city easily caters for several generations. We decided to go to Prague because it has a well-functioning transportation system, including metro, tram, and buses. What’s more, seniors (over 60) get a discount for public transportation. All they need to do is to show their passport. Furthermore, the city center is not hilly, which is completely suitable for older adults who have problems walking and climbing. However, most of the old city is covered in cobblestone, which can be an obstacle for some. Those with a passion for history, this city has well-preserved medieval castles, but it’s rich in gothic culture as well. Prague is not famous for clubbing, but it has quite lovely pubs with cheap and quality beer that can be consumed both with parents or after they’re safely tucked into bed.

Plymouth County Massachusetts

This product was recommended by Paula Fisher from See Plymouth

Plymouth and Plymouth County Massachusetts are scenic, offering a diverse choice of things to do and a great hub for day tripping to other iconic spots like Boston MA and Cape Cod. For the outdoor family there is whale watching and deep sea fishing, salt water beaches and fresh water ponds, historic walking tours, both day & evening, hiking in State Forests and strolls through the historic streets and lanes of trod for over 400 years by Native Americans, Pilgrims and their ancestors, 60,000 residents and the over 1 million visitors who come each year.. Speaking of history, Plymouth is the home of the Pilgrim and Wampanoag story. It was here, 400 years ago that the Mayflower landed with 102 passengers. Their stories continue at places like the living history museum, Plimoth Plantation and America’s oldest continuously operated public museum Pilgrim Hall, home to Mayflower & Pilgrim artifacts, Victorian period art images of the Pilgrims and a piece of Plymouth Rock. Every American should see Plymouth Rock, not for it’s size or its beauty but for its iconic symbolism and quest for freedom. Adult children and their parents will enjoy the luxury of the Mirbeau Inn & Spa Plymouth in Plymouth’s Pinehills. Or perhaps a stay at Pilgrim Sands Hotel on Long Beach, Plymouth’s only lodging with Cape Cod Bay and ocean swimming just steps from your room. With 6 Plymouth Partner hotels to choose from you will find a familiar flags like Best Western, Hampton Inn & Suites and Hilton Garden Inn or privately-owned property like Hotel 1620 on Plymouth Harbor right on the bustling waterfront. Perhaps one of the best reasons to visit Plymouth is just that it’s lovely. Long Beach is 3 miles in length and a wonderful way to spend a few hours strolling all the way to the lighthouse. Main Street is loaded with shops, dining of all ethnicities and types, antique stores and boutiques. The walk from Jenney Pond along Town Brook to the waterfront can take as long as you like. I can assure you that picture taking along the way will add time to the journey as you make your way to Plymouth Rock, resting on the sands of Plymouth Harbor where it was in 1620 when many believe it was used as a stepping stone for the Pilgrims and their beginnings in the New World. Families of all ages find America’s Hometown and Plymouth County a treat and a great place to spend quality time with their loved ones. We’ve been welcoming visitors for 400 years.

Hotel Ketchum

This product was recommended by Heather Newgen from Segal Communications

The area is known for its premier ski resorts, A-list celebrity clientele and glamorous, yet rural flair. A getaway to Hotel Ketchum is ideal for adventurous thrill seekers to outdoor enthusiasts to those in search of a relaxing vacation with beautiful backdrops and bright starry skies. Hotel Ketchum offers something for everyone and every type of traveler including your parents, grandparents, teens, families, solo globetrotters and even your four-legged besties–pets are always welcomed. It’s the perfect destination.

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