Travel For Under $500 in 2020

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Looking to travel but on a budget? No problem. Here are our top 10 destinations for those looking to discover somewhere new with $500 to spend, it will get you further than you think! 


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My go to budget destination has always been Asia, in particular Taiwan. The food scene there is amazing and full of rich history. Cheap and tasty eats are everywhere and not difficult to locate. If you prefer the road less trodden, you may even hire a local guide for less than 20 dollars a day to drive you around. The only thing is they don’t speak much English but they more than make it up with their generous hospitality!


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Phoenix is one of the most affordable places in the list. Along with that, it is unrealistically beautiful with warm temperature, desert-like scenery, and full of work opportunities. Seattle is a full fledges tech city in the Pacific Northwest. The cost of living is comparatively high but fast internet speed, delicious coffee, and cozy weather is a dream destination for a long break.Wales, the United Kingdom is a pollution-free relief that fills your contentment and fresh air. Apart from that, it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and Barafundle Bay’s fields, colorful architecture lining the waters in Tenby. Some of the local places that are perfect for a long stay are given below. Portland has the best thing, unique culture, and Wi-Fi. Traveling is easily accessible; the food is delicious and there is free Wi-Fi available in local cafés. Other places include Montana, Redding California, Belgium, New York, New Delhi India, Kuala Lumpur Nepal, and many more.


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Sail Croatia. When I first booked my trip to Croatia, I expected to have a typical beach holiday of relaxing on the beach and doing absolutely nothing. I didn’t realize how much history Croatia has to offer. By doing the sail Croatia trip, you get to experience most of Croatia’s coastal towns within a short space of time. You will move to your next location while you sleep, eat breakfast on the boat, dock for a swim and then experience Croatia’s history and culture in the evening. It was the most relaxing and enjoyable holiday I have ever had.

Hunza Valley

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In Pakistan, Hunza Valley is called a piece of heaven on earth that you can easily visit under $500 because of the significant currency gap. In Hunza, you’ll find the eye capturing sceneries of nature with plateaus full of colorful flowers, streams, and mountains.

Charleston, South Carolina

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If you’re looking for a cheap holiday spot full of history, lovely architecture, and stunning beaches, Charleston, SC is the place for you. It’s a foodie haven for all meals, but I always recommend a Sunday morning brunch complete with bottomless mimosas. Staying in Charleston is surprisingly reasonable as well, with the NotSo Hostel prices starting at $30 per night per person. Most of Charleston is accessible on foot, helping you save on gas. For an affordable and lovely vacation, Charleston is definitely the place to visit.

El Salvador

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A country that has so much to offer for different kind of travelers, you can hike a volcano, enjoy a day on the beach or go take a look at the ancient Mayan ruins. it’s a small country so it’s very easy to discover in a short time, also budget friendly, you can get a meal for around 6$, you can stay in a hostel for a week for less than 100$.


This product was recommended by Adrienne Carrie Hubbard from Hubbard Family Travels

You get to enjoy the amazing shores of the Caribbean with multiple beach options, as well as enjoy the downtown city. Many resorts there offer great all inclusive deals and offer amazing facilities for different ages.


This product was recommended by Adrienne Carrie Hubbard from Hubbard Family Travels

Lately has became a travel hotspot because of the variety of activities you can do and the kindness of the people there. It really offers everything mountains, jungles, culture and amazing beaches. the cost of living there is so cheap! it costs around 800$ to live there for a month, that includes rent, utilities, food..etc. So, you can definitely arrange a proper vacation there for less than 500$.


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When I first visited kyoto’s most famous location as a teenager, the Golden Pavilion, I felt like I had stepped into a dream. I could barely fathom how human beings could create such a magical world. It was like I had stepped into a separate pocket of space-time miraculously filled with sculpted moss, leafy canopies and the reflection of a temple of gold shimmering in a forested lake. Kyoto is a wonderous one-of-a-kind place in the world. It is the ancient capital of Japan and is the birthplace of many things that the world considers to be quintessentially Japanese – Haiku, Tea Ceremony, Kimono, even Nintendo. There are so many cultural sites in the city that it is said that, due to its significance, it was the one place that was not bombed during WWII. I lived there for three years, as a student and a fairly committed tourist, and still felt that there was a lot I didn’t get to see. When people ask me where they should visit in the city, I say “find any of the hundreds of well known historic sites and temples, then start walking in any direction into the forests and mountains that will be surrounding it. Whichever way you go, you will find other, lesser known, “secret” places that are little enclaves. Often these places are as magical as a Golden Pavillion surrounded by a forested lake.


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Flight to Cancun is one of the cheapest flights, and one of the places that you can have fun and spend a nice vacation there. Moreover, it is suitable for any kind of vacation, whether you plan to travel alone, with your friends or with your own family.

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