Portugal is quickly becoming a (literally) hot destination for many travellers. To uncover the best-kept secrets, you will have to have a read of these insightful travelbooks we recommend below:

#1 Rick Steves Portugal

The Rick Steves Portugal travel product recommended by Adrienne Clement on Lifney.

Rick Steves Portugal has a wide selection of recommended companies for various excursions, walking tours, and boat trips. It can be difficult to narrow down which tour provider to use because there are so many companies offering similar services. Following the recommendations in Rick Steves Portugal, you’re sure to end up with a winner!

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#2 Lonely Planet Pocket Lisbon 4th Ed.: 4th Edition

The Lonely Planet Pocket Lisbon 4th Ed.: 4th Edition travel product recommended by Samantha Merz on Lifney.

I am suggesting this book because it is full of great content and it is light enough to take with you on the trip. I think it is a great guide to help travelers plan out their schedules. It is well organized because all of the relevant information is categorized by neighbourhoods.

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#3 Spiritual and Walking Guide by Stacey Wittig

The Spiritual and Walking Guide by Stacey Wittig travel product recommended by Ceppie Merry on Lifney.

This simple Kindle book provides maps, travel tips & daily scripture readings for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

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