Travel As A Student To These Best Destinations

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Travel is the best form of procrastination and as a student, with those long holidays full of faraway deadlines, it’s almost inevitable you’re going to want to get away. Flights are cheaper than ever before, so there’s no excuse whatever your budget. Whatever our preference, here are some of the best places to spend your student breaks.

Traveling As A Student?

Expensive is the key word here, but these holidays are the ideal place for students to enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

Gather some friends and have a right old knees up. Barcelona was described by Charles Ives as a ‘great gay city’, a lyrical phrase which appears to have been replicated in the city’s annual festival of music and culture, held from July to September. It’s so great it’s been going for 31 years, and has become the city’s key public event.

The ‘Mad March’ is of course the main cause for festival excitement; a fortnight of crazy celebrations through which the locals work hard to have as much fun as possible. This is a music, dance and cultural extravaganza which takes place in the city streets and squares. The atmosphere is amazing and it never fails to live up to its reputation as one of the most enjoyable weeks of the year.

This is a city of opportunity for all. The beat has moved on considerably from the night-time madness of the nineties – people have come here for the sun, the lifestyle, the nightlife, the culture, the food and for the fun, and although it can be expensive to party here, the night-cruising boats on the River Thames are an essential ingredient in Barcelona’s nightlife.

What Is It Like To Travel As A Student?


The island state of Singapore is one of the most fascinating destinations for students. Although it’s a small island, the beauty, culture and variety of activities are breathtaking. Singapore offers many things to do for students of all ages.

The country is home to 22 museums, including two national museums. The Singapore Art Museum, for example, hosts an impressive collection of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Southeast Asian works of art. While the Asian Civilizations Museum provides the same feature for almost 50 different countries.

This is also the home of 18 open-air venues, including the delightful Singapore Botanic Gardens, which assists to make the city a genuinely green town. Other popular sites include the Art Gallary and the Singapore Zoological Gardens.

What’s The Culture Like In This Part Of The World?

Singapore’s residents and visitors enjoy an incredible array of events and activities. There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a trip, but staff and students are more than happy to help make the process easier. In fact, they’ll be more than happy to have you here.

Packing Tips For Students Travel?

You might be checking in for your next overseas trip, or you might be heading out for a long weekend. Whether you’re practically-minded or not, you’re probably keen to get a few bits and pieces together to ensure your journey is comfortable.

Help is at hand – here at Cruise1 we’ve put together a few simple packing tips for students looking to travel, whether it’s by plane, train or boat.

1.Put it on the scale

It’s tempting to just throw things in a bag at the last minute and walk out of the door, but make sure you check the weight of your bag before heading to the airport. Many airlines have strict limits on the weight of hand luggage, so it’s worth checking on your preferred airline before setting off. On some short-hop flights, excess weight can see you stuck with a penalty fee.

2.Plan ahead

There is nothing worse than getting to an airport, checking into your flight, and then realising you’ve forgotten something of vital importance. It’s much better to assume you’ll forget something, and then double check your list and essentials while you are still at home – then you can’t forget anything, and you’ll know you haven’t.

3. Pack With Care

Don’t go pulling random items out of your wardrobe for your holiday. Instead, plan your wardrobe in advance, so that you aren’t stuffing your bag with items that you don’t need, but can’t bear to leave behind. If you have a few nights’ accommodation booked for your trip already, plan your wardrobe around the weather you’ll expect when you’re there.

4. Pack a small bag

There are plenty of airlines out there that don’t include a suitcase into your hand luggage allowance. If that’s the case, you can use an extra small bag to carry essentials and smaller items. Ideally, your bag should be able to fit under the seat in front of you, so you have plenty of leg room during your flight.

5. Double check

Check your list. Check your bag for the things you’ve packed. And check your bag. Again. And again. Until you are certain that you won’t need to go back in. This is the time to go over every item in your bag, to double check you haven’t forgotten anything important, or to make sure you aren’t carrying anything you don’t want to.

6.Pack the smartest

Even for a trip that’s just a couple of days in, look smart when you pack. Make sure you have smart clothes that you can wear for work. It might not be for an actual work day, but it doesn’t hurt to look smart for travel. Choose a few pairs of smart shoes too. You don’t have to wear a suit, but even smart jeans and a nice shirt will help the impression you make.

7 Take a guidebook

Make sure you take a guidebook for the place you are headed – you might be on a short trip to a specific destination, but you’ll still want to enjoy it as much as possible, and a guidebook or two will help.

8. Know about the place your heading

Planning your trip means you’ll still get a great experience out of it, but if you’ve booked accommodation, you things to do and other travel extras, you’ll feel less worried about your visit, and will get more out of it.

Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

This product was recommended by James from Unikrn

Easily the most diverse, welcoming and cultural location in the United Kingdom, Brighton has carved out a reputation for being one of the hubs for student life. Not only does Brighton contain two of the country’s best universities, but it is also the home of numerous schools and institutions set up entirely for foreign students. Famous for its progressive beliefs and vibrancy, there are so many bars, restaurants, theatres and museums for students to enjoy during their trips too!


This product was recommended by Connor Mollison from Connor Mollison Photography

Although I’m biased, Edinburgh is one of the best all-round travel destinations for students. Being the capital city of Scotland, you are never short of things going on. At the same time, there are easy-to-reach places for when you want to escape the busier parts of town. I truly believe Edinburgh has a place for you no matter what kind of travel motives you have, whether that’s for an active nightlife scene or a quieter cultural experience. So much so, that standing on Princes St, the very center of town, you have pubs and restaurants on one side of you and a castle on a volcanic rock on the other side. Plus, if you want to escape the city entirely, you’re no more than a couple of hours away from the edge of the Highlands, which is a magical experience all on its own.

Tofo Beach, Mozambique

This product was recommended by Nushy Rose from Parlia

Mozambique has yet to be ruined by tourism and the resort-culture. And Tofo – in the south of the country – typifies its idyll. The scenic beach town has enough activities going on for adventure – everything from windsurfing to scuba diving untouched reefs and quad biking through forested mountains – and relaxation. As tourism has yet to take control of the country, prices are low – so it’s perfect for any budget. And with lush vegetation, hot sun and gorgeous beaches, Tofo is the place to be.


This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

Ecuador is a nice place where any student can travel in a budget. It is also full of beautiful places such as, Quito, The Amazon, Galapagos Island and many more. Very interesting place to visit at least once in a life by which you can explore the real beauty of the world.

Las Terranas, Dominican Republic

This product was recommended by Austin Tuwiner from ScubaOtter

I have been scuba diving since I was 16 and have traveled to over 25 countries. I do the majority of my travel around scuba diving, so I’ve been to some amazing beaches. If you’re looking for a beautiful, safe, fun place to go as a student, you have to explore Las Terranas, Dominican Republic. Located on the DR’s North shore, it is one of the most picturesque, pristine beaches in the Caribbean Sea. From its gorgeous azure blue water, soft white sand, and tall, perfect palm trees, to perfect surfing waves, delicious food, and amazing snorkeling, it’s no wonder so many people go to Las Terranas each year. Its solid expat population ensures it has the best of Caribbean island feel mixed with the luxuries of many first world amenities. It’s truly a gem, and a very quick and easy flight from the US.


This product was recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics

If you want to truly see another culture, then Cuba is your answer. It has a combination of European, African, and Asian cuisine and religion. The local families will welcome you into their homes there. It’s best to stay at a private B&B where the locals will enjoy cooking for you and talking about the history of Cuba. The city, Havana, is a great option if you want a combination of nightlife and beaches with your budget in mind.


This product was recommended by Marina Avramovic from CannabisOffers

Nepal is one of the best places to visit as a student. Located in South Asia, in the Himalaya mountains, Nepal’s distinct culture, gentle people, and stunning nature will become your favorite. The country is one of the cheapest travel destinations, which makes it a super popular place to visit among students. Its capital Kathmandu is a city known for its beauty, Buddhist monasteries, and colorful life filling its streets. Assuming that the travel will take place post-Corona, you’ll be able to find tickets below $500. Getting to know other cultures, especially ones that are so different from Western culture, is an excellent experience for impressionable young people. Nepal will offer a new view of the world, which is priceless for people of all ages, especially students!


This product was recommended by Izabela Todorova from Heartifb

If you ever loved reading fairy tales when you were little, you can experience them in real life in this little village that is situated approximately two hours away from Amsterdam. It has no streets, just canals, and the only way to move around the little houses and neighborhoods is by boat.


This product was recommended by Izabela Todorova from Heartifb

This is the name of the most beautiful spring gardens I’ve ever been to, open just a couple of months a year. You can get lost for days in the colorful flowery fields filled with Dutch tulips, and you will never get enough of the aromas in the air.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This product was recommended by Ljubica Cvetkovska from DealsOnCannabis

Sarajevo, capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in a valley and surrounded by Dinaric Alps, which makes it a very unique place to go. Apart from its attractive locations, Sarajevo is known to be a clash of many different cultures which earned it a nickname “Jerusalem of Europe”. It is a vibrant place with lots of authentic restaurants, stores and museums. Moreover, Sarajevo is quite cheap and Bosnians are known for their hospitality and you’ll easily meet locals and have fun together.


This product was recommended by Elyse Y. Robinson from Elyse Y. Robinson

Mexico is THE travel destination for students. If you want numerous activities, great night life, amazing food, budget friendly, and the most wonderful people, then you must take a trip soon. Mexico has diverse landscapes with mountains, beaches, desert, and forests. You can go skydiving, bird watching, surfing, hiking, and anything else that comes to mind in this beautiful location.


This product was recommended by ElissaBeth from Traveling Jewish

Israel has a wonderful nightlife, great food culture, and lots of things to see and do so no matter your interest. It has everything from ancient, religious, and historical sites to beautiful beaches and incredible hiking trails. Best of all, it is a very affordable and budget friendly country making it perfect for students.

South Africa

This product was recommended by Shaun Taylor from Moriti Safaris

South Africa is an awesome place to travel as a student. There is so much to see and do and if you are coming from the US or Europe, your money can go a very long way. There are also a lot of student jobs and people can travel through the country working at farms, game reserves and small businesses in and around the cities. We have so many different cultures and 11 official languages which makes the country such a vibrant and energetic place to learn about culture and how to enjoy what Nelson Mandela called, “the rainbow nation”.


This product was recommended by Mia Clarke from Invert Pro

One of the best places to travel as a student is London, England! For Americans, it’s a natural, but foreign destination. With expansive museums, shops, delicious restaurants, and more, London can not only educate the mind but the senses as well. There are plenty of hostels and hotels to choose from, and the rolling and beautiful country is only a short train ride away.


This product was recommended by Shaima Ahmed from Meshama

It provides job opportunities for students 20 hours per week in many areas, as Australia has a large group of industries and many part-time work opportunities, the most important of which is retail, such as large stores and clothing stores that need employees. In addition to cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and rest houses, as well as agriculture, fruit harvesting, telemarketing, administration, clerical jobs, and private teaching. The costs of studying in Australian institutes range from approximately 5000-9000 Australian dollars in one academic year. About the first university degree, the costs of the academic year in the literary field range between 14000-18000 Australian dollars. As for the scientific field, it ranges between 16000-22000 Australian dollars in the academic year. One for postgraduate studies – masters and doctoral degrees – the cost of the academic year ranges between A $ 18000-24000 per academic year and the costs of studying the English language vary according to the length of study and the educational institution and ranges between A $ 300-430 a week. Housing: The weekly fee ranges between $ 200-450 per week and varies according to the location from inside the cities to outside, and housing with Australian families or private housing. Regarding personal expenses, it ranges between $ 150-250 per week, including transportation and entertainment. The most famous universities in Australia are: University of Sydney University of Melbourne Australian National University

Madrid, Spain

This product was recommended by Werner Jorgensen from Heatxperts

It’s the best place to entertain yourself as you will be partying here all day, especially before the sunrise. The Spanish capital is famous clubs, pubs, and wild bars where you can entertain yourself as much as you want. This area is home to its good musical taste. You’ll find here the best food to eat, especially the churros alongside chocolate for your breakfast; also, the pastry of fried dough is mouthwatering and delicious enough to soak up the hangover.


This product was recommended by Werner Jorgensen from Heatxperts

This place is the best place to visit as a student. It is famous for beach parties, and fancy sailing. If you are really looking for such parties, then your search is over as Croatian archipelago islands are best to relax your mind. Here you enjoy cycling because of the peaceful routes with marvelous views. The famous place of Croatia is Trendy Hvar Island, which is covered with clubs and bars. Brace gives a traditional look with olive groves and finishing villages.


This product was recommended by Werner Jorgensen from Heatxperts

It is a fantastic place to visit as it’s not only good to see the beaches but to visit the deserts too. The Sahara desert makes up most of this country and is a suitable place for star-gazing and camel riding. A visit to the Atlas Mountains in this country is something students definitely don’t want to miss for their best adventurous experience as the mountain passes and peaks are something worth seeing.

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