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Travel alone in Europe – A Location for Every Solo Traveler

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Find the the next place where you should travel alone in Europe from this collated list. All of the following locations have been recommended for solo travelers, so your next trip is at your fingertips!

Nuremberg, Germany

This location was recommended by Gytis Skuncikas from WeTravel

Especially in the autumn, Nuremberg will captivate with the brownish pallet everywhere you look. Its main historical heritage is located in the city center, which is surrounded by a huge defensive wall, so just free your hands from the phone – you won’t get lost. Surfing the old town using different bridges across the Pegniz river might bring you nostalgic and refreshing feels on a solo travel, but if you prefer to convert nostalgia to the real, historical experience then Imperial Castle of Nuremberg with its water Supply Conduit Tunnels, World War II bunker, and Abandoned Nazi Coliseum are a must-visit sites.

When traveling alone, I always try to commit one day for the museums – it is easier to delve deeper into the topic while being on your own, concentrate and take the time you need. I found two really interesting museums in Nuremberg that shares the same building – Museum of Communication and Transport Museum – one of the oldest technical museum in Europe. This restful city has many other places to offer for solo travelers, so take your jacket and have a jaunt!

Wengen, Switzerland

This location was recommended by Rameez Usmani from PureVpn

Wengen, Switzerland is one of the picturesque villages in the world that got me to feel like heaven on earth. When you try to picture what the Swiss Alps look like you may have in mind: no cars, green meadows, mountains all around and forest surrounding the village. The car-free village is perfect for hikers, vacationers and for anyone seeking peace and quiet in the Alps.

Wengen is located high enough to get plenty of snow in winter, so there are several options for snowboarding, skiing, tobogganing, and other snowing activities. Wengen is pretty touristy like most popular villages that have all facilities including basic shops, hotels, and transportation systems, which is the only way to get there, so it is easy to experience the Jungfrau region without hassle. At the same time, there are large shopping centers and fast food places with no traffic at all.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This location was recommended by Kelly Duhigg from Girl with the Passport

One of the best places to travel alone in Europe is Copenhagen, Denmark. Not only is this picturesque, seaside capital an incredibly safe place for solo travelers, but there are a ton of amazing things to do here too.

That’s why, you’ll never really have time to feel lonely since you’ll be too busy experiencing the awe inspiring history of the National Museet, riding the carousel at Tivoli Gardens, admiring the scenic views around Louisiana, and sampling some of the iconic, Danish cuisine at Torvehallerne KBH. However, if you do find yourself in need of a bit of company, then head over to the wonderfully weird, totally alternative neighborhood of Christiania, where friendly residents will be only too happy to chat with you all about their alternative way of life.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

This location was recommended by Connor Mollison from Connor Mollison Photography

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s a bit more off the grid with other-worldly views, look no further than the Isle of Skye, off the west coast of Scotland. Despite the island only being 50 miles in length, there’s plenty to explore for a 3-4 day visit. From stunning beaches to monstrous mountains, one of Skye’s main attractions is the Old Man of Storr – a large pinnacle of rock which stands out for miles and has been the backdrop to famous films such as Prometheus. For solo travellers, you’ll feel safe on Skye with friendly locals and easy access back to the mainland, where you can begin adventuring Scotland’s other iconic locations like the Glenfinnan Viaduct and the North Coast 500 route.


This location was recommended by Akiva Spiegelman from Jerusalem Development Authority

Jerusalem is very simply the center of the world. The meeting point of east and west, of inspiration and innovation, of the ancient and modern worlds. Around every corner awaits history, and in every step lies inspiration. This city has an incredibly rich heritage and culture. The city holds within it an endless amount of activities suited for everyone and anyone.

One can easily take a tour of the Israel Museum, quietly and without worries, as the exhibits come to life while telling the silent story of the artist behind them. One can also take a stroll in the Jerusalem Forest and enjoy a unique experience that will fill you with energy. At Jerusalem’s heart, its Old City is around 3,000 years old and surrounded by a city wall. Inside the walls are important holy sites of three major religions.

This part of the City is the original Jerusalem, and is made up of four quarters; Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian. The quarter’s narrow alleyways lead past centuries-old synagogues, churches and mosques. A slow walk in the streets of history will provide peace and tranquility to any visitor. Jerusalem is a city that never sleeps and yet is peaceful in its special way. Alone or together- Jerusalem has it all.

Stockholm, Sweden

This location was recommended by Thomas Makitalo from Fotbollsresan

Stockholm is an amazing city to travel alone to as it’s medium size and waterways everywhere make it perfect to walk around alone and almost always have a beautiful view where ever you go. Combine that with the amazing Scandinavian cuisine, design and the rich history of Sweden with places like the Old Town and the Royal Castle makes for a perfect spot to go alone to.

I have myself been there several times alone and dinner with a Viking theme at Aifur in the Old Town never goes wrong. Or look at the amazing Vasa ship from 1628 that is on display in the Vasa museum that is a truly unique and jaw dropping experience. Or why not go to the amazing rooftop restaurant/bar “TAK” (Swedish for the roof) in the middle of the city to enjoy the views when the sun goes down? Stockholm also has good and safe public transports that are helpful when you travel alone.

South Spain

This location was recommended by Matthias Kiefer from Hostelgeeks

In South Spain you can meet many people just by having a meal in a restaurant. it is a very mingling place. There is endless dance shows, nightlife and things to do in the cities like Granada, Malaga and Sevilla especially.


This location was recommended by Shahrukh Hussain from N/A

Even inexperienced lone travelers can easily stroll through the streets of Austrian Vienna. Despite the fact that the city may seem small, it contains many buildings with cafes, museums and concert halls. Similarly. the Austrian city of Salzburg also occupies a small space and is fully suitable for individual tourists.


This location was recommended by Shahrukh Hussain from N/A

Japan is a fantastic country for traveling alone as the locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Although you can stay on the largest island of Honshu, which is in the capital of the country – Tokyo. You should definitely visit Hokkaido. Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost large island, famous for its volcanoes, natural hot springs, and ski areas.


This location was recommended by Shahrukh Hussain from N/A

Although Norway can be a fairly expensive country to visit. It can also be one of the best thanks to its amazing mountains, museums, and colorful wooden houses. When it comes to which city of Norway to go to. Both Oslo and the capital of the country Bergen will be a great choice. If you want to catch the northern lights, be sure to go to Northern Norway and plan your trip from October to March.


This location was recommended by Shahrukh Hussain from N/A

Ireland is famous for its hospitality that it provides to travelers, which makes it a favorite tourist destination for those who travel the world alone. Along with visiting the country’s tourist spots be sure to relax with a pint of Guinness in a traditional Irish pub. You can easily achieve this in the capital, Dublin.

Antwerp, Belgium

This location was recommended by Rahela Begum from ToursAndJourneys

Antwerpen is a city found in Flanders, Belgium. It is situated at 51.22 latitudes and 4.40 longitude and is 10 meters above sea level. Antwerp has 459,805 inhabitants making it the largest city in Flanders. It works on the time zone CEST. For all the places to fly alone in Belgium, there might not be somewhere as tempting, thrilling, or entertaining as Antwerp. A cool and vibrant harbor town that is frequently ignored in favor of the Belgian capital, Brussels, Antwerp as it is known in French or Antwerp Known in Flemish, it’s packed with beautiful historic stuff to do.

Lisbon, Portugal

This location was recommended by Christian Antonoff from Heartifb

The Portuguese capital offers a charming blend of high European culture and local traditions. Lisbon is full of attractions to see and visit, like the Castelo Sao Jorge overlooking the city, or the beautiful Belem Tower. I love walking on the Rua Augusta – a vibrant and busy pedestrian street full of shops, cafes, and restaurants that ultimately leads to the magnificent Praça do Comércio.

Apart from the architecture, I love two things about Lisbon: the people and the food. The people are super friendly and they will help you any way they can, even if you don’t speak their language. The food is to die for! If you’re into seafood, this is the place for you. There is plenty of fish and other seafood in abundance at very affordable prices. Pack bigger clothes, because after a week in Lisbon you won’t fit in your old ones. Lastly, if you have the opportunity, visit a fado concert. The atmosphere is amazing and will leave you quite speechless.

Budapest, Hungary

This location was recommended by Kylee Nelson from Passports and Preemies

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is an ideal travel destination for solo travelers. It’s an affordable destination brimming with history, sightseeing, a lively night life, and incredible food. There’s enough to see and do in Budapest you’ll hardly realize you’re solo.

With thermal baths to bathe in, architecture to marvel at, and markets to visit Budapest should be a priority for all solo travelers. Make sure to make time for seeing the Parliament building from Fisherman’s Bastion; climb Gellert Hill to watch the sunset; and bathe in the Szechenyi Thermal Bath. Once night comes along, throw yourself into the lively nightlife scene by visiting the ruin bars. But not before filling up with authentic Hungarian goulash!

Reykjavik in Iceland

This location was recommended by Jennifer De Luca from Luxury Adventure Travel

I travelled to Reykjavik as a last minute trip and there was limited options for accommodation for me to choose from. I had the choice of a cheap hotel in an average location or a upmarket hostel in a great location. So I went with the hostel which is not my usual style of accomodation but what a great experience. The hostel was a fantastic way to meet other travellers, especially solo travellers.

The city itself attracted lots of solo travellers, I met many people that were there alone. Some of us did a Northern Lights tour together and we would meet up for dinner most nights. Very easy to meet other solo travellers in Reykjavik. Also I was older than the average age but everyone was very welcoming and happy to include me. Side Note: Very expensive city!

Havana, Cuba

This location was recommended by Danielle Washington from Rogue Experiences

Surprisingly Cuba is one of the safest travel as I’ve walked the streets of Havana and never felt worried about my safety. Cubans are extremely friendly, there are tons of historical and cultural activities and it’s a walkable city for the most part.

Mykonos, Greece

This location was recommended by Danielle Washington from Rogue Experiences

Known as a place to party, it’s also an amazing place to unplug and relax as a solo female traveler. Mykonos has some of the best beaches worldwide, amazing food and if you do want to go clubbing or be social, its downtown area and clubs are small enough making solo female travelers feel safe as they won’t get lost in a crowd.

Cartagena Colombia

This location was recommended by Danielle Washington from Rogue Experiences

From its historic walled city with beautiful architecture to the weather and its gorgeous natural beauty, this cultural gem has so much for a solo female traveler to do and see no matter what interests her. Not to mention it’s like a foodie or rum connoisseur’s haven.

Barcelona, Spain

This location was recommended by Kalina Stoyanova from heartifb

Last year, I went to Barcelona on my own. It was mid-September, the time of year with the most perfect weather for the climate there, and it felt like I was on a tropical island, despite it not being an island or that tropical. The reason I thought it would be a good idea to travel there is because I find the Catalan culture and language quite interesing.

Also, the city of Barcelona has so many art museums and monuments to see. One more reason was that people there are so friendly to foreigners that it felt like home from the first minute. Barcelona is picturesque and has mountains nearby, despite the city being located on the seashore. People are always on a “fiesta” – the party never stops. On the balconies of the buildings you can find a lot of friends who can make you feel like you are not alone. To me this is the perfect destination for solo travellers and it must be on the top of the list.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This location was recommended by Snezhina Piskova from Excel Template

The European capital of culture in 2019 and the second largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv is well-known among Bulgarians for its laid-back atmosphere, friendly residents and creative identity. In fact, Plovdiv is so set on inspiring young artistic people that there is an entire neighborhood dedicated to hipster culture. Kapana is bustling with street art, small cafes and pop-up shops where different creatives showcase their creations – from clothing lines to hand-painted pottery.

Besides appealing to the younger generation, Plovdiv also manages to captivate its visitors with its rich history and importance to Bulgaria throughout the ages. It does so in understandable language that doesn’t make you yawn or roll your eyes at the mention of ‘historical significance’. Once you visit Plovdiv, you will be left with an unforgettable taste in your mouth. Partly, this is thanks to the fantastic Bulgarian cuisine – an explosion of flavors that appeal to both meat and non-meat eaters. Believe me when I tell you that you won’t be leaving the country hungry, no matter what you do. The other part comes from how cheap Bulgaria is as a whole – a good meal will cost you around 7 dollars, for instance.

Dublin, Ireland

This location was recommended by Jennifer Buckly from The Mont hotel

Ireland’s capital city is one of the safest cities in Europe to travel to. As it is a relatively small size compared to other European cities, it’s really easy to get around for the solo traveller. In fact we highly recommend the Dublin Free Walking Tour, which shows you the highlights of the city, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet fellow travellers. What it lacks in size, Dublin makes up for in things to do. Check out the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle and the stunning Trinity College library, to name just a few attractions to discover.

Dublin also has an amazing food & drink culture, with Michelin star restaurants such as L’Ecrivain, Chapter One and Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud if you fancy treating yourself to a gourmet meal. When you’ve finished exploring for the day, why not check into one of Dublin’s amazing boutique hotels? The Mont hotel off Dublin’s historic Merrion Square even has its own fluffy dog concierge, Monty, the French bulldog to greet you on arrival at your home for the night! Now where’s your passport? It’s time to book that trip to Dublin, stat!

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