Top Tips For What To Do With Scrap Lumber

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Lumber is a costly commodity. As a result, it’s critical to cut down on waste and make the most of each board. You may find yourself looking for methods to use spare components at the end of a project. However, finding projects that use leftover lumber might be difficult. Here are some top tips for what to do with scrap lumber!

Use Scraps as Firewood

Woodworkers are notorious for saving even the tiniest wood fragments, even if they aren’t sure they’ll ever use them. But if we’re being honest, some junk wood has only one use: firewood. What criteria do you use to determine which fragments are too little to save? Start by setting a size restriction. We recommend setting a minimum size limit based on how safely your machines can process the scrap. If a piece of scrap wood is too small to manufacture properly, you can discard it in the fire bin. Examine your equipment to identify the smallest size board you can safely produce.

Create Setup Pieces

Scraps are frequently ignored as setup parts. However, joinery is used in almost every woodworking project, and almost every joint includes a setup piece that ensures the machinery is set up correctly before cutting the finished components. Even the most basic joints having a setup piece is really useful. When rough cutting, many woodworkers may cut an additional piece to use as a setup piece. When searching for such pieces, you might want to start with your scrap bin. After all, it doesn’t have to be lovely or even the same species as the other parts; it only has to be the same size.

Set It Aside for Future Wood Projects

Scrap wood can be used for a variety of purposes, the most obvious of which is for future woodworking projects. Ideally, this would mean only one or two sections for a wood project, but sometimes, you just want to get rid of scraps and construct something. Cutting boards are the most well-known scrap project. Scraps of all sizes and species can be used in these simple DIYs. They’re simple to create and sell, which makes them an ideal project for repurposing scraps. Cutting boards aren’t the sole use for scrap wood in the kitchen. Coasters, napkin rings, napkin holders, drying racks, and knife blocks are also useful projects for scraps. Wood scraps may be transformed into a variety of helpful kitchen gadgets.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the top tips for what to do with scrap lumber! Before you embark on a project, be sure you know about the characteristics of different types of wood. Knowing this information can help you produce variation, depth, and better coloration in your work!

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