Top RV Ice Fishing Destinations

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If you’re seeking a new outdoor activity to try out, you can combine the sense of adventure you get when you camp in an RV with the exciting prospect of ice fishing. You may wonder, however, where the best places are for this dual purpose. Don’t fret. Here we’ve collected a few of the top RV ice fishing destinations you can visit.

Little Bay de Noc – Michigan

There are two subsections of this area of Lake Michigan known as Big Bay de Noc and Little Bay de Noc. Little Bay is the one you want to aim for in the winter, though, as that is where the adult fish gather in preparation for spring spawning. There are RV campgrounds you can stay at nearby, which will be more than enough as long as your RV is retrofitted with the right winter modifications, such as tank heaters to prevent your water supply from freezing. Once you’re settled in, you can try your hand at hooking all kinds of species, though the walleye is the most sought after by anglers.

Lake Winnebago – Wisconsin

Lake Winnebago is the largest body of water located in the interior of the state of Wisconsin. You can find fish, including perch and walleye, but sturgeon is what sets this location apart. With a thriving population, the lake is one of the only places where you can catch sturgeon legally. The method of capture is also intriguing. Sturgeon can get so big that a large rectangle must be cut into the ice so that they can be speared, and enthusiasts gather every year for this unique opportunity. With multiple RV campsites around it, you won’t have trouble finding a place to park.

Devils Lake – North Dakota

Devils Lake (no, there’s no apostrophe in Devils) is full of northern pike, walleye, and perch. It’s often lauded as one of the greatest places to ice fish because of the healthy numbers of fish, which makes it relatively easy to walk away with a respectable catch. Its ice season is also usually quite long, so ice fishing is possible earlier and later into the year than many other spots. Again, campgrounds are available so that you can journey there and add to the thrill of angling.

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