Top Rated Destinations To Travel With A Baby To Europe

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One of the biggest questions new parents have is what are the best child friendly holidays in Europe to take with their babies and toddlers. This is also true for parents with older kids who are thinking of going abroad for the first time with their crew.

Introduction to Traveling With A Baby To Europe

Europe is a magical continent that has a variety of wonders. Each country in Europe is unique in its own special way. On your child friendly holidays in Europe, you will be able to take in the historical sites of the Taj Mahal, an ancient wonder of the world, or the hanging gardens of Babylon, you will be able to enjoy wonderful modern cities like Berlin or Barcelona or you will even get to experience the fairy tale of a village in Germany or France. It really doesn’t matter where you go in Europe, it is definitely a place that you and your family will love and cherish for years to come.

Europe: Best Places For Families

Europe is a magical place that you should definitely visit at least once-if not more-if you are a family. Although there are many countries in Europe, when it comes to traveling with a baby in Europe, there are a few countries that are considered most child friendly. These countries are listed below.

Beach Vacations With A Baby In Europe

One of the greatest joys about traveling with a baby in the summer is the popularity of beach vacations. The nice thing about the Mediterranean is that it is warm and there are ancient Roman ruins like Pompeii, Italy and Tarquinia, Italy. However, places like

If you are looking for a resort in which to stay while going on a vacation with a baby in Europe in the summer, there is a great thing about Greece; it is that Greece has so many wonderful beach resorts.

With so many beach resorts for families in Europe, you can really make your holiday something exciting and memorable. It doesn’t matter your destination, your holiday will be an exhilarating experience. For professionals, that has been described as the most beautiful place in Europe is the resort of Vera Beach. This beach resort is ideal for a family with a baby, with much to see and do. Some of the joys of traveling with a baby in Europe are that they are not limited to place or time and can enjoy the wonders of the world anywhere they are.

For family travel holidays in Europe, it is all about ensuring that the travel experience is not only memorable but also fun. Although there are many counties that have a large number of resorts for families, when traveling with a baby in Europe, it is best to look at a country that has a large variety of beaches that are child friendly. Some of the best ones that are child friendly are located in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Germany Family Holidays

When a family loads up its car and heads to Germany, they can rest assured that they are going to have a great time. Germany is famous for its castles, so if you are looking for child friendly castles in Europe, there are a number of options in Germany. There are some that are even considered the more popular castles in Germany. These castles are castles in their original locations.

When traveling with a baby in Europe, you will get to explore the beautiful countryside, visit the medieval sanatoria. You will also be able to experience the joys of meeting the men and women that are skilled in their craft. This is not only because you will experience what the German people did for centuries, but also because you will be able to experience a wide variety of local crafts.

There are many things that you can do as family with a baby in the summer on your summer vacation to Germany besides visit the fairy tale locations. Some of the best places you can visit while traveling with your family in Europe are:

The castles of Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. Among the most popular castle holidays in Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle is a great place for an unforgettable family vacation. This is in no small part due to its unique history. Neuschwanstein Castle is the castle of the King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who is considered one of the most eccentric and intriguing personalities in European history. This place will not only serve as a wonderful backdrop for any sort of birthday celebration with the kids but will also serve as a starting place for that unforgettable family vacation with kids. When it comes to castles in Germany, there is none more beautiful, and historic than that of Hohenschwangau Castle. Once this castle was owned by Bavaria’s King, which included both Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. Hohenschwangau Castle is a wonderful place to out of the hustle and bustle of city life and the family.

Romantic Holidays With A Baby In Europe

Another place that a family will enjoy when enjoying a holiday in Europe, is the wonderful country of Romania. A great place for family vacations with babies in Europe in the summer time is Romania. The great thing about Romania is that it is a country that has a variety of places to visit including:

When traveling with a baby in Europe, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscape including the Danube delta, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. A place worth visiting is the Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania. This castle is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. This castle is just a part of the beauty that makes the region of Banat the perfect place for a child friendly holiday in Europe. It is also a perfect place to learn the art of chess. There are many places that will offer chess instruction and you will be able to enjoy more than just the appearance of your family vacation to Romania. Aside from the grandiose architecture, you will also be able to enjoy the grandeur of the natural landscape, which includes the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube delta, and the many rivers that flow through the Banat. If you love markets, you can enjoy the Aduna Great Market, which takes place on specific days, but in general, runs each Saturday. This market is considered one of the largest traditional markets in Romania.

When traveling with a baby in Europe, you will be able to experience the country house colonies of the middle ages. You will also be able to see the country houses of the 19th century and the rural dwellings of the 18th century. These country houses are amazing and so is the rural life of the region. There are also lots of wonderful museums in the Pasarque district in Transylvania.

Copenhagen, Demark

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I would personally recommend Copenhagen, the world’s babywearing capital as the best place to travel with a baby. Not only is it customary to see parents wearing their babies on their chest out shopping or hiking in the woods, but it’s part of Danish culture. Getting around Copenhagen safely with your baby is easy thanks to the DriveNow app, which enables you to quickly find the closest parked car, rent it, unlock it, and lock it back. It’s a car-sharing app with more than reasonable pricing that uses electric BMWs that are fast, cozy, and with a low carbon footprint. The city has many historical and tourist attractions that you can enjoy with your baby this summer.


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Paris is full of plenty of parks where you can sit with your newborn baby, and cafes where you can relax and people watch as the city goes by. Your little one will likely be too young to run around, so find a place where you can sit and relax is ideal.


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Croatia with a baby is definitely among the European countries you should put on your travel bucket list. It is very easy to get around Croatia without a car by using public transportation like a bus or a ferry. There is so much to explore in Croatia. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you should visit Dubrovnik. There you can have a walk along the old city walls or do a city tour. There are many beaches with a stunning view and beautiful promenades that are stroller accessible. There are playgrounds as well to stop with your baby along the way.


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Lisbon is just one of many wonderful cities suitable for family visits with babies in tow. You have the beach, for starters, a lot of kiddie play zones, warm people and more.


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It’s also scenic, there’s food EVERYWHERE so you’re never far away from something delicious for you or the kids, and while Amsterdam sounds like a crazy touristy place, it’s quite family-friendly. There’s also a great variety of indoor/outdoor activities – you can tour museums when the baby sleeps and walk through gorgeous green spaces when they’re awake.

Rome, Italy

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Rome is family-friendly and you’ll be able to take your baby through town easily in a stroller or baby carrier. You can spend all day walking around and viewing historical wonders. You can even take a professional walking tour to gain more knowledge. There are also museums that you can visit if you’re interested in. Hotels are accommodating to babies and toddlers.


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Iceland is one of the easiest countries to plan traveling in. You just need to pick a rental car and drive on. With its wide-open spaces and naturally beautiful locations, everywhere you go in Iceland is a picture-perfect picnic location. The ring road in Iceland makes for a perfect trip. Most of the natural wonders are along this single route, which makes it easy to plan. Waterfalls. glaciers, creeks, lagoons, and beaches, everything is free and needs minimal preparation. It is ideal when you travel with a baby and need to have a flexible schedule. There are multiple convenience stores along this route. Most of the tourists destinations are pram-friendly. Since Iceland is an open society, you don’t need to find a hiding place to feed your baby. I wish traveling in other countries was as easy as traveling in Iceland. Iceland has recently opened its border for tourism again.

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