Top-Rated Best Places To Travel Young Adults

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Bungalow bar crawling in Austin, dog sledding in Anchorage, shoreline speed boating in Miami, and motor scooting around Denver. If any of that appeals to you, read on for our shortlist of fantastic trips for 20-somethings. The following destinations have big personalities and plenty of flavor. Discover their unique dining and music scenes, cultural institutions, and outdoor pursuits, and you’ll certainly want to come back for more.

Along with incredible attractions and activities, these places host some superb vacation rentals, too. Booking a rental is often an affordable lodging option, and you’ll enjoy extra space, private outdoor areas, and amenities like a full kitchen and laundry. Not to mention you can stay in the heart of your destination, getting a more authentic local experience. You’ll be free to follow your own schedule, cook your own meals (more money savings!), but still be perfectly located to explore.

How Is The Experience Of Traveling As Young Adults?

As a single person, you likely don’t have to take much else into consideration when planning a trip. As a family, you may have to consider multiple schedules and needs. It’s also a big advantage to all travel with someone you love — and a big disadvantage if you don’t get along. Beyond the fun factor, there’s something very satisfying about being in beautiful surroundings with the people you love. The same goes for places like the Great Glass Blowing Studio in Portland, OR, where you and your family can work together blowing glass!

Your travels may include a mix of self-guided and guided activities, depending both on you and the folks you’re traveling with. You may plan stops and activities on your own, or you may have a set tour itinerary that prescribes destinations, activities and lodging. Some family trips allow for plenty of free time so everyone can enjoy their own interests, while others tend to be a little more structured. It’s important to know your own preference and plan accordingly.

Taking a Road Trip Vs Cruising As Young Adults

A new and joyful experience of traveling as young adults is to take a road trip. In fact, some of us have fond memories of traveling with our family of origin members in all of our family cars heading to a specific location for a visit.

As an adult, you may have the urge to take a road trip by yourself or with somebody else. You may be stopping at a number of destinations along the way or driving long distances with no real destination in mind. It is a simple and fun experience that we all need to try sometime in our lives.

Road trips may include backpacking or simply staying in hotels or campsites. You may plan your meals and make your itinerary along the way, or, if you’re in a hurry, you may opt to stay in chain hotels. A long road trip can be a great opportunity to get to know someone better, as well as a good way to relax and unwind. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and that’s the beauty of taking a road trip.

A cruise would be a great traveling experience for young adults. It’s certainly an excellent choice for a family who enjoys mingling with other guests and experiencing different foods. Many couples enjoy a cruise for their honeymoon, and it also makes a wonderful anniversary idea.

If you are a foodie, then a cruise vacation would be perfect for you. You get to enjoy different types of food from different parts of the world. And if you have two weeks to spend, you can cruise to different destinations.

The next time your parents are ready to go on a cruise, why not tag along? It’s a perfect opportunity for you as a young adult to learn to budget on your own. If you have a chance to work while you are cruising then you will learn the value of money.

There’s one thing to remember though — never drink a fruity drink. You don’t want to wake up and find out you have tattoos or piercings you don’t know about.

Traveling As Young Adults – Stay In Touch

Sometimes you’ll get a chance to travel as young adults with your peers. You may decide to take an educational or work-related trip that has professional development or networking benefits. In other cases, you may choose to travel with family or friends.

Regardless of who you travel with, there are a few things you’ll likely want to do with the technology at your disposal: back up any photos or videos you think you’ll want to share later; make sure you know how to reach loved ones at all times; and download any documents or forms you’ll need for travel.

However, if you’re like most people, you’ll want to make sure that those connections don’t add stress to your trip. You may need to make sure certain apps are updated or changed at home before you go, or set up a schedule for checking in with loved ones.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying the moment. Rather, consider how your tech choices help you keep connected to what’s most important to you.

Travelling as young adults will ignite your life, your way! Taking a road trip, going on a cruise, scuba diving—there are so many ways to experience the world. For many of us, it will be the first time you’ll get to travel on your own and meet new faces.

Almaty, Kazakhstan

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If you like off the beaten path destinations, Almaty is your winner. Recently modernized, the city is clean with beautiful mountain views, the air is breathable, the water is drinkable, the wifi is fast, the people are beyond friendly, and there’s many day trips like Tamgaly with 5,000-year-old rock carvings. If you go, you must try the traditional fermented horse milk. Fun fact: every apple in the world originated from Kazakhstan which is the only place on Earth with wild apple forests.

Umbria, Italy

This product was recommended by Jack Hurdidge from VineDrops

Just two hours away from Florence and Rome, in the heart of Italy, Umbria is an ideal base from which to reach several historic towns in the region and into Tuscany. The region possesses wonderful agriculture and food, and one should experience what Italians call agriturismo, a farm stay where you can reawaken traditional habits, living closely with nature and eating healthy, locally-produced food, with the best comforts of modern life. In the busy urban environment that most young people adopt as their home life, Umbria and the surrounding hills provide a quaint and authentic holiday experience. Wines and olive oils produced locally are unique and using both traditional methods that have garnered plaudits both in Italy and beyond, and a variety of grape found nowhere else in the world, the Sagratino. Vineyards and farm houses such as Le Cerque, just outside Perugia give a sense of an alternative world and such warmth from the host makes it somewhere one would wish to return to periodically.

Ios, Greece

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The Greek islands are open and covid-19 free. The Cyclades island of Ios especially caters to young adults between 18 and 25. Nothing attracts young people like other young people. It is a mad scene of semi-clad bodies gyrating to loud music with heavy beat from afternoon to early morning. Sunrise is closing time.


This product was recommended by Giorgio Passalacqua from SoundsWow

During the 6 years of working as a tourist guide in Spain with a sidecar company called Brightside, I am quite confident to say that the best place to visit for a young adult is Barcelona. Although Barcelona is a famous world wide city it’s actually quite small in geography. You can literally go around the city center only by walking or cycling and everything is just minutes away. The city center is divided in 4 quarters and each one is simply spectacular and very unique. In the Born (jousting quarter) you can visit the 1300 gothic Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, the Picasso museum, Modernist building from 1900 and the local food market just to give a little insight. In the Gothic quarter you can find the old roman city from the 1st century AC, the gothic cathedral from the 8th century, local tapas places, hidden gorgeous squares and all just by walking and losing yourself in the tiny beautiful streets that make this quarter one of the most romantic of the area. If you want to spice up the tour a little, you may visit the Raval quarter. Considered to be the shantytown of the city after the industrial revolution until not too long ago, today is the most multicultural area of city and its toughness has been replaced with trendy cafes and restaurants, contemporary art museums like the MAGBA or CCCB and a lot of nightclubs options for some good night dance. If you want to have a swim in the mediterranean sea and try the best paellas and seafood dish, it’s time to go to the Barceloneta quarter (little Barcelona). Imagine sitting on a terrace with a view of the sea while eating some good local wine and seafood tapas, grab a gelato by the 100 of terrace by the sea front and before some serious relaxing time lying somewhere into the 3 miles of beaches that the city provides. Ready to dive in the mediterranean sea to fight the summer heat. And that is just the city center. We haven’t even started with all the amazing Modernist houses of the world famous architect Antoni Gaudi which culminates in its masterpiece called La Sagrada Familia Basilica. The architect masterpiece is still under construction since 1882 due to complexity in the construction itself. I could carry on for a while but I guess we get the point. It is a wonderful place to visit with so much to see and do which makes a perfect location for anyone including young adults.


This product was recommended by Sam Weatherley from Memories and Mayhem Blog

Rome is perfect for young adults for many reasons. Firstly there is so much to do and see, such the historical world famous sights including the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. Visiting Rome doesn’t require any form of transportation, other than the underground if staying outside of the main centre. Most places can be reached on foot and many sights are in close proximity to each other and it is easy to navigate around the city. Food is another reason why Rome is a great place for young adults to visit. With pizza and pasta available pretty much everywhere they won’t go hungry! (plus the gelato is delicious!) Dining al fresco at one of the many restaurants all over the city is a great introduction to the Italian culture of long, lazy, meals. Rome is also a great starting point for visiting other parts of Italy. High speed trains will take you from Rome to Florence in under 2 hours and to Venice in just over 3 hours. This makes it possible to make a visit to Rome into a multi-city trip.

Bordeaux, France

This product was recommended by Anna Wojtowicz from The AW Guide

Located in the southwest region of France, 5th largest after Paris. The region is famous for it’s Bordeaux wine however, Bordeaux is so much more than that. Bordeaux City is a center of good food, shopping, nightlife, and yes wine. It’s the perfect destination if you want to experience a city and the countryside, unlike Paris. Take a day trip to the UNESCO-listed medieval village of Saint-Emilion, ride bikes from vineyard to vineyard, and taste wine. At night grab dinner, and drinks in Bordeaux City and meet the many locals flooding the cobblestone streets at night.

Dahlonega, GA

This product was recommended by Cassie Long from Figs + Freedom

Dahlonega, GA is the Southern version of Nappa valley. Known for its gold rush history, Dahlonega is full of historic charm, wineries + outdoor adventures. What could be more magical than a weekend stay in a treehouse + a tour of Georgia Wine Country?

Miami, Florida

This product was recommended by Jon Miksis from Global Viewpoint Travel Blog

Miami is an amazing place to travel for young adults. The city boasts a fun and lively beach atmosphere, where you can sip cocktails and enjoy the sunshine by day and party at night. Ocean Drive, which lies along South Beach in Miami, is filled with trendy bars and restaurants, the perfect place to stay and seize the day with other young adults.


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Head off the beaten track and explore the jungles of Guatemala where howler monkeys roam wild around the ancient Mayan temples. Swim in the crystal clear pools of Semuc Champey after clambering through caves and hidden waterfalls. Find peace at Lake Atitlan, the spiritual centre of Guatemala. Where sun salutations are performed as you watch the sun rise over the nearby volcanoes and the days are slow and peaceful. Where better to finish your trip than in the beautiful colonial city of Antigua where impressive architecture and cute cafés combine to make it a must-see. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can climb Volcano Acatenango for sunrise and watch on as nearby Fuego spews lava and erupts all night long.


This product was recommended by Adam Beaumont from Destination Mundo

From the Caribbean beaches, Pacific coast, Amazon rainforest, Andes mountain range and desert plains, Colombia is full of unique and wonderful landscapes for every type of traveller. With some of the best nightlife in Latin America and low cost of accommodation, Colombia is a great place to visit for young Adults.

Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok has something for everyone all day and night. You can experience the Southeast Asian culture in the restaurants and markets and get an overview of the city on a boat tour in the Chao Phraya River. You can visit parks, zoos, and museums. The nightlife through Bangkok is very much alive and you’ll find a wide variety of entertainment.


This product was recommended by Amanda Dexter from AmandaDexter

Thailand has something for everyone — beaches, islands, big cities, temples, culture, great food, mountains, jungles, red-light districts, art, history, etc. Cities like Bangkok and Phuket have incredible nightlife scenes, and islands like Koh Racha and Koh Lipe offer idyllic getaways with plenty of watersports and beach parties. There’s never a dull moment in Thailand.

Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia is one of the best destinations for young adults, it’s a way to live the backpacker lifestyle. The best way to experience Southeast Asia is eating street food, staying in hostels, and sleeping hours on an overnight bus or book a flight before you leave. Throughout the area, you’ll come across a ton of ex-pats traveling abroad and will be able to meet people from all over the world. Make sure you have enough time to explore every inch of the area from the beaches to the ancient temples and be prepared to see some of the most amazing scenic views. There are hidden gems everywhere you just have to trust yourself and be surrounded by an exciting group of people to make the most of this vacation.

Budapest, Hungary

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When you’re young, you live in a fast-paced world. Partying all-night and relaxing afterwards, without breaking the bank. You look for fun-filled places that don’t cost that much. Budapest is the perfect place in Europe. They have many make-shift cinemas and open-air pubs that are unorthodox and well within the budget. Hostels are also cheap and reasonable. This is one place in Europe where you can experience everything without straining your budget.

The Greek islands

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These islands are known to be the dream of most young adults, especially those who want a romantic getaway to see the dramatic coastlines and golden beaches. In summer or high season as it is called, there are hotels that are in operations. Young adults can find good deals on Airbnb, with rooms as affordable as $470. These rooms have the ability to contain about 5 persons for a night.

The Maldives

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The South Asian nation (Republic of Maldives) though small in size, boasts of its expensive tourist attraction (The Maldives) located in the Indian Ocean. Its features include: five-star resorts with a private pool, crystal-clear, but shallow waters Overwater bungalow and the smell of fresh air is indeed a soothing relief.

Cappadocia, Turkey

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Many tourists and travellers marvel at the sight of Cappadocia, this is because they all claim it looks out of this world, some say it looks like a fairy tale come alive. Its known to be a very ancient town with fanciful nature and young adults can enjoy the most sought after activity in this location, which is flying in a hot-air ballon and having an aerial view of the ancient town of Cappadocia.

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