Top Adventurous Activities for a Girls Trip

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When building friendships, it never hurts to take a vacation to create some memories. When it comes to girls trips, a spa getaway or trip to the mall never hurts, but why do that when there’s an entire world out there to explore? Kick it up a notch with some adventure! Here are some of the top adventurous activities for a girls trip.


Camping is a great bonding activity for any girls trip. Think of it this way: camping allows for many different activities. There’s nothing more relaxing than talking with your friends around a crackling fire and a nice bottle of wine. Roast up some hot dogs and marshmallows to go with it!

Wine Tasting

Speaking of a nice bottle of wine, consider traveling to a local vineyard to try some artisan wines. You don’t have to love wine to enjoy the simplicity of a local vineyard. They’re cute and cozy and expose you to the world of winemaking. Plus, if you do enjoy a nice glass of wine, you can visit their showcase or take a tour where you can try samples of their best-selling products.


Hiking is one of the top adventurous activities for a girls trip because it allows you to get out and experience nature. It’s one of the best ways to get outside and be amongst the trees, rivers, and wildlife. All you need is some bug spray, trail snacks, and water to stay safe and hydrated. Don’t forget to wear appropriate hiking clothes while out on the trail! Long pants, breathable layers, hiking socks, boots, and a light jacket are all wise options. You never know what the weather may be like, so it’s better to layer up than to be unprepared.

Kayaking Trip

Of course, no high-adventure girls trip is complete without some kayaking. This may take some additional planning and scheduling, but the results will be worth it! Think of the sites, sounds, and experiences you’ll have on a kayaking trip. Scout out a national park or lake, rent some kayaks, and have fun! You and your girlfriends will have the time of your life and build some memorable experiences along the way.

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