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Top 8 Backpacks For Accompanying You Across Europe

The perfect blend of portability, capacity and style lies within our top picks

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Europe is best explored by hopping from country to country, culture to culture. With lots of moving about, you’ll definitely need a newer, better backpack to serve as your best travel friend.

We believe a backpack needs a waterproof material, padded straps and practicality and security features. In terms of size, we’ve tried to cover every size out there, as travel backpacks should be proportional to your own size. 

That being said, with our recommendations you can’t go wrong – just make sure to try it on before committing to it. Most retail sites do offer returns – so there’s no excuses now!

Hypath 2-in 1 Convertible Travel Bag

This product was recommended by Simon Hansen from Homebrew Expert

The Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag is made out of hex-nylon ripstop with water-resistant PVC Coating which makes it durable and perfect for heavy-duty. Not only that, but this bag on wheels also comes with a detachable daypack making it the perfect bag to bring from the airport to any street in Europe.

Tortuga Setout Travel Backpack

This product was recommended by David Adler from The Travel Secret

The Tortuga Setout is the max size for a carry-on, with a dedicated laptop compartment and a few smaller ones for optimal organization. It is fairly priced and offers excellent durability that will last you a long time. It even comes with a detachable hip belt.

Nomatic 40L TRAVEL BAG

This product was recommended by Jaime Huffman from Charleston Blonde

It is the most practical travel bag EVER! We took it to Europe this past summer and it was an absolute dream. I swear it has a place for EVERYTHING. Traveling across 3 countries with a 9-year old is never easy. But this bag make packing so much easier. There are specific compartments for shoes, liquids, technology, and everything in between. We got stuck in torrential downpour in Rome, luckily the bag is water resistant so we didn’t have to worry. Plus it has the TSA-ready flap so you can leve the tech in the bag when you go through security at the airport.

Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60

This product was recommended by Matej Halouska from Czech the World

Mariposa is a 60 liters backpack, which exactly fits dimensions of carry-on luggage of most airlines, if not fully loaded. Therefore you can take it on the plane and then in the destination you still have a space to add food and water. It’s ultralight (700g) and made from durable material. It also has a great massive hip belt. It’s very comfortable to wear, I am using it for more than 3 years and it has been nothing but amazing.

Dinictis 40L Carry on Flight Approved Travel Backpack

This product was recommended by Osama from Outfitrs

The quality of this pack is fantastic. For the price, the fabric provided is not wrinkly, For the trip, it held up extremely well and never let me down. The adjustments helped keep my back properly weighted, and for the amount of walking I did, it was perfect.

Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack 40L Flight Approved Carry on Backpack

This product was recommended by Ali Ubaid Rajput from Decrum

This Travel backpack is very comfortable. It is suitable for carrying both your cloth and your Laptop. There is enough space which easier to manage all staff.

Osprey Atmos AG 65

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from USInsuranceAgents

This pack is designed with comfort as a priority. It distributes the way evenly between hips and shoulders, so the wearer can travel further without becoming fatigued. Gear and clothes can be organized neatly and there’s even a designated spot to place trekking poles.

BOPAI 15 inch Super Slim Laptop Backpack

This product was recommended by Liz Brown from Sleeping Lucid

The BOPAI 15-inch laptop backpack is the perfect choice for techies who want to travel to Europe this year. It comes with a slim and sleek design that’s water-resistant and equipped with an anti-theft design that allows travelers to see the world in comfort and style.

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Written by Tan Sauteed


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