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Top 7 Gifts for Travelers

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What kind of travel gift will make you happy and useful while traveling around the world? To say exactly, you need to know well the person to whom the gift is intended and imagine his or her needs. But we can offer a list of practical and pleasant items from which you can choose what suits him or her and make everything less random than while gambling at Our ideas are designed for travelers who like cities more than uncharted nature. These recommendations will suit those who often travel and fly on business trips, choose to go on vacation by train or plane, and use the benefits of civilization on the road.

Wallet or Travel Purse

During connecting flights, layovers, or overseas trips, you need to show your documents several times at checkpoints. A wallet or travel purse will make this task much easier. With them, all documents will always be in one place and at hand, which means the chance of losing your passport or ticket is greatly reduced.

Compression Garment Bags

Compression bags are useful for those who are into winter vacations. If your summer clothes are small, a few sweaters can take up half of your suitcase. It’s a good idea to squeeze them into compression bags. There are two basic types: “mechanical” ones, which are compressed by force and straps, and “vacuum” ones, from which air is pumped out with a vacuum cleaner or hand pump. Pay attention to whether such a pump is included in the set.

Suitcase With Wheels

Most experienced travelers, of course, have one. And for those who are just planning their first long trip, it will come in handy. It’s better to choose a suitcase that cannot be broken. Pay attention to the mounting of the upper handle on the fabric suitcase: it should be sewn, even if it’s fixed with rivets. Fittings may get damaged at the airport, and several different fasteners will save handles much more reliably.

As for the number of wheels, preferences vary here. Four-wheeled suitcases can rotate 360 degrees, so they are more maneuverable in motion. On a smooth floor they are very easy to carry next to you. But with a two-wheeled suitcase, it will be easier to traverse paving stones or off-road. Plus, thanks to the stop, it won’t roll away from an accidental jolt.

Padlock for Your Luggage

An extra luggage lock is an unfortunate necessity for those traveling abroad. Unfortunately, theft is common and poorly investigated. So, passengers arriving from distant countries need additional protection for their suitcases. Unfortunately, a factory security lock can be hacked without much effort. A padlock will seriously complicate the task of thieves, and most likely they will not open the suitcase with it. Most locks are code locks, but there are also key locks, card-key locks, or fingerprint locks.

Sunglasses With Anti-reflective Coating or Driver’s Glasses

For those who often drive, yellow anti-reflective sunglasses will do. And those who travel to different ends of the earth will not hurt at all sunglasses with anti-reflective coating on the inside. They allow you to endure without eye strain the constant change of light and shadow in sunny places, for example, during excursions in the cities. The internal anti-reflective coating prevents the sun’s rays from reflecting on the inside of the glasses. But if a traveler often visits places with very bright sunlight, such as mountains, or if he has a burned eye – then you can not do without polarized sunglasses.

The downside of such a gift can be the difficulty of matching: different head shapes need different frames. If you aren’t sure that you can guess exactly, or if, for example, the birthday child has a wide head, it’s better not to take the risk.

A Set of Travel Vials

Travel vials are a less personal, but no less practical gift. It’s especially useful for girls who often travel light, but do not want to part with their favorite shampoo, hair conditioner and face cream on the road. You can pour some of your favorite products into a set of bottles without overloading your luggage and without changing your travel habits.

Thermal Mug or Reusable Plastic Bottle

Chances are, every forward-thinking person today has these things, who feels responsible for polluting nature with plastic and doesn’t want to increase the number of disposable cups and bottles at their own expense. If a child is unexpectedly thirsty in a queue or on an excursion, a refillable bottle allows him to quench his thirst at any time, with the exact water to which he is accustomed. A mini thermos will help keep their favorite drink at the right temperature.

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