Top 5 Things to Take on a Business Trip

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We’ve already told you some essentials to take with you on business trips next time you head out. Today we think it would be a good idea to look at gadgets that can be must-haves for the next time you are headed out on business.

1) SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

When you are on a business trip it’s important to have your formal attire be spick and span to make sure you leave a lasting impression on people during the trip. Clothes can get wrinkled or get undesirable creases. Having this handy gadget can make sure you are able to get that “folded clothes” look off your clothes and enter any meeting or conference without worries!

2) Tile Pro With Replaceable Battery

This is a gadget we’ve talked about before on the site. But it’s such a useful gadget that it needs to be brought up again. The Tile Pro is a great gadget that helps to make sure you can keep track of your baggage or other important carry-ons when you’re traveling. It has a nice and thin design that can help it fit into any bag or purse and make sure you never stray too far away from your belongings. The inclusion of a replaceable battery is also reassuring as it makes sure the Tile never runs out of power when you need it the most.

3) Amazon Fire Tablet 8 HD

This is a neat little gadget that is essential for long trips and travel. This tablet has a nice screen size and has access to apps like Netflix to make sure your flight or trip goes smoothly with the content you want to watch. In addition to that, the tablet is also linked to the amazon kindle which will allow you to read up on your favorite books. A long trip would be the perfect time to catch up on some reading of your favorite author or looking into books on productivity improvement to keep yourself amped during the trip.

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4) Apple Airpods Pro

Following up on the previous gadget, these are an excellent pair of portable headphones that are also noise canceling. They are also able to provide a true-wireless experience. Whether you want to listen to a podcast, music, or an audiobook on the trip these will be the perfect companions ensuring you are met with the best sound quality and amazing ergonomic feel when listening to your audio.

5) Samsung Galaxy Watch

With the Samsung galaxy watch you can have all your organizational needs localized to your wrist. This watch can connect to your smartphone and sync with your calendar to ensure you have up to date information on all your meetings and seminars on the business trip. With this handy gadget, you can be sure you won’t be late or miss an appointment.

BONUS TOOL: Hubstaff Time Tracker [for tracking your time or that of your team]

While this isn’t exactly a gadget: It is a useful tool to have while you’re away on a business trip. It can ensure your work time is recorded and can make sure a report of the work you’ve done will be sent to the team or your manager. This is a nifty little thing to have when you’re working remotely. I personally find it to be a very useful resource.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, 1.3 million business trips are taken in the US every day. It’s important that we make these trips easier for all of us when they come our way. With that said, these are the gadgets I can recommend for business trip travels. I’m sure you’ll find all of these to be up to the mark and maybe some of these may end up in your travel bag on your next trip out.

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