Top 14 Flight Search Sites Saving You $$$ In 2020

As more and more sites try to jump into the saturated market of cut-price flight ticket searching, start here for our top recommendations

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The problem with flight search sites is that the one you used yesterday may not be the best to use today. That’s why we’re recommending the sites we found to be the more dependable, consistently giving you the cheapest flights.

However, these also depend on your region, which is why it’s impossible to recommend one site for everyone. We’ve got the only sites that you’ll ever need to try out – it’ll be worth it in the end, we promise!


This product was recommended by Raj Mahal from FrequentFlyerUniversity

PlanMoreTrips is the only flight app that allows you to search and save flight options from 1,000+ travel websites like Google Flights, Airbnb, Kayak, Expedia, United,, and many more. PlanMoreTrips has saved me on average 75% of the time I normally spend travel planning.


This product was recommended by Dave Williams from iDaveWilliams

This website constantly searches and tracks flight prices worldwide in order to accurately provide forecasts for flight prices, giving giving travellers insights into the best time to book the flights they want at the best prices. This website has been using various algorithms to learn about the fight market over a few years to give accurate information to prospective travellers.

Just Fly

This product was recommended by Rashad McCrorey from Rashad McCrorey ENT LLC

Just fly seems to always have the best deals, combined with the most user friendly interface. Just fly give plenty of flight options and from deep research does provide the lowest prices and in some cases lower than going directly to the airlines themselves. The only annoying feature is the $300.00 non refundable cancellation fee which really seems to be non refundable.

  • Don’t misspell your name as one client of mines did in the past and couldn’t fly due to the name on the ticket being different from the passport. Just fly made them pay the cancelation fee and then they had to repurchase a ticket while already at the airport under the new day off price.
  • Don’t change your mind obviously
  • Don’t try to extend your stay or end your trip early just fly still charge you a cancelation fee.

If you try to extend or shorten your stay in a country it’s best to go directly to the airline counter at the airport and request to pay them the extra fee to bypass the just fly cancelation fee. I was denied once by Royal Air Moroc and had to pay the just fly cancelation fee to get a refund and by a new ticket but was able to shorten my stay once through EgyptAir without paying the cancelation fee as EGYPT air gave me a new flight directly with their own extra charge, when I had a family emergency and had to fly back home.

Google Flights

This product was recommended by Jane Dempster-Smith from To Travel Too

Offers a range of budget and schedule carriers for all destinations. Month views of the cheapest airfares are available. It is the first thing we check when we are looking for flights. As we travel full time it is our go-to for our flight budgeting as well. It is simple and easy to use and accurate.

Secret Flying

This product was recommended by Cepee Tabibian from She Hit Refresh

I love this site because you can find the best promotional deals and mistake fares from around the world. Search by region, point of departure, destination, and month. I personally follow the Secret Flying Facebook page to stay updated on all the deals. The deals go quickly so you need to act fast!


This product was recommended by Torben Lonne from DIVE

For traveling specifically in mainland Europe, I would recommend AZair where you can get plane tickets for as low as $10 for a one-way flight. The way it works is it finds all the discounted flights from lower-tier airlines such as Transavia and Wizz Air, including all their best deals.

The site is pretty basic and operates more as a search engine, but with a lot of cool options, such as allowing you to find the lowest fares, such as adding airports in nearby cities to the search. If you don’t mind flying at odd-times or with a 2-day warning, you can get some awesome prices. The site itself doesn’t sell the tickets but points you directly to the airline’s website, which is convenient.

This helps me narrow down the search and focus on which airlines offer the best rates. I can then go to the websites of each airline individually to compare all costs, including luggage allowances, hotel discounts and anything else that might influence my decision.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

This product was recommended by Jackie from ZeroImpactTravel

Scott’s Cheap Flights is an email subscription, both paid and free that lets you know about low fares AND mistake fares like $400 NYC – LDN business class on British Airways. They have regular emails that alert you on low flight deals. Recently, they had a deal for $350 round trip NYC – Shanghai for $350 on Air Canada.


This product was recommended by Jackie from ZeroImpactTravel

Momondo is a search engine that finds the cheapest flights for your dates and destination. Want to get the best price for your date and destination? You can track a flight by clicking the heart icon and will send you an email or app update if there is an increase or decrease in price.

Paradise Cruises

This product was recommended by Jade Bilowol from Balcony Media Group

It’s one thing to see Halong Bay up, close and personal. It’s something else to see if from the sky. Paradise Cruises, the leading luxury cruise provider in Halong Bay, offers the option of a scenic 25-minute flight in a seaplane to capture a bird’s eye view of Halong Bay.


This product was recommended by Jovan Milenkovic from KommandoTech

CheapOair is a reliable website that ranks all flights from the cheapest to most expensive ones. It includes both low cost and regular airlines, which means that everybody can find an option that suits them. Apart from flights, people can use CheapOair to book cars, hotels or cruises, and thereby fully organize their vacation at once.

Where Can I FLY?

This product was recommended by Yoann Bierling from N/A

The search engine offers one of the best checks online, not only comparing more travel agencies, but also allowing to easily switch between many locations and currencies, to allow visitors to find the best rate for the flights connections they are looking for. Plenty of filters are there to help finding the best connection that will suit traveler’s needs, and quick links are there to compare nearby days to accommodate flexible schedules. Having personally flew more than 650 times, and always comparing several sites before booking, that one offers the best options most of the time.


This product was recommended by Oluwa Falodun from Clarity PR

Omio is a travel app and platform that allows people to find and book trains, buses and flights in one place. Partnering with over 800 transport operators across Europe, the USA and Canada, Omio is revolutionizing the travel planning experience, providing customers with more choice, transparent pricing and easier booking.

Omio lets travelers search for any location, including cities, towns and villages, showing the best possible transport combinations while eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. The travel startup was founded as GoEuro in 2013 and rebranded to become Omio in 2019. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, it has more than 350 employees from 45 different countries. Its most recent funding round, totalling $150 million and led by Kinnevik AB, Temasek and Hillhouse, was announced in October 2018.

Secret Fares

This product was recommended by Kate Sullivan from Otis Travel

Instead of offering you the same deals that every other travel site puts up, Secret Fares uses certified travel agents to access unadvertised, locked, or other deals that would otherwise be unavailable to regular travelers.

You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your flight because there are no travel agent markups, but you’re getting a discount or deal that is only available to certified, qualified agents rather than the same fares that go up for sale on other travel sites or on the airline sites. If you call up, you can also get extra-value deals on last-minute or fast-changing fares. For example, it’s possible to get a flight from New York to the Virgin Islands for as little as $75 one-way right now!


This product was recommended by Juleen from Juleen Meets World

Skyscanner is a flight comparison website that allows you to search for flights (and hotels) and see the best prices available across many different airlines and travel agencies. My favourite feature on Skyscanner is the ability to enter your departure city or airport and leave the destination blank in order to compare flight prices to get to different cities. You can also search by the month instead of putting specific dates. So if you just want to go somewhere but aren’t sure where or when Skyscanner is for you.

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Written by Tan Sauteed


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