Tips for Throwing the Best Destination Wedding Ever

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Life moves at a quick pace for most people. One moment you’re on your first date, and then the next thing you know, you’re engaged and preparing for a wedding. It’s unbelievable how life moves you through the motions faster than ever.

But where should you host your wedding? Having a wedding celebration back home is one option, but taking it elsewhere can make it more exciting. So, you decide on a location and send your save-the-date letters to your loved ones. Here are a few tips for throwing the best destination wedding ever.

It’s All About Where To Go

Instead of staying in your hometown, taking your wedding to an entirely different location is an exciting yet stressful time. You might not know every little detail about your wedding location, but it’s somewhere special, nonetheless.

Find a place that’s within your budget and guest list, whether it’s a state over or in an entirely different country. Get in contact with the venue locations and ask questions about a quote estimate, food and catering, their history, and anything else you might need to know.

Take It To Multiple Stops

Finding an all-inclusive venue is typically the norm for destination weddings; it provides the ceremony and reception locations with food on-site, as well as other additions included in the contract. But sometimes, you don’t want the entire event remaining in one place alone. So, why not take it across multiple locations?

One of the most fun tips for throwing the best destination wedding ever is that you can celebrate your wedding ceremony in one location then travel to a separate stop to enjoy food and drinks while getting their dance on. You can even allow your guests to visit the local area to visit a few bars and food trucks, then come back and get dancing on the wedding floor. Just make sure the local area is available to wedding attendees and ensure they aren’t disruptive.

Keep It Small and Intimate

With wedding prices rising higher and higher every year, it’s no surprise that wedding events are getting smaller. The average cost is reaching the $40,000 mark, so being on a budget is becoming harder to achieve. So, if you’re opting to save some money, consider having a smaller wedding.

It’s imperative to keep your guest list in mind, especially if you wish to do a destination wedding. So, by keeping your guest list small, you can save payments on meals and rentals while inviting your closest loved ones. Keeping your wedding favors easy and adorable will make them more memorable for your attendees and easy to take home.

Celebrating your wedding nuptials with your closest loved ones is a memorable and cherished time for everyone there. So, enjoy yourself and make the most of your trip, because everyone else will do so!

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