Tips for Planning a Wheelchair-Accessible Road Trip

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Planning a road trip is fun and requires detailed planning. A lot goes into preparing for the trip, from planning the routes to picking your destination. The first thing to think about is your traveling group. If anyone in your group has limited mobility, check your destination for accessible areas. Without accessibility, the trip becomes extremely limited for wheelchair users and persons with mobility issues.

Look here for tips on planning a wheelchair-accessible road trip.

Plan Your Restroom Stops

You’ll probably need to make pit stops for food, supplies, and the restroom. Wheelchair users need to create a good strategy. Consider stopping at toll roads since most have accessible toilets to use. It may be a good idea to call ahead on your routes to check if a restaurant or other place has accessible stalls for friends and family members with mobility limitations.

Research Accessible Lodging

Always research the route and destination for accessible lodging. You may need to stay overnight at a hotel to avoid driving at night. Check online for accommodations with specialized guest rooms for those with mobility limitations. Typically, a hotel is the best option since it usually has accessibility rooms configured to meet the needs of every person with mobility support needs.

Rent a Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle

Take extra precautions if you or a friend with limited mobility are driving. Every person needs safety tips, and a critical driver tip for individuals with limited mobility is to be aware of their surroundings to avoid accidents. By renting a mobility van, individuals with limited mobility have better control behind the wheel.

Pack for Each Day

If you plan to be on the road for a long time, ensure you pack enough clothes. You or your friend with mobility limitations might need to bring medication or medical equipment on the trip. Make sure to pack accordingly. You should have a bag for medical supplies and a separate bag for clothes so everyone has what they need to go on the trip. Pro tip: pack extra clothes in case you stop for the night.

Make sure this trip is fun for everyone in your traveling group and completely accessible. Accessibility is essential so that everyone feels included. Keep these tips for planning a wheelchair-accessible road trip in mind as you map out your route, pack your bags, and arrive at an all-inclusive destination.

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