Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Fall Hiking Trip

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Autumn is a fantastic time to hit the trails. There’s no better time to get outside with all the changing colors to see and cooler weather to enjoy. To make the best of your adventure, keep in mind these tips and tricks for the ultimate fall hiking trip.

Plan Ahead

During this time of the year, you could either find a trail that has already seen snow this season, or just a region that is still experiencing the leaves changing colors. It’s helpful to know what you’re getting into. You can check trail conditions by driving by a few days before (if you live close enough), reading recent trip reports from other hikers on a trail app, or calling the local ranger station in the area.

Stay Warm

Even when you expect the weather to behave in a certain way, the autumn winds could still bring in something unexpected. Dress in layers, so you have everything you need for whichever direction it goes. Wool socks are the way to go, along with some water-resistant boots. There are many options for fall attire that allow you to stay warm yet still be fashionable.

Pack Winter Weather Essentials

Another one of the most crucial tips and tricks for the ultimate fall hiking trip is to bring some additional supplies, just in case a storm does come rolling in. You should bring items that will keep you warm, dry, fed, and increase visibility. Such things like a headlamp, a light or matches to start a fire, raincoat, balanced snacks, and extra water should all come along for the adventure as well.

Watch Out for Hunters

Autumn is also hunting season. Most hunters will be far from the trails that the general public meander down. However, just in case you find yourself more in the backcountry than not, be aware that there is a season of food gathering happening. Make yourself known if you do stumble upon someone tracking animals, or wear orange to stand out.

Fall hiking trips require a few extra considerations to prep for. However, once prepared with all of this, you’ll be ready to get outdoors while staying safe and having fun.

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