The Ultimate Post Graduation Travel Destinations

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You’ve finished your studies and now you’re looking to take that well-deserved break and travel. These 23 location ideas offer the perfect inspiration and whether you’re looking to explore a new city or try somewhere a bit more exotic, there’s something to help everyone celebrate!

Kerala, India

This product was recommended by Seema Thomas from University of the District of Columbia

My family is originally from this place that’s an anomaly. Affectionately known as God’s own paradise, it boasts of one of the highest literary rates in the India as well as phenomenal healthcare as evinced by their recent handling of Covid-19. For students looking outside the box, this place offers a deep dive into cooperatives, how to think about the collective, and beautiful landscapes (coasts to mountains).


This product was recommended by Seema Thomas from University of the District of Columbia

While most who travel go to South Africa to dive into the history of apartheid and see the vast landscapes, Mozambique offers a luciphone experience rich with its own history. It’s a welcoming place with many different communities.


This product was recommended by Seema Thomas from University of the District of Columbia

Panama’s diversity extend to its people (everyone from descendants of Spaniards to the Jamaicans who helped build the Canal to the Kuna Indians) to the biological diversity straddled between two oceans. Pegged to the US dollar, aspects will feel eerily familiar, but deep in the country offers an experience rich in local culture and tradition.

Ecuador Amazon Basin

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It is only a 4 hour flight from Miami or Houston to Quito (Ecuador’s capital) Once you arrive in Quito, the amazon basin or rainforest area is just 3 1/2 hours driving from the airport. It could be a direct transfer after the flight. You can also rent a car or van for a small family group. Why I suggest the Amazon, well, graduation is hectic and it comes after a series of stressful essays and exams. Going into the wild and surrounded in green is the perfect place to relax and getaway from it all. Nature trails, indigenous communities, white water rafting, spotting wildlife, birdwatching and many other enriching experiences make the Amazon the perfect post graduation trip.


This product was recommended by Laura Reid from TravelandReidMore

Travelling Southeast Asia is the best trip to do post graduation. There are a lot of countries in this region but Thailand is the best first stop on your trip for many reasons. First off there is a lot of other first time travellers there including solo travellers. That means it’s a great place to meet other people from all over the world. Secondly, it’s insanely cheap. Pad Thai will cost you $2 and you can easily find a hostel for under $10 a night. You’ll want to start off in Bangkok for a few nights, visit a temple, Khao San Road and of course get a drink at a sky bar. Then make your way up north to Chang Mai and then finish off with the beautiful islands located down south.

Cape Town

This product was recommended by Vince Massara from Earth Routes

After graduation, you are in a new stage of your life and you have to make life decisions. So, you really need to know/explore more in this world. You need to try different, sometimes exotic things. Cape Town is just the right place to do that, you can try the table mountain and enjoy the spectacular views, go to the beach not just for swimming but to get closer to penguins, visit forests and know more about animals and also, go to other places such as museums, cafes, and restaurants.

Block Island, RI

This product was recommended by Ricky Weiss from SailboatFinder

A hidden gem located 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island can be accessed via a ferry or small plane. Featuring fine dining restaurants, fun bars, beaches, biking, mopeds and more, Block Island is the perfect place for a family getaway, a romantic trip with you other half or a weekend trip with your friends.

Hunza Valley, Pakistan

This product was recommended by M. Ammar Shahid from SuperHeroCorp

Hunza valley is called the “Piece of Heaven” in Pakistan because of its incredibly stunning natural beauty. It is situated 2,500 meters above sea level and is a great adventurous place to give peace to your mind. Secondly, touring Pakistan is also very cheap because of the high currency difference. You can easily explore the entire Hunza Valley with the best hotel facilities in just 1000-1500 US dollars.

Barcelona, Spain

This product was recommended by Milan Thakkar from Mrshutterup

B*eing to a number of cities in Europe after my own graduation, I came to the conclusion that if anyone asked me to suggest a place to visit post their graduation, I would suggest Barcelona. Usually, right after graduation, funds are a big dilemma when it comes to making trips abroad and after backpacking through 13 European cities, Barcelona was the cheapest and most fun. This brilliant Spanish city has everything that an individual would want after their graduation, whether it’s after their long four years of college or their long four years of high school. This city does not disappoint. To begin with, It has amazing food such as Paellas– a famous rice-based dish in Spanish cuisine that originated in Valencia, Spain. It’s also famous for its Churros and hot chocolate and let’s not forget about how they serve Sangria– an alcoholic Spanish beverage, at every possible corner and to top that off, it’s not just amazing food. it’s cheap food. A key to any recent graduate. I think I got my paella for about 6 Euros, which equals to $6.57. Along with cheap food, you can visit this city at any time of the year due to its warm weather through all four seasons, it has a lot of beaches, great nightlife, powerful soccer team for all the sports fans out there and last but not least, some phenomenal architecture like The Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.

Paris, France

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

The City of Love has far more to offer than sweethearts who stroll hand in hand along the riverbanks, sharing expensive coffee and baguettes as they please

Greece, Mykonos

This product was recommended by Anzhela Vonarkh from TheWordPoint

I suggest this location as it has everything to offer for a graduate. Mykonos is a place when every person can find an activity they will enjoy whether it is simply sunbathing or partying all night long. Among other activities are scuba diving, boat riding, sightseeing, wine tasting, yacht cruising, getting acquainted with Greek culture and cuisine, etc. Staying at Mykonos will allow graduates to relax after a tense year, reevaluate life and goals, get inspired, and motivated to achieve everything planned.


This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

If you want solitude and some alone time to think, this is the perfect getaway for you. You’ll have the whole beach to yourself because this place hasn’t been discovered by tourists as of now and the airfare and accommodation are budget-friendly.


This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

If you’re more into nature and wildlife adventures, this place is for you. This place is a backpacker’s dream come true. You can roam around the country with just spending $30 or less a day.


This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

If you like coffee and art, this is the place to go to. You can visit Van Gogh’s Museum or go to Anne Franks house. It’s a wonderful city filled with bike routes and boat rides throughout the city’s marvelous canals.


This product was recommended by Chris Chalk from Jungle Straws

I recommend recent graduates to travel to Vietnam. This long country is a treasure trove of natural diversity, ranging from remote northern mountains, emerald paddy fields, powdery beaches and mysterious limestone islets. All travellers will fall in love with the food, the people, the culture, and the landscape. Visitors can get their adrenaline fix (I’m not just referring to crossing the road in Hanoi!), dip into history and kick back among untouched scenery. Vietnam is wallet-friendly for budget-minded travellers and the country is well connected by train and bus, which makes backpacking a breeze. It’s a safe place for solo travellers as well as backpackers looking to socialise.

South Korea

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Hernorm

You can’t deny that South Korea has one of the richest cultures in the world. It has the best heritage sites that you should visit once in your life. From learning its rich history to tasting its mouth-watering delicacies, it is the best experience that you could ever dream of. With 4 different seasons along with its own festivals, you will enjoy your stay here.

Palawan, Philippines

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Hernorm

This country has a variety of must to go destinations in the entire world and one of its popular vacation destinations can be found in Palawan. There are 3 famous islands that I recommend to plunge to. There is Coron, which is famous for its diving sites and underground caves along with its breath-taking limestone cliffs. Then, El Nido island is also popular due to its majestic limestone rock formations and a variety of animal species that you can encounter. You can also learn some things about Philippine history on an archeological excavation site located there. Last on the list is Puerto Princesa which is included as one of the new eight wonders of the world and is famously known for having the longest underground river in the world.


This product was recommended by Leia Kalani from Tropical Topics

If you need a quick trip because you’re starting a new job or you need to move into your apartment, California is your best option. Specifically, Los Angeles has endless beaches and plenty of delicious food. Two weeks there will revive you and get you excited to start the next chapter of your life.


This product was recommended by Zach Clenaghan from Edumadic

Our #1 recommended place to travel post-graduation is Bali! We’ve spent a lot of time here on our programs and find that it lives up to its reputation as a tropical paradise to tick off your bucket list. Canggu especially is the haven of hipsters, wave hunters, and health nuts and welcomes young travelers in search of adventure, culture, and relaxation.

Lisbon, Portugal

This product was recommended by Becky Ward from The Owlet

Lisbon (and surrounding areas) is an excellent place to visit, especially after graduating. Lisbon is a vibrant city with many different areas and something to do every hour of the day. There’s a wealth of history, amazing local food and incredible views across the city from the hilltops of Alfama, a suburb of Lisbon, and stunning scenery looking out to the Atlantic Ocean from Cascais, a short distance from Lisbon.


This product was recommended by Noah James from NativeCompass

An ideal place to visit for a student post graduating would be Dubai. Dubai is a combination of massive skyscrapers, beaches, dessert, shopping hub, and several activities indoors and outdoors which can help a student to relax and treat themselves for the hard work they have done. In Dubai, a large number of malls can offer students to have a shopping spree of their life. Many exotic beaches in Dubai can help a person relax in the hot weather and indulge in many diverse activities such as driving a jet ski, skydiving, surfing, etc. A student’s mind is always in a quest to learn, which can also be served by Dubai’s heritage sites such as the Bedouin houses in the desert, Desert Safari, and the old City of Dubai. Through the aforementioned, a profound experience can be taken as to how people in Dubai sixty years ago lived, what food they had or how they camped, and what was their culture and norms. So, in short, Dubai provides everything a person needs to relax after hard work and is a good source of learning.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This product was recommended by CJ Xia from Boster Biological Technology

Louisiana’s city, New Orleans, is famous for multiple reasons if you are looking to have an exciting experience in terms of music and food go for this place. You’ll enjoy tasty Creole cuisine and jazz music and get a chance to see a magnificent architecture in this city. The southern side of this city is full of historical places as well as a cool travel site to the party. So, what you are waiting for. You can choose it without having a second thought.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Thailand is a famous tourist location because it is considered as one of the cheapest travel locations. So, you can easily choose this location after your post-graduation even if your travel budget is low. You should decide to explore the smaller areas of Thailand, including Northern Thailand, over Bangkok because here you get an opportunity to feed, bathe and play with the abused elephants in a location known as Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

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