The Ultimate List of US Road Trips in 2022

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Many travelers enjoy getting to know the country in which they live when they go on vacation. People flock to the classic destinations, but what about seeing multiple areas at once on a road trip? Let’s explore the ultimate list of US road trips in 2022—it’s time to start planning!

State Highway 82, Colorado

People flock to Colorado because of its scenic nature. It’s known for everything outdoors, and State Highway 82 is the perfect road trip to embark on this summer. It offers plenty of places to pull off to take in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. Independence Pass, which consists of 32 miles of mountainous terrain, is particularly beautiful.

The Mighty 5, Utah

If you love national parks, this road trip is the one for you! The Mighty 5 region is home to five different national parks, hence the name. These parks include:

  • Zion National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Arches National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park

Each of these gorgeous parks is stunning in its own way, and all of them are incredibly popular for their unique, iconic geographic landmarks. Just keep in mind that Utah weather can be pretty brutal during the summer, so make sure you pack enough water and suitable clothing to stay hydrated and cool.

Great River Road

The Great River Road spans over 565 miles of fantastic natural scenery, taking you through 10 states along the Mississippi River. There are many towns along the way to stop at and enjoy a local bite or cool down with an ice cream cone. Depending on your time and resources, you can choose to follow the mighty Mississippi all the way to the vibrant city of New Orleans.

The Florida Keys

An ultimate list of US road trips in 2022 wouldn’t be complete without a drive through the Florida Keys. The Overseas Highway is 113 miles long, connecting the entire chain of islands and taking you from Key Largo to Key West, Florida. The locals call this stretch the “road to paradise,” and honestly, they’re not wrong. One noteworthy section is Seven Mile Bridge, where you may forget you’re driving and feel like you’re sailing instead.

Road trips can get long, so don’t forget to pack your favorite tech gadgets to keep yourself and everyone else comfy while traveling. Spend your summer vacation seeing everything this beautiful country has to offer!

The Ultimate List of US Road Trips in 2022

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