The UK Coastal Districts With the Most Holiday Rentals

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The UK coastal districts with the most holiday rentals were revealed

  • Interestingly, around 3,500 Brits search for ‘staycation’ every month.
  • Cornwall was discovered to be the UK coastal district with the most active holiday rentals (8,345).
  • Neighbouring coastal district of Dorset ranks second with a whopping 4,530 active holiday rentals along its coast.
  • Ranking in 15th position is the historic cathedral city of Canterbury with 1,205 rentals for summer-chasing Brits.

Everyone deserves a holiday, ensuring you take a ‘break’ from day-to-day life. But the perfect getaway doesn’t always have to include the gruelling time spent at an airport and the last-minute panic to not forget your passport.

The increasingly popular concept of a “staycation” – holidaying in your home country – is proof that you don’t necessarily have to venture abroad in order to escape.

Around 3,500 Brits currently search for ‘staycation’ every month and, with the current political uncertainty, this type of holiday will undoubtedly continue to grow.

According to, ‘the beach’ is the most popular staycation destination among Brits, with 34% selecting it as their ideal UK vacation

This inspired housing agents to investigate which of the UK’s coastal districts have the most active holiday rentals, extracting and analysing the data from AirDNA*.

Sell House Fast can reveal that the coastal district with the most active holiday rentals is Cornwall (8,345)

Home to the popular beach towns of Newquay, also known as Surfer’s Paradise, as well as Falmouth, it comes as no surprise that the so-called ‘Cornish Rivera’ has the most holiday homes listed on AirBnB and HomeAway.

Thereafter, ranking second is Dorset with a whopping 4,530 active holiday rentals along its coast which includes Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth – highly visited all year round, especially in summer.

Following suit with 3,992 rentals is Suffolk, where areas include the likes of Southwold and Felixstowe.

Finishing off the top five are the districts of

  • Brighton and Hove – home to 3,719 seaside rentals

  • North Devon – with 3,103 short-term rental properties

The following UK coastal districts also have a notable amount of holiday rental properties

  • The Isle of Wight (2,719)

  • Scarborough (2,677)

  • Conwy (1,793)

  • Anglesey (1,614)

  • Allerdale (1,239)

And ranking in 15th position is the historic cathedral city of Canterbury. found that there are 1,205 properties available to rent in the area – a difference of 7,140 properties when compared to Cornwall.

*Represents live data which was extracted on the 2/08/2019. The data represents short-term holiday rentals which are listed on both AirBnB and HomeAway. Due to how AirDNA groups its data some of the coastal districts represent entire counties.


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