The Top 5 Most Unique Truck Stops in North America

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Finding fantastic sites across North America is easier than you think. Whether you’re a trucker or on a trip with friends, there are fascinating truck stops you may drive right past when you’re on the road. Today we’re looking at five of the most unique truck stops in North America.

5. Tamarack (West Virginia)

When you think of truck stops, you think of greasy diners, loud horns, and that classic blue-collar feel. However, Tamarack off I-77 offers a unique experience. This circular building showcases art, music, and culture—several things you don’t usually find at a truck stop. From Shakespearean dinner theater to locally crafted Mothman beer, this West Virginia destination provides a unique experience.

4. South of the Border (South Carolina)

You don’t have to travel to Mexico to reach South of the Border; head off I-95 to this iconic South Carolina stop. Look for the giant Sombrero Tower and stop by for Mexican food, live reptile exhibits, and even a miniature theme park. South of the Border is truly muy bueno.

3. Blackjacks Roadhouse (Alberta, Canada)

When looking at the most unique truck stops in North America, you might find yourself in the Edmonton area of Canada. Blackjacks Roadhouse is one of the best truck stops for its classic car aesthetic, Canadian and Chinese-inspired menu, and biker-friendly events for charity.

2. Johnson’s Corner (Colorado)

When you’re hungry and want to stop for a bite to eat and some diesel engine maintenance on your rig, consider Johnson’s Corner off I-25. Johnson’s Corner has been open since the 1950s and offers classic all-American breakfasts. Don’t head out without grabbing one of their famous cinnamon rolls. If these delicious treats make you sleepy on the road, pull over and take a nap.

1. Iowa 80 (Iowa)

It’s always interesting to see the biggest things. The biggest ball of twine or the biggest tomato are all excellent tourist destinations, but Iowa 80 boasts that it’s the biggest truck stop. Iowa 80 lives up to its claim by featuring over 900 full-size truck spots. The stop has restaurants, a trucking museum, and an annual jamboree in July.

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