The Most Common Mistakes When Buying an RV

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Investing in a camper is exciting for the whole family. Whether it’s a retirement present or just the best way to enjoy camping with your family, RVs make traveling fun. Still, they are tons of work, regardless of whether you know what you’re doing. One of the most common mistakes when buying an RV is not having used one before. Keep reading for more mistakes you should try to avoid when purchasing the ultimate travel vehicle.

Buying an Uncomfortable RV

RVs come in many different styles. You’ll find them in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The one you choose should suit your needs. Pick an RV that’s big enough to accommodate your entire family—and any guests you might decide to bring. Further, your camper should fit any items you plan to pack.

Don’t skimp on size because you can’t afford it or don’t think you can handle the girth. Larger RVs offer more comfort and room. You’ll be thankful you chose a larger model once you start camping.

Buying an RV You Can’t Afford

You may feel the temptation to buy a brand-new RV, but if you’re trying to save money, search for a used one. Even slightly used RVs cost significantly less than new ones. You can find a used RV that meets your needs if you’re willing to buy an older model. Especially if you find a used camper that’s been well-maintained, it’s almost like buying new. Used RVs in good condition may be harder to find, but they’re worth saving for.

Neglecting Insurance Coverage

Even if you tow your camper behind your truck, you still need separate insurance for your RV. Few people understand why RV insurance is important, but it’s a common mistake that can cost you a lot of money. Just be aware that RV insurance covers the camper—not the items inside.

Pro Tip: Add your RV insurance to your roadside assistance plan. Protecting yourself on the road is paramount to a successful trip.

Buying an RV You Can’t Drive or Tow

While you shouldn’t be intimidated by large rigs, be realistic about what size RV you can manage. For instance, you’ll need to be familiar with its height when driving beneath bridges and overpasses. You’ll also need a vehicle with a towing capacity that exceeds the weight of your camper.

Buy From a Shady Dealer

One of the best ways to avoid RV-buying mistakes is to purchase from someone you trust. Talk to your friends and family who own campers to find out where they bought them. You can also check reviews online to determine which business near you is the best place to buy an RV.

No one wants to regret a big purchase. Ensure you’re happy with yours when you avoid the most common mistakes when buying an RV. Consider insurance and maintenance costs when making your budget, and choose an RV that suits your needs. Make sure you can handle the one you buy, whether you tow or drive it. You’ll make better memories in your camper when you enjoy relaxing, stress-free trips.

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