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The Gear You Need For An Adventure Holiday

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If you’re planning to go on an adventure holiday, you will need more than just a pair of sneakers. You cannot just throw in your suitcase the first things you find in your closet. You should have a list of things to pack to guarantee a fun and memorable travel experience. Whether you plan on hiking, cycling, or kayaking, make sure you come prepared. So, here’s a list of the gear you need for an adventure holiday.

1. Comfortable Footwear

When going for an adventure holiday, pack a pair of comfortable shoes. Whether hiking in the mountains or strolling through villages, it’s essential to wear shoes that will fit and feel good on your feet. When deciding the type of shoes to bring, consider the activities you plan on doing.

If you are going to be on the water to take up water sports activities, you need to invest in a good pair of waterproof shoes. There are different shoe designs to keep your feet protected in the water. For kayaking, water sandals will be perfect. But if you plan on hiking between paddling, you should have a pair of comfortable hiking shoes that are waterproof. Choose the shoes that offer extra support for walking over rugged terrains while protecting the toes.

Take only a few comfortable pairs of sandals or shoes that you can wear on most types of clothes. Do not waste the space on your luggage for extra shoes that you may not be able to wear. Also, opt for something light to carry on your backpack.

2. A Good Backpack

A backpack is an essential item you need for your adventure holiday. Whether you’re travelling for only a few days, a week, a month, or partaking in a unique horseback riding expedition holiday, invest in something durable and waterproof. The last thing you want is to spoil your trip because you lost your passport and other essential items due to your backpack’s broken zipper!

When deciding the type of backpack to buy, consider the trip you are taking. Some trips require hopping from the plane to bus or train. You may need to take the stairs or walk through train stations, requiring you to carry your backpack for a long time. In this case, it’s a good idea to choose something lightweight to protect your back. The wrong type of backpack could also increase your chance of shoulder pain, especially if you are carrying for a prolonged period. Alternatively, you can look for a backpack that comes with wheels.

Look for a backpack that’s roomy enough to carry plenty of stuff. It should have a place for everything, including hidden pockets for essential items like a wallet and passport. There should also be a pocket outside where you can keep some small bills for tipping.

3. Weather Appropriate Clothing

Choosing the proper outfit to bring for your adventure holiday can be challenging since it can often feel like there’s an endless list of factors to consider. For instance, you don’t want to carry lots of stuff in your luggage but want to bring fancy dresses to make you look good in your travel photos.

In general, it’s a good idea to pack versatile clothing that you can mix and match to achieve different looks. It will not only make you look great but also help you save space on your luggage. It’s advisable to choose clothing pieces that are comfortable and stylish since you’ll likely be moving from one place to another and taking up many different activities. Besides, the last thing you want is to spoil your adventures mainly because your skimpy shorts are just too uncomfortable.

A casual tee with a pair of leggings is the classic style choice, as they keep you snug and relaxed at the airport and during long flights. The outfit also affords easy mobility, which is helpful when taking stairs, loading and unloading luggage, or riding a packed train.

4. A Camera

Photos are some of the best souvenirs you can take home from your adventure holiday. Of course, you want to get shots of all the adventures and wildlife explorations you’ll enjoy on your trip, especially if you have a planned a tour based vacation. Therefore, one of the most important things to bring is a camera. Sure, you may be able to take photos using your mobile phone, but if you want good image quality, you should invest in a good camera.

When buying a camera for your adventure travel, the first step is to know the type of camera you want. Learn the different features the cameras possess and see if these are the features you need. You also need to consider the size and weight, especially since you’re taking it on your trip. The point-and-shoot camera would be ideal for travel, as it’s very portable.

Another essential factor to consider is the price of the camera. Determine your budget and choose something you can afford. Find out the prices for different camera models in the market and narrow your choices to those you can afford.

5. Sun Cream/Waterproof

Depending on where you are adventuring, sun cream is essential for any sunny vacation. Whether exploring a city, hitting the beach, or going on a safari, sun cream should be on your must-have list. But before buying any sun cream, there are many things to consider.

First, think of your skin type. If you’ve got sensitive skin, choose the sun cream labelled “for sensitive skin.” These are the products that will less likely cause skin irritation. Next, think about the activities you plan to do. If you’re going to spend plenty of time in the water, you’re going to need waterproof sun cream.

Another thing to consider when buying sun cream for your holiday is your budget. There are different sunscreen products on the market, ranging from drugstore brands to luxury brands. Choose something that fits your needs and budget. Also, consider the level of protection that the product can provide. If you spend plenty of time under the sun, choose sunscreens with higher SPF levels, such as 30 or higher.

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