The Essential Summer Vacation Packing List

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Summer is the best time of the year to travel and enjoy the nice weather. However, traveling does come with its downsides—such as packing. You can buy some items at your destination to make navigating airport security easier, but we recommend focusing on a few essentials you’ll need in order to get through your upcoming trip. Here’s a summer vacation packing list full of the items you’ll definitely need most.


Arguably the most important thing you’ll need to bring is at least one form of ID. You’ll need to have this to even make it through security. Secure this in a wallet along with money and credit cards to survive your getaway.


It’s summertime, so chances are, you’re heading somewhere nice and sunny. As such, you’ll need to bring a pair of sunglasses to protect yourself from the summer sun. Leave your more expensive sunglasses at home—you won’t want to waste money on a new pair if you break or lose them while on your trip.


You’ll also need daily toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste to stay fresh on your summer trip. You could buy toiletries at the hotel or airport, but they’ll probably be overpriced. Buy small, clear bottles at your local convenience store and simply pour your regular products in them.

Phone Charger

Our lives depend on our phones today: boarding passes and flight updates could all come through your phone, and you’ll need to communicate with the people you’re traveling with. You definitely won’t want to forget your phone charger so that you can keep your phone adequately charged through the trip.


Clothes are something you’ll definitely need for your summer vacation. Make sure you pack clothes for each day of your trip, and don’t forget your swimsuit. Also, depending on your plans, you may want to bring a nicer outfit for dinner.


Getting to your summer destination may require quite a bit of travel time. You’ll need to keep your mind busy during the trip, so pack that book you’ve been dying read, since you’ll now have plenty of time to read it.

Water Bottle

You’ll need to stay hydrated in the hot summer sun, so bringing a water bottle is important. You especially won’t want to forget this if you’re traveling by plane, since airplanes are notorious for their dry atmospheres.

This summer vacation packing list is meant to keep your trip as stress-free as possible. Going over this list prior to your departure will keep you prepared for what’s to come and ensure a fun and relaxing vacation.

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