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The Best Types Of Holiday Accommodation For Families

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When going for a family holiday, one of the most important things to consider is the place to stay, which can be tricky if you have little kids. Thankfully, many accommodations cater to families with kids, and each accommodation offers various facilities and different experiences ideal for adults and kids. To help you make the best decision, here’s what you need to know about the best types of holiday accommodation for families.

1. Large Villas

A large villa is perfect for large families, especially if you have kids. It has all the basic amenities you will find in a hotel but with added extras, such as a private pool. Some villas also come with kids’ playgrounds, toys, DVDs, and other entertainment to keep your little ones entertained. And if you want to enjoy some quiet time away from the kids, some villas can provide nanny services.

Villas are considerably more spacious than a standard hotel room. Thus, it’s more suited to families. They often have several rooms, allowing you to have a personal space, such as bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, and a kitchen. A kitchen is beneficial if your kids are picky eaters, as it allows you to prepare their meals. Cooking is also a great way to save money, especially in popular tourist destinations where dining out can cost a lot. You can source fresh and local ingredients from a local market and prep easy meals in your villa.

Renting a villa for your family is also more cost-effective than booking several hotel rooms. Most hotels can only accommodate two adults in each room, and you may need to squeeze your kids on a small bed. If you want a comfortable way to enjoy your holiday, stay at a villa that comes with several bedrooms.

2. Rental Properties

Rental properties have taken the travel industry by storm, as it offers plenty of benefits, especially for families with kids. Renting your own space for the entire family allows you to spend quality time together in one accommodation, which makes for a fun family bonding experience.

Another advantage to rental properties is it’s more cost-effective, especially for large families. Some of the best places to check out for families are Algarve holiday rentals with a pool, Majorca rentals, rental villas in the Dordogne or Crete, plus many more. These properties are cheaper than hotels or resorts since you won’t have to pay for several hotel rooms. In addition, rental properties offer more privacy and have enough space for everyone to move freely. Unlike in hotel rooms, you won’t have to squeeze everyone in, which can be uncomfortable.

Another great benefit of rental properties is that it will feel like you are staying in your own home, which makes for a more relaxing holiday experience. Your holiday rental will have the same amenities as your home, so you will feel like you haven’t left even if you’re in a new place! For more advantages scan QR code and visit the hotel’s website.

3. All Inclusive Hotels

All-inclusive hotels set the bar high when holidaying with the family. With accommodations, airfare, food, and activities all rolled into one price, you will not end up with a surprising bill at the end of your family trip. But budgeting is not the only good reason to book an all-inclusive hotel for your family holiday.

One of the advantages of an all-inclusive hotel is convenience. For instance, the price usually includes airport pickup. Without this service, you’ll have to flag down a taxi and negotiate the rate going to your hotel. And if you arrive in the middle of the night with tired and grumpy kids, this can ruin your trip. Another great thing about all-inclusive stays is you can eat and drink all you want! Food and drinks are part of the package, so you won’t have to worry about your meals.

In some hotels, activities are part of the package, which is great if you’ve got active kids. Depending on your travel destination, these activities can include hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and more!

4. Cruise Ships

Cruise holidays are different from the usual family holidays. And if you have not been on a cruise before, you could get overwhelmed by the information and options you’re faced with when booking a family cruise. But once you try it, you’ll realise that cruising with your little ones is fun.

Cruise vacations are easier to plan than land-based holidays. The price already includes the accommodation, excursions, food, and everything you need for a trip, making it convenient for families. A particularly good option is a trip on a Galapagos cruise ship, they offer a variety of activities to cater to adults and kids. There are also kids’ clubs to entertain your little ones and other onboard entertainment amenities like pools, waterslides, rock-climbing walls, and more! With a family cruise, no one will get bored!

Cruises offer a variety of accommodations, giving you plenty of options. Big families can stay in inter-connecting cabins and spacious family staterooms. You can also book family rooms with extra beds or bunk beds for little kids.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is cheaper for families, especially when travelling in a large group. Depending on the property, there is a whole range of prices on Airbnb, but the price is often significantly less than paying for several rooms in a hotel. Also, some Airbnb properties are pet-friendly, which is perfect if you want to bring your furry friends on your trip. Others also have child-friendly amenities such as a kiddie pool and a playroom.

When staying at Airbnb, you will not only be limited to apartments, rooms, or houses. There are several different types of accommodations to choose from. In fact, there are unique properties like treehouses and cabins in the middle of a forest! If your kids love to explore the great outdoors, these are the properties you should book. In addition, several properties are spacious and have several rooms to cater to large families.

Another great thing about staying at an Airbnb is the local experience, especially if the property is in a residential area. You get to see how locals live, which is a fun experience.

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