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The Best Travel Bag Brands In The World – You Deserve The Best

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This article showcases our top picks for the best travel brands in the world. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by BJ Taylor from Beyond Box Gifts

Samsonite travel bags have been tested by gorillas, elephants, a black belt martial artist named Kanokogi, but, more importantly, they have stood the test of time. Samsonite travel bags meet both the standards of toughness and durability, as well as, softness and flexibility, all while maintaining the reputation of a dependable travel bag for the long haul. Samsonite integrates lightweight material into their expandable hard cases resulting in super-lightweight travel bags much like The Omni Hardside Expandable line. On the contrary, Samsonite’s line of soft cases are flexible and easier for packing like the Samsonite Sillouette. These softer travel bags are made with durable 100% Tricore Nylon and additional patented treatments, resulting in a rugged carry case resistant to abrasion, tear, punctures and more. Samsonite has been around since 1910. Its pretty easy to state with confidence they have put more money, research, and time into their luggage than most, if not all, luggage companies still around today. Their investment into their products quality doesn’t stop at the outer shell of their bags. The durability testing has been put into their handles, wheels, and even their zippers. Samsonite may cost a few more Washingtons, but, they are truly a better investment for the long haul.


This product was recommended by Gina Harper from Harper’s Nurseries

This travel bag brand was founded by a man who is somewhat experienced when it comes to everything about traveling. Having accumulated air miles as a pilot, he knew a few things about what people need in a travel bag. This knowledge is what made this particular bag brand a success. One of the bags’ most outstanding quality is that each bag is designed with innovative technology that helps make your traveling process easier.

Fjallraven Kanken

This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion World

I love their travel bag. They are stylish, sturdy and have great design. They are also investment bags because they will last you a long time. They are a bit of a splurge sometimes, but as I said, it is totally worth it.


This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion World

Hunter has an amazing waterproof range that accompanies their wellies collections while Fjallraven has a more high-end approach and a designer eye for luxury styles.

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