The Best Summer Holiday Destinations in 2020

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Although travel may be limited this year, it is definitely still possible! Make the most of the 2020 summer and find the perfect place to explore from our 13 favourite destinations. There’s something for everyone, no matter how far you’re willing to travel! 

Puerto Vallarta Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta is continually ranked as a top travel destination year over year. I moved here full time with my wife and young son 3 years ago. It’s beautiful, friendly locals, large expat community and plenty to do. I love it so much I stared the hashtag #WeLovePV and created a site to start creating content about PV.


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I believe that places where people naturally wear facemasks and respect personal spaces are the best places to travel for summer 2020, this is why Japan is ideal. People are very respectful in general, and I have no doubt that they will keep recommended distances and the best sanitary measures at all times. That said, Nara in particular is a lovely place that is usually packed and would be super interesting to see with very few tourists. The same can be said of Tokyo and Kyoto, but they might be more popular and thus quickly fill with tourists. Yokohama is a great option as well, because it is on the outskirts of Tokyo and allows you to experience the true Japan.

Juneau, Alaska

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I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve had quite enough of laying around and doing the bare minimum. After a lengthy lockdown period i want to go somewhere unique and inspiring, i want my sense overloaded with something i haven’t experienced before. So i plan to skip out on the usual lounging about under the sun, and throw myself in to the complete opposite situation. Juneau has beauty, scenery, adventure, and definitely things i wouldn’t normally experience on my summer holiday.


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Per the recent announcement, Iceland is opening up it’s borders to foreign tourists. The country is easily accessible and summer is the ideal time to visit for mild weather.


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Portland, Oregon is poised to be a great travel destination for Summer 2020. Oregon’s coronavirus cases and deaths have remained steadily low in recent weeks, and most retail stores and restaurants are now open throughout the state again. Because of Portland’s mild weather, it won’t be oppressively hot, and you’ll be able to enjoy great hiking. Additionally, now that retail businesses are open again, you can try out the famous breweries, including Deschutes Brewery, Away Days, and Rosenstadt.


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During summer in the United States, Hawaii allows you to enjoy the beaches, the volcanoes and the good vibes.


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Israel is always one of my top recommendations because it has wonderful beaches, a great night life, fascinating ancient history, beautiful hiking trails, amazing food culture, and warm friendly people. It is also ranges between affordable and luxury travel depending on what you prefer and is very safe for solo female travelers.

Lake District

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The Lake District, a gem tucked among the rolling hills of western England, is the perfect way to get away and enjoy the sun without comprising space or safety. Rent a lake house or enjoy one of the many B&Bs where you can let your feet rest after long days hiking or enjoying water sports on one of the hundreds of lakes. If you’re hungry, try some of the most amazing gingerbread in the world at Grasmere Gingerbread located in the picturesque town of Grasmere. It doesn’t get better than the Lake District if you’re on the hunt for some sun and peace.


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You will never run out of places to visit in this country. There are lots of beautiful islands to choose from and lots of activities to enjoy with your loved ones or with the whole family. Filipinos are also very hospitable and accomodating that you will feel at home even if you are away from your own home.


This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

It is known as the “tropical paradise” because of its stunning beauty, crystalline water with different shades of blue, its sparkling white sand, and its weather. You can swim with sharks, dive into the beautiful coral reefs, and enjoy all the water sport activities they offer. People also come visit here to experience luxury and tranquillity.

Alentejo, Portugal

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Portugal has been less ravaged by the coronavirus compared to other Western European nations. Some regions such as the Alentejo have seen very few cases of Covid-19 and even fewer deaths. The Alentejo region borders the Atlantic Ocean in the south of Portugal and is relatively close to the capital city of Lisbon. It attracts travelers in search of beautiful nature and pristine waters. One of the places everyone should see is Evora, the region’s main city, known for its magnificent Roman temple of Diana, and its delicious cuisine and wines.

Ada Bojana, Montenegro

This product was recommended by Daniel Juhl Mogensen from Kodyl

For those who want to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sea on a pearly-white beach, in a country largely unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Ada Bojana in Montenegro is an excellent choice. One of Europe’s hidden gems, it’s secluded and far from the city crowds right next to the river Bojana. Unlike other beaches in Montenegro, the one in Ada is completely covered in sand which makes it attractive for campers as well. The water is turquoise-blue and nearly transparent, as you would expect from such an idyllic location. The overall prices of food and accommodation are rather low, especially for those who are ok with hostels or cheap Airbnb’s. One of the most popular things about the Montenegrin coast is its unique location, right below the rocky mountains that help form the contour of the coastline. People can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, romantic sunsets, and local cuisine specialties.

Miami Beach, FL

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Beautiful beaches and warm weather makes Miami Beach THE ultimate place to visit this summer. It is also home of the Miami Yacht Show. This iconic boat show in Miami Beach presents some of the largest and most glamorous superyachts in the world.

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