The Best Places for Work Retreats Around the World

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You don’t have to wait until your next vacation to get some time out of the office. A work retreat is a great way to have fun and relax while getting to know your coworkers outside of a workplace setting. These retreats are places to learn more about the problems plaguing your company and how to fix them, but they’re also crucial for unwinding. When you’re planning your next company trip, consider some of the best places for work retreats around the globe.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

With top-notch hotels and five-star eateries, Colorado Springs is a hot spot for company retreats. This area has a variety of options for any type of traveler and a series of benefits exclusively for people on business. Finish up a long day of seminars with a brisk hike or a refreshing spa treatment, and enjoy a beauty only Colorado can offer.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Nestled in the desert foothills, Scottsdale is the perfect warm-weather destination for people looking for outdoor activities. Many resorts and hotels in this area are well-known for hosting and planning company events and activities. In addition to these accommodations, the area also offers specialized team-building outdoor activities such as river rafting and scavenger hunts.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is another perfect destination for outdoor team-building and goal-setting. Catch some rays on the beach while you arrange corporate affairs and create a stronger bond with your coworkers. This area is a place to have fun and make some memories as you complete everything on your to-do list.

Stockholm, Sweden

If you and your team are up for a European adventure, there’s no better place than Stockholm. Built on an archipelago in the Baltic Sea, this area is home to a series of gorgeous sights and intriguing historical events. After spending a day in a hotel conference room, take a few minutes to walk along the beaches and visit a local museum.

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