The Best Holiday Destinations for Last Minute Bookings

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Looking to grab those last-minute deals for your next trip away? These 12 locations are all perfect for your spontaneous 2020 getaway, offering the classic city break to more exotic destinations that you might to even have considered, take a look below. 

San Diego, California

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San Diego is a great city to visit for a last-minute trip. If you’re in the Southwest US, you can usually find cheap flights or just hop in a car and drive a couple of hours to get to this scenic California city. San Diego is home to everything from luxury resorts to welcoming hostels and campsites so finding accommodations last minute is usually pretty easy. When it comes to stuff to do, there is no shortage of outdoor, free, and adventurous activities. We usually spend the weekend walking along the marina, eating in Little Italy, and biking along Pacific Beach. We look up local concerts and events to help guide our spontaneous trips to San Diego.


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It has 2 airports: Charles De Gaulle and Orly. There are thousands of flights arriving at these airports and you can always find tickets easily from almost everywhere in the world.

America’s great rail journeys

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Train travel offers a unique experience travelling through and not too some of America’s most spectacular scenery and to interface with its distinct regional cultures.


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Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak – one of the thirteen states in Malaysia and also the largest. It has all the benefits of a large city with its quirky cafes & proliferation of taro desserts and black sugar bubble tea, but is also incredibly laid back. There is considerably less traffic, but lots of things to see. A fantastic range of culturally inspired street art, an atmospheric Chinatown and preserved buildings that date all the way back to the British colonial era. For those who prefer the outdoors, there is the nearby Sarawak Cultural Village, Semenggoh Wildlife Center (a wildfire center for visitors to potentially meet and watch the feeding of wild orang utans) and an island for anything from a 1-hour to full-day/overnight hikes.

Kuching is a place that has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking adventure or just a relaxing time. The food is great, people are laid back and friendly and speak English well, and most importantly, it’s cheap! So if you’re looking for a last minute place, Kuching is one of the easiest choices to make and easily accessible via a short flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or even a direct flight from Singapore.

Secluded Beach House

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If you’re looking for a great place to travel to last-minute, you don’t have to go far. You can go to a secluded beach house on the coast for a quiet and relaxing getaway, or rent an Airbnb in a neighboring state for a quick and easy getaway. But if you do want to go far, there are still ways to do so for cheap. Plenty of websites allow for last-minute travel, making it easy for you to find the best deals on flights, hotels, and cars all in one place. They make it simple and quick to book everything last-minute, helping those who are pressed for time.


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The reason being that for anyone who has never travelled to the Middle East it’s a great starting point. Tremendous amounts of history, and amazing hospitality. I ate hummus and falafel every day, I swam in the Dead Sea, I had no regrets.


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It is heads down Amsterdam. With a lovely and entertaining atmosphere, they have amazing smoke and cafe shops, cuisines from around the world, awesome clubs, clean public transportation surrounded by friendly people. It’s one of those places where you never have to plan and always has something to do at all times, accessible from both North America and Asia.

Temecula Valley

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Temecula Valley’s rolling hills, vast panoramic views, and charming historic downtown are only a one-hour drive from Southern California’s major cities like Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego (perfect for a last-minute trip). Temecula is a year-round destination where visitors can experience wine country, Downtown Old Town Temecula, a historic western downtown known for its festive special events, and upscale bistros, and try their luck at Four Diamond Award-Winning Pechanga Resort Casino (the largest resort/casino in the west coast).

In Temecula, guests can enjoy an affordable wine country getaway without the crowds of wine regions like Napa. There are nearly 50 wineries in the significant and diverse Temecula Valley AVA, considered to be the major AVA in Southern California.


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Innsbruck tops our list for the best place to travel to on a whim as it offers a lot of great activities, sights, experiences, and options for those looking to drop everything and head off on a last-minute adventure. A vibrant and friendly city, Innsbruck has its own, super convenient airport, a lot of accommodation options, as well as a host of Alpine resorts to travel to within a small radius, many of which are serviced by public transport.

So whether it’s hiking, biking in the summer months, or fresh powder in the winter, Innsbruck is a reliable place that you can put in your crosshairs and head for regardless of the season or circumstance. Nestled at the foot of the Tyrol valley, there are dozens of wonderful ski resorts within an hour’s trip, including the Hintertux and Stubai glaciers, which offer skiing in the summer and autumn months, as well as some of the best hiking and downhill mountain biking in Europe.


This product was recommended by Daniel Morgan from Ridestore Magazine

Chamonix cements its place on this list for a few reasons. The town itself is beautiful and large, with a delightful mix of ski-resort charm and utter convenience. With a population that grows by an order of magnitude seasonally, from around Christmas and New Year right through to the spring, it’s bustling and lively and offers some amazing skiing in the Mont Blanc Unlimited circuit – a network of resorts that include Courmayeur and Verbier, as well the entirety of the Mont Blanc valley, all served by public transport.

And then, with the spring comes a transformation. The valley floor becomes home to bikers, hikers, and mountain climbers, all of whom converge to experience the wonders of this ancient glacial valley. With a rich network of trails and a calendar packed with events, Chamonix is an exciting and varied place to visit all year round and always has something fun going on, meaning last-minute trips can often make for the best adventures.


This product was recommended by Daniel Morgan from Ridestore Magazine

Geneva is our last recommendation for its central location, easy access, and beauty, too. Placed perfectly in the northern Alps, this major city has a large and efficient airport which makes getting there an absolute dream. Inside the city, there’s plenty to do with lots of cultural and historical experiences to be had. But the real joy comes when you head into the surrounding mountains. With dozens of ski resorts within an hour or so drive, many of which become mountain biking and hiking meccas in the summer months, as well as the beautiful Swiss lakes, picturesque valleys, and delightful wellness and relaxation resorts, Geneva is one of the best situated cities in the entire world for those looking to strike out on a last-minute trip. Finding something amazing here is as easy as renting a car and picking a direction.


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We often put together lots of last minute travel packages for our travellers to Asia – specifically Bali (Indonesia) and Thailand. There are a plethora of luxury hotels in these two destinations that sometimes offer great specials which are very attractive if you are looking for a last minute getaway. Also they are both destinations that are reasonably close to Australia in terms of flying time. The best last minute places to travel are usually close to where you live. Eg: Florida – The Carribean or Mexico, London – Greek Islands Etc

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