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The Best Cities To Go Rock Climbing in Utah

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Utah has some of the most breathtakingly beautiful natural hikes, trails, and geographic locations in the United States. If you haven’t yet visited this beautiful state, we highly recommend passing through this location during your next great adventure.

Not only does Utah have beautiful sites to see, but this city also has plenty of fun outdoor activities to keep you active. In this blog, we’re looking at the best cities to go rock climbing in Utah. To learn more, keep reading.


The first stop on your rock climbing tour should be Logan, Utah. With over 400 bolted routes in this city, there are plenty of different rock climbing sites to try. Perhaps the most popular climbing site in this city is Blacksmith Fork Canyon.

This canyon is the perfect combination of advanced routes mixed with bouldering. Since Logan is home to some of the highest rock climbing and bouldering locations, we recommend visiting this location with advanced skill sets.


Are you looking for a beautiful and challenging rock climbing location in southeastern Utah? If so, we cannot recommend visiting Moab, Utah enough. Moab contains some of the most intricate and complex dessert spires in the United States.

However, Moab is not the best location for beginner rock climbers. The terrain of this destination makes it much more appropriate for a seasoned climber. If you are still new to rock climbing or prefer to explore this location with a professional guide, you can contact plenty of rock climbing guides in Moab, Utah.

Salt Lake City

The capital of Utah is also home to plenty of beautiful and challenging rock climbing sites. Some of the most popular sites in Salt Lake City include Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Since people visit four bouldering areas, Salt Lake City is better for climbers between moderate to advanced skill levels.

With so many different locations to check out in this city, we recommend Salt Lake City to travelers hoping to complete several different hikes, climbs, and bouldering.

Zion National Park

Home to a 2,000-foot sandstone cliff, Zion National Park is one of the most awe-inspiring National Parks in the country. These sandstone walls are so tall and complex that even experienced climbers quote needing two to three days to finish climbing these sites. Apart from rock climbing, there are also several hikes and trails to follow in this location.

If you’re interested in visiting this special national park, speak with a ranger to learn more about the different climbing levels for each bouldering location.

Indian Creek

Prefer to avoid big crowds while you climb? If so, consider visiting Indian Creek instead. This location is vast, making it ideal for spreading crowds and creating a more peaceful climbing atmosphere. Indian Creek is also optimal for camping. If you’re traveling to rock climb with a group of friends, setting up camp in this location could be the perfect setup for your Utah adventure.

However, keep in mind that cell reception in this area does not exist. So plan accordingly before setting off on your rock climbing for the day.

We hope this list of the best cities to go rock climbing in Utah has benefited you. However, remember that these locations all require a fairly advanced rock climbing skill level. Also, contact tour guides in these areas to find a professional guide to show you through these trails.

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