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The Best and Finest Travel Backpack Brands

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This article showcases our top picks for the best travel backpack brands. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Fjallraven Splitpack

This product was recommended by Steve Lemig from Wilderdad

It’s got a very unique zip-up duffel design with two separate compartments to help organize your travel gear. Very cool! Fjallraven makes fantastic gear–super durable, looks great, works great. I’ve put their apparel and backpacks through the ringer over the years and it’s all been rock solid.

TETON Sports

This product was recommended by Soumya Goswami from Naturediary

The best thing about this brand is trustworthiness. Teton sports have a huge follower all over the world because of their high-quality products. The diversity of the range of products also plays a key role in the popularity of Teton Sports. Apart from backpacks, they produce most of the essential hiking and camping gears like- sleeping bags, camp cots, tents, sleeping pads and accessories like hammocks, pillow, cot organizers. Another amazing thing about this brand is the lifetime warranty that a very few brands provide. As they build their backpacks with high-quality materials, these are extremely durable. The last thing I want to mention about Teton Sports is that their backpacks are very reasonably priced that travelers like most.


This product was recommended by Robert Kienzle from Knowmium

My current Incase backpack is 2 years old and I’ve never had a problem with them. It’s the most comfortable business backpack I’ve ever used and has traveled to multiple continents with me as my dedicated carry-on as well as my daypack in town. WIth many different pockets and compartments as well as the ability to expand, I’m able to keep my laptop, accessories, umbrella, personal items, and documents in their own spaces for quick access. This bag is so great, I’ve convinced multiple friends to buy one.


This product was recommended by Mark Bennett from Outdoorily

Nordace has some great traveling backpacks. With a wide range, there is something for everybody. Just looking at their website gives me wanderlust!


This product was recommended by Adam Lumb from LaptopUnboxed

I highly recommend Vango backpacks when traveling due to their design and build quality. I bought the Freedom 60+20l combined backpack when traveling around South-East Asia for six months and it was the perfect companion. The bag had plenty of space, with many pockets and sections to keep different belongings separate. The design quality was also excellent, with no rips or breaks during my entire trip despite the bag being constantly tossed around.


This product was recommended by Ahmed Mir from Sip Coffee House

Osprey has a large range of backpacks to suit everyone. Each backpack is well designed, comfortable, and practical as well as being en trend. They are sustainably built and made with hemp.

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